4424 "spam" email messages received by 460 software engineers over a period of about 900 days.

This averages out to 5 spam per day.  Today 'they' received 7, according to the site.  So, they are averaging 1 spam email from a recruiter every 93 man-days.  These guys are claiming to receive "so much spam email from recruiters" that they have to keep track of it (and claiming 30 job offers a month).  

The math shows that they are obviously just lying.  They are exaggerating by a factor of almost 100x the amount of spam they are receiving.  Keep this in mind next time a software engineer complains about spam.  He probably means he's badly in need of a lot more of it.

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That is awesome data Nicholas. I wish you had this same information for Primary Care providers. I would be interested in seeing where they fall into this mix. Thanks for sharing. 

Thanks, Tim.  My understanding is that Healthcare people are getting recruited about daily.  I have 3 healthcare recruiters working next to me and they say candidates pretty much get contacted every day (although they rarely have an 'attitude' about it, which we see with software people).  I think that healthcare people are also getting paid a bit more, perhaps because they are a little less maladjusted and know how to 'play the system' better.  

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