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 Recruiters, this is my first post after joining the site this afternoon. I was hoping to get some responses in regards to "year end bonuses". Do other recruiters get them and if so at is it a % of salary or desk billing? I was very displeased with what number dropped out of my card this year and am debating having a conversation with the owner of my agency. Look forward to hearing from the rest of the members....


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I've never heard of any agencies giving bonuses. Agency recruiting is usually a commission job, so what you earn is your bonus. Seems like a nice gesture from your boss. There were no year end bonuses at the agency I worked at.

That's been my experience though. 

I agree with Pam - Unless your commission / bonus is somehow tied to overall company performance, it sounds like a "nice to have" extra. Then again, if your commission is less than the norm based on bonus potential, that could be frustrating.


I've been bonused as a manager in addition to commission (also running a full desk) because that was part of the mgmt comp structure... based on branch profitability etc.



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