To those on the corporate side, what have been some of the more memorable and favorite holiday gifts you've received from vendors?


Fellow agency recruiters, what have your clients especially liked?

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We're agency recruiters - we don't send anything unusual, but it's funny that these pocket planners we send seem to be the thing that get us the most responses. Each year we even have several clients that ask if we are sending them again. I have no idea why they seem to go over so well but we also have several friends and family members that ask about them. (I do carry one myself even though most of my scheduling etc. is done electronically. I have often used it for the notepad and pen that it comes with, and also used the info section once when I was stuck at the airport with a dead phone and no charger.)

Chocolate is always good.  

we did Mrs fields cookies with a custom logo on the tin.....went over very well.  

Calendar,chocolates with client manager name written desk pen holders....

I never get a complaint sending Godiva.

Depending on the client, how about a charitable contribution in their name to their favorite cause?

Or chocolate. Really, any kind of food. :)

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