[Nota Bene: I do not have a prospectus and do not expect to until much later, 'Franchise' is used here in a colloquial sense, not a legal one.]

My company has been working for more than a decade to perfect a small business franchise. This is a part-time thing initially, but I expect it would become a full-time business and more over a horizon of about five years.

You can look at my company here: http://trantor.ca

My name is "Bob Trower" and if you search Google with the quotes on you will find that I have been around a long time and am not prone to 'selling stuff'. I develop software and do systems stuff and research.

A supplier to a supplier (my supplier is the largest company of its type in the world) has made an extraordinary offer. It is time-sensitive (drop-dead end of next week) and that has forced my hand.

I wonder if anyone here can help me to develop the network of 'point-persons' for the fifty United States and Canada or offer some advice as to how this might be done quickly.

I initially need approximately two people per state or province. The franchise network would be initially on a par with the distribution of McDonalds (geography only), but I expect that within less than a decade those territories would support two or three times the number of franchises per 'population sink'.

It is a long story, but my company is poised to take advantage of certain 'historical confluences' of the type that have spawned Google, MySpace, LinkedIn, Flickr and facebook.

Time is of the essence here. I need to drill down to small businesses or professionals that do not have a 'web presence' (about half of all of them do not). That means that I need savvy people to help get good faith promises down the line so that I can secure the resources that my supplier is making available before the end of next week. The cost after next week increases dramatically (more than four-fold).

I apologize for being 'coy' about this. I need a little bit of a 'big bang' to ensure that I get to the gate first.

The kind of people that are required are ones with a small amount of skill with web-based stuff. If you can manage your account at facebook, that should be good for many things. Slightly more technical people are needed, but the intention is that the 'point' people help one another. Things like experience with sales, franchise development, recruiting, etc. are all needed.

The reason I posted here is that the people on here are likely to have many contacts and likely to be able (as a group) to marshal enormous resources quickly.


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Rather than reply to my mailbox here, please send mail to:


This is a 'Google-backed' mail system and should be able to handle very large volumes of mail. To aid in collaboration, I can assign accounts to people at HushNet. The system has facilities for collaboration.

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