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Hi I am looking for recruiters who can help me find qualified candidates for some of my direct clients. Please email me at {}. I can send you detailed requirements. 

Thank You!

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Hi Meghan,


Hope all is well. I would  be very interested in assisting  you find qualified candidates to fill your orders.




Nicanor Ramos



I am an independent recruiter please send me your requirements to or


Hi Megan,

Hope you are doing well. Wanted to check if you have any requirements for experienced recruiters . 

I have a team of 10 experienced recruiters & am ready for split fee or a one time commission model .

Please shoot an email to

Take Care

Hello Meghan,

I am looking for Full-time Hire Jobs with "Work from Home' option/flexibility. Currently based in India and 5 years of exceptional service in US Staffing & Recruitment industry. Please refer the resume send to your email id. 


May I respectfully suggest you ditch hotmail and gmail in favor or your own domain?

People who see 'hotmail' and 'gmail' will often assume you are new and inexperienced in recruitment.

Having your own domain as an email address is considered the least you can do to portray yourself as a professional.



Marisol Santillan-Pena said:



I am an independent recruiter please send me your requirements to or



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