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Snap Judgement: Why Snapchat is Bang on the Money with Latest Recruitment Tactic

Proving that a billion-dollar evaluation isn't everything, this week it emerged that super-startup, Snapchat, is just like any other company when it comes to finding and recruiting top tech talent.

For these guys, too, the struggle is real.

Luckily for Snapchat, they have some seriously…


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5 Common Candidate Pains and What Recruiters Can Do About Them

Today’s job market is run by candidates. Good candidates are getting harder to come by, and they’re refusing job offers. Recruiters are aware of this too: 79% of recruiters say the…


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Recruiting As A Writer For Dating Sites

At the moment, there are millions of websites out there that have blogs, guest writers and so on, but most do not have the right skills, to get any exposure or use viral techniques to get noticed. There are lots and lots of places you can find writers, websites like odesk, contracting sites and so on.

How Do You Find The Best Writer For Your Blog?

Well personally when I recruit a write for my site, I first check there…


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Whazzup? The latest online recruiting and job board news!

It's that time of the month - time to see what happened, to whom, and how. Not surprisingly, LinkedIn makes an appearance - but there are some other surprises. Let's check it out:…


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Behaviors that Build Trust

Are you a new person on a new job? Trying to become one of the collective? Believe it is worth trying. Good relationships between colleagues are very important. Here is the list of some best practices and behaviors for building trust. So, the first thing you should remember is that being trustworthy is obligatory, other important points are described…


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Recruiting Daily’s Most Excellent Meme Contest Winners

Thanks for all your entries to Recruiting Daily’s Most Excellent Meme Contest. While in today’s millennial-focused society we’d like to say you’re all winners and give you a little something, our intern screwed up the participation trophy order so we’re going to just offer you a heart felt…


Added by Daniel Fogel on April 20, 2015 at 4:30pm — 1 Comment

6 reasons Excel doesn't cut it as a recruitment CRM / ATS

Since its introduction in 1985 Microsoft Excel has become one of the go to applications for all manner of business / data related tasks. Straight out of the box Excel is a great tool for storing and sorting relatively uncomplicated data and with advanced knowledge Excel is capable of much more. But…


Added by Mike Robinson on April 20, 2015 at 12:06pm — No Comments

Time Kills Brain Cells, Not Deals

It’s been said that time is not on our side. The latest stats back this up. According to the Dice-DF Vacancy Duration Measure, time-to-fill has risen to its highest level in 15 years.

The problem is not capabilities, as there are more of those today than 15 years ago, especially the added efficiencies through technology. Nor is it available talent, as competent recruiters can always find…


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Recruiters, Resist The Personality Test!

Personality testing has long been considered an integral part of the recruitment process, but is it time that this contentious method of deciding on a potential candidate’s suitability for a role is scrapped? In 2009 personality testing was a huge industry – to the tune of around $500 million worldwide. A survey performed in the UK found that 92% of recruiters considered the…


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How to Design a Winning Healthcare Recruitment Ad

While many industries will post abstract, out-of-the-box advertisements to catch the attention of new candidates, there can be a certain expectation of formality and professionalism within the healthcare recruitment sector. Large job boards, niche job boards and even local…


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Pillage My Network & Date My Sister


Added by Amy Ala on April 17, 2015 at 4:39pm — 2 Comments

What Gravity Payments' $70,000 Salary Increase Really Means

By Maren Hogan and Kerry Pivovar

By now, we have all heard about Gravity Payments’ CEO, Dan Price. His minimum wage pay bump to even his lowest-level of employees leaves us all…


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5 ways for engineering companies to overcome a skills shortage when recruiting

We’ve helped engineering firms who have had difficulties in their recruitment process for eight years. Whether sourcing candidates with the right experience or finding those with niche skill sets, jobs vacancies that are not filled can cause major disruptions. Over the…


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How to source on the lesser known sites!! DevBistro

How to source on the lesser known sites!! DevBistro

DevBistro is an employment site were people list their resumes, were you can search for jobs or

candidates. DevBistro is well known in the community but few have tried to source in it. Well to do…


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Career Change

Whether through discovery of a new passion, underutilized skills, facing relocation or simple career burn-out, there comes a point in time when you will find yourself itching for a career change. Unless you’re looking to switch to a very specialized field, becoming a pediatrician for example, you don’t have to start completely from scratch. However, the question…


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Employer Branding - Attracting - Recruting And Retaining


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Number of Teachers Quitting the Classroom at an All Time High

Article submitted by Mike James of - a Teacher Education Recruitment company specialising in supply, long-term and permanent teaching jobs.

Recent research has found that the number of Teachers quitting has been the highest we have seen for 10…


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The Do’s and Don’ts of Recruitment Marketing

There are five main components of a successful recruitment marketing strategy―but not all strategies are created equal. So why not listen to major organizations that are succeeding?

Check off the do’s and banish the don’ts to make your program more engaging and improve your ROI.

DO talk about the work in an impactful way. Lockheed Martin uses content to actually open up conversations with segments of their talent pools. Instead of talking about the job as a…


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8 (Cold, Hard) Truths about Social Media

I am an idealist at heart, but I also pride myself on being a pragmatist and strive to provide guidance that enables individuals and organizations to achieve their goals and objectives in the most efficient and effective ways possible.

When it comes to social and digital technologies in particular, although I do believe, I’m not naïve…


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5 Resume Writing Mistakes That Will Cost You a Potential Job Offer (According to Google)

From a recruiter to PHP developer, everyone needs a resume. It’s not a very pleasant writing activity, and someone might even hate the very guts of it, still a solid resume must be forwarded, if you want to land a classy job with tons of money in the paycheck, sky-high prestige, comfy office,…


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