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SmartRecruiters and LinkedIn Expand Integration

SmartRecruiters becomes a more comprehensive applicant tracking system for LinkedIn sourcing and recruiting.…


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Competing for Talent with the Top Employment Brands

10.20.14 Top Employment Brands

ERE recently highlighted a list of the Top Employment Brands according to WilsonHCG, a recruitment outsourcing company. Their study considered multiple elements in their ranking system, including job board presence,…


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6 Things That Might Make You Think about Jumping Careers

We all go through life pretty much the same way. First we are sent to school, where they prepare us for college. Then we are sent to college for 4 years where we give them thousands of dollars so they can show how to survive in the real world. Then, we move out into the world and realize that no amount of training actually prepares you for what is really out there. But we persevere anyway, get the job we think we are supposed to get, and continue on.

Some of us may be lucky enough to…


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SmartRecruiters and LinkedIn Expand Partnership

SmartRecruiters becomes a more comprehensive applicant tracking system for LinkedIn sourcing and recruiting.

San Francisco – October 21, 2014 – SmartRecruiters, the company that empowers the new way of hiring, today announced an expansion of its integration with LinkedIn, which operates the world’s largest…


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What Makes A Great Manager?

Originally published on CareerPlug's Blog

Well, there are plenty of reasonable and innovative answers to this questions.  Listening to your team and utilizing their creativity and individual talents.  Creating an open dialogue…


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5 Companies That Always Hire Great People

5 Companies That Always Hire Great People

Employees are a valuable asset to any company due to their intrinsic value. Every employer dream is to always hire great people. No one wants a bad hire because of the amount of time and money that's invested in recruiting an employee. Quality and vetting processes becomes even more important as you move up an organizational chart due to the associated risk. No matter what… Continue

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What the CIA’s Ridiculously Intense Hiring Process Can Teach Us

The Central Intelligence Agency has perhaps the most intense hiring process in America, and for good reason. Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Aside from perhaps running for President of the United States, the most intense hiring process in America…


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The Powerless Approach to Staffing and Recruitment

We are powerless when it comes to making people do what we want. I believe this is one reason parents are given teenagers, reminding them how powerless they truly are over people, places, and things.

Too many people in our business continue to promote the myth of client and candidate control, insinuating that we can or even should manipulate the choices of others. These dangerous, Repetitive Practices (methods which cause harm) do nothing more than perpetuate the predominant, negative…


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Fall out: the latest online recruiting news, rounded up

Fall is most definitely in the air, as in leaves falling to the ground and making it hard to mow. But fall also means conferences for job board folks and (of course) deals, deals, deals! So without further ado, here is the latest news:


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My career. Multiple screw-ups, and ONE thing I got right.

I have had some major highs in a career that is now deep into its 4th decade. Lots of hard work, lots of luck, and plenty of great people, have helped me to some success, which has been fun and lucrative. And I am proud of many milestones along the…


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A Career in Database Administration – A Guide

Database administration is one of the most challenging professions. The safe and sound administration of a database is a big responsibility and those who have the capacity to cope up with an immensely demanding profession can certainly excel in the field of database administration. If you are one of them, a career in this field will be perfect for you. But, before you consider a career as a database administrator, commonly called a DBA, you should assess yourself to know whether you have the…


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Does a Pregnancy Impact the Recruitment?

If your business is in the middle of the hiring process, it's important to know how a candidate who is expecting will impact your workplace in the future.

There are laws that protect pregnant employees from recruitment discrimination, but there are also some factors you have to consider when hiring…


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5 Easy Ways To Strengthen Company Culture

This post was originally published on the CareerPlug Blog

Happy Friday!

This Friday we wanted to share a few ideas for strengthening your company culture.  Over this last year CareerPlug has doubled its team, so communicating our values and implementing them into our daily culture has become a top priority for us.

Here are a few tips from us to you:

Communicate Your Core…


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Three Simple Strategies to Secure the Best Talent

Jim Collins once said that great vision without great people is irrelevant. For your business to thrive, you need to secure candidates with talent, passion and the drive to turn vision into reality.

So, how do you get an exceptional team around you? Not only do your…


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11 Amazing Insights Google’s People Team Discovered About People

Laszlo Bock is the head of Google’s famed People Department. Laszlo Bock is the head of Google’s famed People Department.

Google’s People Department (nicknamed POPS) is like no other Human Resources team on the planet. The group uses data to try to improve just about every aspect of their employees’ happiness, from pay structures and 401K plans to how long the lunch line should be.

Through its research,…


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Get Known to the Job Trends in Mumbai and Pune

Learning more about the job trends in Mumbai and Pune, the two most economically stable cities of Maharashtra, will ensure that you carve a unique professional niche for yourself in style. Perfect access to multiple opportunities is possible not just in local firms but also in international companies as well. Choosing a perfect atmosphere of working too is easily possible there due to which you get to organize your personal…


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Global staffing industry sales top $400 billion

The recent RCSA (Australia and New Zealand) International Conference held in Queenstown, New Zealand had a variety of industry speakers and one of the most interesting was Barry Asin, the President of Staffing Industry Analysts who, as the name suggests, compile data and undertake research on the staffing (recruitment) industry on…


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How to source on the lesser known sites!! Pinterest

How to source on the lesser known sites!! Pinterest

Pinterest, were pictures, ideas, and interests all come together. Most have heard of Pinterest, few have used it to source.…


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The Solution to Retirement-Driven Skills Shortages

Just as news about the economy is finally starting to take a more positive slant, companies face another challenge: the loss of experienced and knowledgeable workers due to Baby Boomer retirements.

Of course, this is no surprise. Approximately 76 million people were born between 1946 and 1964, placing them in the Baby Boomer generation. The financial crisis delayed the inevitable as many Americans found their retirement funds depleted and were forced to delay retirement. But Boomers…


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Preparing Candidates for Stressful Interviews

Let’s face it, job interviews are not something that most candidates look forward to but they know they are a necessity for a new job. They can be pretty stressful in any circumstance, but if your candidate is unemployed, or feels that they could be soon, the stress factor just increased 10 fold for them. Some recruiters I have worked with in the past won’t even present a candidate that is presently unemployed. I’m not that strict with my own candidates, but I do make sure that if they are…


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