I am a corporate recruiter about to return to the search world and launch my own consultancy. As I think about leveraging social media (Twitter, LinkedIn company page, Facebook, etc.) and engaging my company page members/followers, I worry about my clients joining, or a new contact in my industry who could be either candidate or client so they join . . . and possibly losing business due to this potential scenario: client directly networks with a candidate of mine through the group, and ends up hiring them not through me.

How have other agency recruiters and firms managed this dynamic when using social media? Would much appreciate your insight!

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Good question, Ben, and congrats on going out on your own!  I use social media in two different ways:  FB is for candidates, LI is for clients.  Of course I will connect with both on LI, but I NEVER connect with either one on my personal fb page.

As for the contacts on LI, I keep my contacts private for this very reason (as well as other reasons).  I look at this this way, I don't want someone going to MY contact list and poaching contacts.  However, if you come across someone who is connected to me, PLEASE go ahead and ask me to make the introduction!  This is sort of a check and balance system that I personally use when making connections for others.  I don't see a need for someone to go through my contact list willy-nilly.  

Different people use social media for different reasons.  It totally depends on how you want to do it.  If you want to talk privately about it, please feel free to reach out to me, Ben!  Best of luck to you!

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