Hi Everyone,

The team at RBC is interested to get your thoughts on technology for recruiters. Is it necessary for recruiters to use, have, or promote the use of technology in their firm?

Or is it a big time suck?

Let us know your thoughts below, and here is an interesting download on the subject: http://bit.ly/ICIMS-Social-ATS

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Ryan I have recruited without technology.  I also have recruited without an ATS system.  I have recruited manually and used the job boards.  I have picked up the phone and started calling randomly.  It is not as effective as using Linkedin Recruiter, an ATS, Google Custom Search, Twitter and other technology means.  I think that companies that don't embrace technology and all it has to offer will suffer tremendously.  The good candidates use technology and they won't be able to attract candidates as quickly and lose the recruiting battle. 

As far as promoting your firm, yes, it is important to use technology also.  Everything is searchable on the internet.  The more you are visible, the more likely you will be seen. 

Great question!


I agree totally with Will. The proper usE of technology can only create more opportunities. With the advent of smart phones and tablets, it only broadens the possibilities and the opportunities that are out there. Cloud applications now allow you to access your database whenever and wherever as long as you have internet connections. 

Is TECHNOLOGY necessary for recruitment... for me... it's a resounding YES!

I would say the bare minimum a recruiter needs is a telephone. However good or bad they are with the phone (and strategy around it) will dictate their placement rate.

After that technology can save them time and make them more money but only as a percentage modifier on their base rate.

No technology can turn a poor recruiter into a great one unfortunately.

The big thing I notice in recruitment is when recruiters are talking about recruitment technology they invariably mean an ATS. I expect this to change over the coming couple of years as a bunch of other technology emerges to help recruiters place more candidates.

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