If I had a dollar for every resume I've seen that had the phrase "detailed-oriented" in it, when the author clearly meant "detail-oriented", I would take a vacation to Wakatobi, Indonesia to scuba dive.

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I recently had a position posted for a Database Associate. The entire position is centered around managing this database: entering info, updating, sorting, deleting dups, purging, running searches, etc.  VERY desk driven, data centered, NON-client facing position.  Perfect for an introvert, and I said as much in the job postings.  Do you know how many resumes/cover letters I received with 'multi-tasker, loves client interaction, can do anything, loves customer service and solving problems, etc. I received?  Literally 99 out of 100 were geared toward a really 'extroverted' personality, or job description.

I get it's different than what you are saying, but wow, was that frustrating!  If you don't proofread, or even read once, what you're sending or responding to, how on earth are you supposed to be taken seriously?! Drives me crazy!  

Just my two cents....   :)

true that!

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