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Sourcing on Lesser Known Sites: Behance

Posted by Dean Da Costa on July 31, 2014 at 5:00pm 0 Comments

Behance is a special site were creative people can showcase their work, and find jobs. This is for Illustrators, graphic designers, Motion Graphics etc. To do this without worry you need go no further than into your bag of tricks and pull out an old try and true tool, called x-raying.…


Recruiting Truck Drivers Isn't Getting Easier

Posted by Ashley Zito Rowe on July 31, 2014 at 10:00am 2 Comments

The Wall Street Journal recently highlighted that long-haul Truck Driver jobs are going unfilled for months. According…


Is It A Good Idea To Use Social Media For Business Recruitment?

Posted by Jade Hadden on July 31, 2014 at 10:00am 0 Comments

Since the inception of social media, this online resource has proved to be invaluable in more ways than one – from initially establishing itself as a means of advanced digital communication to a form of promotion that can elevate the reputation of a brand to celebrity-like status overnight.

So it’s no…


Employee Training: Teaching New Tricks

Posted by Sean Pomeroy on July 31, 2014 at 10:00am 0 Comments

Baby Boomers are still working. Even though they’re beginning to retire from their career-centered jobs, 47% of them say they will work after they retire.  So, you can’t assume that your training program geared…


Recruiting with Twitter

Posted by Shane McCusker on July 31, 2014 at 9:56am 4 Comments

I really do think more recruiters should be using twitter. It is such a powerful tool to find and engage with Candidates.

Recruiters are, in my opinion, far too obsessed with CVs. When are we going to realize that this is not the only way to understand a candidate. In fact how often do you look at a CV and forget that there may actually be a living breathing person behind…


Becoming a Digital Organization: A Three-Phase Journey

Posted by Courtney Hunt on July 31, 2014 at 8:00am 0 Comments

There are three main phases to becoming a digital organization: digitization, digital engagement, and digital transformation. This post offers a lay oriented description and assessment of these phases. The objective is to help leaders who are digital rookies develop a conceptual foundation for understanding where their organizations have…


Add This Guy to the Recruiter Wall of Shame

Posted by Kelly Blokdijk on July 30, 2014 at 8:06pm 13 Comments

Usually when a recruiter contacts someone via LinkedIn, it’s because s/he saw something of interest on that person’s profile. Then there’s THIS GUY that apparently liked what he saw enough to plagiarize…


Critical Condition: Pulling The Plug On HR

Posted by Matt Charney on July 30, 2014 at 12:25pm 3 Comments

People have been foretelling the end of time since pretty much the beginning of it, and most of them are crazy – the ring a bell, stand on the corner in Times Square with a sandwich board and sackcloth kind of crazy.



The Parable of Iron Man: How One Big Hire Can Make All The Difference

Posted by Paul Petrone on July 30, 2014 at 9:30am 0 Comments

In 2008, Marvel was on the ropes, or at least the movie-making part of the business was.

Just look at the last eight movies featuring Marvel characters released before April 2008:Blade Trinity, Elektra, Man-Thing, Fantastic Four, X-Men: The…


Stop! Don't Apply for That...Job?

Posted by Kelly Mead, SPHR on July 29, 2014 at 3:38pm 3 Comments

It takes a special kind of scumbag to prey on people desperately looking for a way to support their family and pay their bills.  Whether you need a job or you’re just looking to make extra cash, be aware that many job listings are posted just to rip you off. 

Not all crooks wear ski masks and lurk around…


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Chris Bell posted a blog post

5 Reasons Why a LinkedIn Profile Shouldn’t Replace Your Resume

As I was going through my regular LinkedIn profile review.  It occurred to me that LinkedIn profiles have become more than just a brief description of someone’s background.  They seem to have evolved into full resumes.  I have a few different searches (job opportunities) going right now, so I decided to do an experiment to see…See More
9 minutes ago
Raj Sheth posted a blog post

Get Out of Your Cubicle and Into a Collaborative Recruiting Process

Teamwork. It’s the building block of any company, big or small. The benefits of teamwork stretch beyond the borders of your cubicle and out into the world of recruiting. Collaborative recruiting has a deeper impact than just your typical, run-of-the-mill programs. This is because it involves more than just the Human Resources and recruiting departments. Collaborative recruiting…See More
1 hour ago
Ashley Zito Rowe commented on Ashley Zito Rowe's blog post 'Recruiting Truck Drivers Isn't Getting Easier'
"Thanks, Tim. I hope it doesn't get as bad as they predict and I hope conditions improve for you."
1 hour ago
Fred Liggin posted a blog post

Everything Must Change: People Are Not Products

There are 8,760 hours a year. 2,190 hours per year are spent asleep (an average of 6 hours per night). 2,080 hours per year are “sold” for a paycheck (40 hours per week multiplied by 52 weeks a year). This leaves 4,490 hours to eat or play, or live beyond the boundaries of work and sleep. By these numbers almost 25% of a person’s life is spent working in order to afford the remaining 75% of their life. …See More
1 hour ago
Julie Salerno posted a blog post

How Video Interviewing Can Help You Hire for Cultural Fit

Video interviewing is no longer an up and coming practice, it’s here. With 63% of HR managers having used video screening as a means to finding candidates, there is good reason to use this technology for enhancing your hiring process.…See More
2 hours ago
Alex Moyle posted a blog post

#1 Key to a Recruiters Success

You can read all the books, listen to tapes and watch videos that will give you every technique under the sun to encourage clients to give you job orders. You can go to the other extreme and read, listen and watch about how you build strong client relationships in order to provide a solution-orientated consultative recruitment process. Whilst both of these areas contribute to success as a recruiter, they come second to the first principle of sales."Are you speaking to people that buy what you…See More
2 hours ago
John Turnberg commented on Kelly Blokdijk's blog post 'Add This Guy to the Recruiter Wall of Shame'
"he grabbed the next portion of his profile here: "
2 hours ago
John Turnberg commented on Kelly Blokdijk's blog post 'Add This Guy to the Recruiter Wall of Shame'
"Perhaps he did not copy it from your Linkedin Profile. Mary also has it on her's: Normally when I have seen this, it is on a fake profile."
2 hours ago
Tim Spagnola liked Daryl Daley @IntelMinds's blog post The Rise of the Bitter & Twisted Job Seeker: Are you one and how can you turn it around?
3 hours ago
Tim Spagnola commented on Ashley Zito Rowe's blog post 'Recruiting Truck Drivers Isn't Getting Easier'
"Thanks for sharing this Ashley. Always love the deep dive info that WANTED shares. This is not the first time I have heard this w/. respect to truck drivers. As a healthcare recruiter we feel we have it hard chasing a shrinking physician pool, but…"
3 hours ago
Tim Spagnola commented on Kelly Blokdijk's blog post 'Add This Guy to the Recruiter Wall of Shame'
"I have posted this in the past.............. I <3 Kelly! - Brilliant post."
3 hours ago
Tim Spagnola liked Kelly Blokdijk's blog post Add This Guy to the Recruiter Wall of Shame
3 hours ago

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