Awe, RecruitFest....
Longingly, I think of the first two unConferences fondly called RecruitFest. 2008 and 2009 were fantastic events, full of in-real-life networking, incredible conversations and delightful encounters with the likes of the Recruiting Animal, John Sumser, Craig Silverman, Jerry Albright, Maren Hogan, Julia Stone, Geoff Webb, Eric Winegardner, Maha Akiki and, of course, Jason Davis.

I am insanely jealous of those that will attend today. Raise your hand and start a controversial conversation on my behalf, the Hit Girl will miss being in the house...

Why attend a conference? Why go through the hassle and expense? Have you figured out the gain for yourself or do you blindly attend, hoping light will be bestowed upon you in the form of knowledge or connection?

Opportunities abound for knowledge and connections - everywhere, at multiple conferences and local or regional networking events. I have found it imperative to select wisely which events/conferences that I attend. The benefit and return on my investment must me down be apparent and explainable. Those that I leave to attend - my family and co-workers - must see that return, that growth. If not, what is the value, the worth?

A very wise man sat me down not too long ago and asked me these questions. What does it bring you? What does it bring those around you? If you can answer following each experience with the positive, then you must be doing something right - you have been wise in your selection. The choices are many, and the decision is not so easy to make.

But expansion of mind and reach is never easy, not even for Buddah. Or Tony Robbins, or that Sham Wow guy... And while what's best for you is important - it isn't everything. But you know this already..., I guess I am telling myself. Thanks for the indulgence.

Thank you RecruitingBlogs for remaining unconventional, for sharing the forum, for bringing us RecruitFest. Can you tell I am waving a flag? It's a big one ;-)

Long may it wave...

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I love the ShamWow guy. Oh gee, maybe not.
I thought you were going?

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