Hi all,

This is a question for the agency recruiters. For those of you who have hired on a recruiting/marketing assistant, what are some of the things you are having that person do? 

What has been the most helpful? What do they seem to enjoy the most? What have they enjoyed the least? 

What have they been able to do that has helped your business the most? 




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Good question Pam. Last spring I made the move in-house to a new health organization. While retention has been good in the big picture, I still feel it could be better. One project that I had my research assistant help with was to help me track key pieces of data that adds up to what makes one a tenured happy provider at my company. I created a spread sheet w/ the items I wanted to track (all information on CVs/Resumes), and looked at three year intervals. We went back 9 years and retrieved all the files from archives and w/. the help of my assistant gathered some extremely helpful data that we can act on and more importantly help better understand the profile of the 'ideal' fit for our organization. 

Not sure if that helps you at all, but it is special projects like this that I feel fortunate to have this type of help. 

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