I have recently started a new company, and am looking into an affordable solution. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated! My site is www.strategicrecruitinginc.com.



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Just to update on this .... now  used in over 300 companies with the Danish government now a user ... after beating off 15 other ATs suppliers .....


New presentation ... http://static.hr-manager.net/flash/KalaTechnology/hrm_v3/



John Mooney said:

We supply eRecruitment and we can work on a fixed price for any number of users.

It is used by over 200 companies across Europe - Danish Railways, Norwegian Postal Service, Oslo Stock Market, Copenhagen Airports, 30 recruitment companies, Krakt, Burger King, Hotels, Nordea Bank uses it in 4 countries with several hundred users and 70 full time daily users.

Take a look at a presentation, it will only cover part of the functionality but give you a good idea. A Web based demonstration can be arranged later - http://partner.hr-manager.net/KalaTechnologies/Demo.html

References available after Demonstrations.

We let the Users speak for the product.


R - lIte is one of the best ats application...Try Demo. www.r-lite.com/





My reply would be biased of course, since I am answering this on behalf of Zoho Recruit. I'd like to connect you to our customers who have shared their experiences with Zoho Recruit:  

Some of our customer experiences are listed on our site: 

Reviews about Zoho Recruit:

We tried them all, bullhorn, sendouts, big biller, cats, you name it, we tried it.


We ended up with quickbase.  It's not a program for recruiting. It is a browser based database. You have to program it, or find someone who will do it for you. It is our favorite. We programmed it for our system, and we have full control over our data.Plus we made it easy easy easy to use.

It's not for everyone, but an idea for you.



My suggestion is don't go by the name of the database system. Answering the following questions will help you a lot before you make a decision.


1) Do you want a server/client based system or do you want a web-based system?


My preference is server/client because of the speed, robustness and control that I get over it. I maintain full control, I host the data and it is by far faster than any web-based system. But I am happy with the fact that I can't access it on the internet from anywhere as fast as you can access a web-based system. The two main advantages of the web-based is that you can pretty much access from anywhere and they host your data, but you are the mercy of the speed of internet, whether their server is up/down etc etc).


2) Do you want to host the data yourself or do you want them to host it for yo?


(it is possible even with the client/server based systems for the company to host your data at extra cost).  But if  you go with client/server and decide to host it yourself you will need to also purchase a server and set it up, which is not all that expensive).


3) What integration options does your new vendor offer you?


Can they seamlessly integrate with outlook so you can easily process resumes you receive through outlook? Can they later on integrate with your website? What are the costs involved?


4) What is the cost to set it up, maintain it and set up new users?


Some systems can be cheap to buy but expensive to maintain


5) What support do they offer and who else uses them? (are they companies you know?)


6) What type of recruitment companies use them most? (will this fall within your needs?)


7) What is the process if you later decide to change? Can you easily get your data back? (again can be a problem with web-based)


Remember, what may work for someone else may not work for you.


I hope that helps.

If you using anything other than Bullhorn you are wasting your time.  www.bullhorn.com

Hello, Phil

Say, I have an interest in the "software planning tool written by an independent staffing and recruiting systems consultant professional through Staffing Industry Analysts" hat you offered to Michael.

My email address is:  Jobs@telecomsg.com

By the way, would you mind recommending the best compliment of search tools to use? I recently had a demo of Broadlook Diver that I was impressed with. It's $3,000 annually. I must upgrade to Internet 2.0 or 3.0 technology to help assuage the innate tediousness in our search efforts and hence,  make more placements.

I would be grateful for your help.






Phil McCutchen said:

Hi Michael,

You're going to get a lot of great advice on this one -- and more than a few responses from the 100-plus vendors of recruiting systems out there. :-P

You've chosen the "best of times/worst of times" to start up your own recruiting business. Which is why your ATS choice is so critical. You can't afford to make a mistake. I've worked with hundreds of firms to implement their recruiting and staffing systems over the past 17 years. From start-ups like yours to nationals. The one difference I've noticed that sets the "players" apart from the wannabe's is their strategic focus. Where do you want your business to be five years from now? If you've got a plan, talent, skills and the capital necessary to achieve those goals, you can reach them.

The bottom line is that there are a LOT of choices for you among ATS'. You'll get some good feedback here on personal preferences to help guide your selection, but you have to carefully consider that in context of your own business strategy.

I've got a software planning tool written by an independent staffing and recruiting systems consultant professional through Staffing Industry Analysts that I'd be glad to share with you. No obligation. No cost. No sign-up. Just drop me a note and email address to send it to you.

Good luck!


www.pointwing.com - recruiting software to power your success

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