I'm wondering what others think about virtual career fairs and whether or not they are worth the time/provide ROI?

As a corporate recruiter I am skeptical about the value of our company participating in a virtual hiring event because it doesn't seem personal enough. I'm all about using technology to make our jobs easier, but I have a feeling we will end up having more technical issues than we will viable candidates after all is said and done. 


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A good question, Lauren. I can't speak to whether or nor these work well.

I'd suggest a careful weighing of the pros and cons to determine what is most beneficial, e.g.,

"Is this your idea or the 'suggestion'/instructions of a superior? If the latter: are you being set up to succeed, or set up to fail?"

"If it goes wrong, will you look worse than if you didn't do it?"

"Will the positive results justify the additional work you'll have to do to make it come off well?"

Remember: *whatever you do should be oriented toward making your boss look good in the eyes of their boss.

If anybody actually gets hired, that's a nice little plus...


*It took me DECADES to learn this...

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