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Remember Recruiting in the 90's. Life was easy. Life was simple. You had a fax machine, job boards, and your new computer running AOL and Windows 95 with your SPAM free email box. Then came dot com bust, and then social media and just basically upended your simple recruiting ways. It's time to join Recruiters on Facebook. We need some people to talk about what they know (or don't) about the latest Recruiting trends, jobs, and whatever that you think is important to: Recruiters, Sourcers, Account Managers, Managers,  and Researchers.

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No offense, but fb is for play.  I don't want to be 'working' on my play time!

Hi Linda.

Facebook has groups. Your group activity doesn't show up on your timeline. Those that are in the group can't see your timeline and they can't access your photos or anything that isn't public until you add them as a friend.

You should know that Facebook with it's latest search features is probably going to get you more candidates

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