Question of the day: What is the biggest risk you have ever taken as a recruiter?

From Today's RBC Daily:

Last week I spoke with a recruiter colleague who was having trouble working with a candidate who had a very specific geographic requirement. This recruiter had plenty of jobs but no clients with opportunities in the candidate’s desired area. So the recruiter decided to send the resume to a few companies that were not existing clients in the hopes it would identify an opening. Although the sending out of a blind resume in not a new approach for agency recruiters, in this case the gamble was made to send the resume in it's entirety. This risky approach paid off in that there was a response and consequently, a placement. More importantly, the company that made hire admired the recruiter’s straight forward approach and gave him several more job orders. As the saying goes, with great risk comes chance for great reward.

Question of the day: What is the biggest risk you have ever taken as a recruiter?

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I once dealt with a corporate head of HR who was going on vacation.  He told me to send candidates directly to a hiring manager while he was away.  I sent two candidates.  One was hired.  The other, the hiring manager hated so much that he told me he was ripping up his resume and would not tell HR that I sent him. 

About a month later I got a great job at the company that I thought the same candidate would be perfect for.  I sent him to the HR Director who loved him, passed him on and he was hired within a few days.

I never told the HR Director nor did my candidate.  My candidate worked at the company for many years and became friendly with the first person he met.  That person had no memory of meeting him, as I knew would be the case.  He never was told of his rejection. 

If I do say so,it was pretty ballsy of me, but I knew that this candidate was right for the company.

One time when I knew a nearby competitor was rumored to be laying off, I put flyers about my company's job openings on the cars in the parking lot.  The office manager saw me, dashed outside to admonish me, but, as I recall, I hired one or two people from that adventure.  Sometimes we must dare to be different!


Ruth Glover


I hired a former boss to come work for me! It has been a year and he is still here...


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