I've recently started as a recruiter for truckers,and have been hearing that it's one of the most difficult types of recruiting. Is there any other kind that is easier,and that would allow me to remain working from home rather than have to go back out into the rat race?...

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Hey Joe, I've never tried that type of recruiting so really can't speak to what's harder/easier in different skill sets or industries. But, truthfully, recruiting is a challenging career no matter what you're recruiting for specifically. I know it's nice to work from home but you may want to consider going back in to the "rat race" and work from an office with other recruiters. I've learned the most by listening to other recruiters on the phone and sharing stories about all of the crazy things that can happen and how to handle them. At the very least, you should find a mentor. But when it comes down to it, recruiting is recruiting. Sometimes it's a matter of what resources are at your disposal (internal database, job posting applicants, job boards, client relationship and process, how qualified the position is, etc) and how you utilize them. You may try IT or healthcare recruiting as these are very common but they are still very challenging.

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