ZoomInfo Equivalent, Recruiting/Sourcing Tools Wish List, Off-Loadable Recruiting/Sourcing Tasks

Hi Folks,
A few questions:
1) Do you know of an equivalent to ZoomInfo that works for EMEA and/or APAC? 
2) If you could have a toolkit of useful recruiting tools that you could take with you from place to place (client-to-client or work-to home), what kinds of tools (or specific tools) would you have in it, e.g., sourcing tools, ATS, forms, etc?
3) What recruiting/sourcing related tasks would you rather have somebody else do for you if you could have it set up that way?
Keith D. Halperin,
Sr. Recruiter and SPHR Emeritus
415.672.7326 c

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I went to AIRS to see if they cover APAC and EMEA and I see their .pdf "AIRS Job Board &
Recruiting Technology Directory" refers to these geographies so maybe .....?

You might want to give them a call and verify.


(I feel dumb bringing this to you since I am thinking anyone who knows about ZoomInfo knows AIRS already...?)


Thanks, Paul. Much appreciated.


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