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We've all heard it. The "I already know this person" objection. But they didn't know him or her as a potential candidate for the position until we made it happen. We were the cause! In this case they let me set up numerous interviews before we got to were we are now - the offer stage. When this objection comes at the 11th hour it is especially annoying.

Though I am inclined to print this blog post out and hand it to my client, that might not be the best idea I have ever had.

When you have run into this situation (at a client where you have already billed 50K in a few months and it looks like it might continue) what are some strategies you used or might use?

Just brainstorming here. I want to educate not alienate. I think I know what my approach might be, but I want to hear from you folks.

Thanks in advance.

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