CV or Resume has to make a first impression in 2014 in just 7.6 seconds

Is that true RBC? 7.6 seconds? Has your time increased or decreased in 2014?

Grieves Pryce Ltd, a UK based executive search firm recently conducted a study and found that 7.4 is the new benchmark in 2014. Do you agree Recruiters? Hiring Mangers?

The first part of the process was for the recruiter to use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to determine initial suitability. The resulting short list of candidate CVs was then scrutinised by a recruiter to ascertain the "fit" of the candidate against the role specification. The average time to say yes or no to a CV suitability was found to be just 7.6 seconds.

Interesting way to conduct a study, but if you disagree with the finding it is good to know this same firm offers resume writing services. ; )

Full Article via Bristol Post

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That long? No wonder time-to-hire is so poor....


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