Across the board, you can get quantum increases to your production by making minor changes in three key areas related to your phone calling.

Let me explain it this way:  Success in the third-party recruiting business can be summed up in mastering two concepts:

1) Connects.

2) Conversions.

You need to reach people, presumably those who aren’t looking, through calling them.  When you call candidates, you will find that 2 out of 10 may be openly interested in discussing career change. 
(That’s 20 out of 100.  2 out of 100 will be actively seeking change). 
Five out of 10 won’t be open to even discussing it with you.  That
gives you three out of ten who are on the fence. That means that half
of the people you reach give you a decent shot at having a conversation
about them considering other options


Improve in these three areas:

1) Improve in the amount of time that you spend on the phone. Increase your time on the phone and you will get better results.  Expand your day by thirty minutes in each direction and you add half of
a work week to your month.  That gives you 20 hours of phone calling
each month by doing this.

2) Improve your call output ratios.  Use the concept of throughput to measure your connects per hour.  Use the Telephone Discipline Tool on my site (,  it’s a free tool, scroll to the bottom of that page) to turn the arduous nature of cold calling into a fun game.  Measure your hourly
connect ratio by highlighting the boxes on the tool.  You are now
breaking down your day into hourly goals.  Your entire year is made up
of a series of well-executed hours. Each hour counts and you make the
most of it by using this free tool.  If you are currently making four
connects per hour, you will increase your call output ratio by
twenty-five percent if you can reach just one more person each hour.

3) Increase your effectiveness of conversions.  That means that through sales skills, you can move more people forward in your process through your persuasive communication.  This is why I
spend so much time in my training discussing the psychology of ethical
influence, because so much depends on people hearing you, connecting
with you, trusting you, and taking the risk of considering that what
you are saying is true.  Yes, of course, there has to be value and
truth in your speech, but if you don’t know how to communicate that in
an effective and persuasive manner, then you will always fall short of
what you could have become had you spent time mastering classical sales

Remember, minor change in major areas is the essence of authentic achievement.  If you look at this business as a system, and follow a paint by the numbers approach to doing it, then average recruiters can
achieve the same production levels and billings as those with natural

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