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How to Find your Perfect Employees on LinkedIn

As all HR managers know, the recruitment industry can be fraught with…


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Why Big Data Can Be Recruitment's Best Friend

Big data, which is commonly measured in terms of volume, velocity and variety, is enticing to many but useful to smaller numbers.

The reason is that the sheer volume of data needs to be tamed and organized in order to deliver tangible and usable information. I

Is your organization…


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Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for Recruiters

In a technology driven age, it should come as no surprise that more and more companies are switching over to modern methods of recruiting as compared to the traditional methods. The recent developments in Social Media have made recruiting efficient, cost effective and faster. It is only fair that more and more companies will use Social Media platforms to source candidates.

Hence, a recruiter needs all the help they can get to simplify the process of candidate selection. Social Media…


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Oh the Things We Don’t Know About Employee Assessments

Until very recently, there have only been two options –introvert, or extrovert. You either prefer to live in a cave and do your shopping online, as to avoid as many humans as possible, or you’re a loud, abrasive, attention seeker. Those are your two options. Well, not anymore. As it turns out, there is a third category…


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The Magical Recruiter Hiring Trick

Shortlist reported last week that the demand for agency recruiters is at a level not seen since before the GFC. A scramble is on for securing the best talent! And we should expect good recruiters to be like hens teeth for the next 2-5 years.

But what else is new?

I once…


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Why It's Important To Manage Your Clients' Expectations

I’m sure we all have a few “life lessons” that we have learned or picked up along the way that, for whatever reason, have made a particularly strong impression.

When I was in 1st grade I distinctly remember Mrs McIntyre telling us that it was rude to point at other people when you spoke…


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2015; Time To Update Passive Resumes

If there is one single thing – a single item – that represents a professional in this fast paced world, it definitely is his resume. A resume is the paper version of you – it contains every nook and cranny of your career – your achievements, your rise to success. Simply put, your resume is…


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Are we ready for recruitment via Snapchat?

As recruiters are becoming increasingly aware of their need to embrace social media to stay competitive, the industry is seeing an influx of social recruitment campaigns. In fact, the latest…


Added by Roxanne Abercrombie on January 28, 2015 at 3:40am — 2 Comments

Only 2 Weeks Left To Enter The Mobile Recruitment Awards


There are now only two weeks to go until entries for the 2015 Mobile Recruitment Awards close on the 10th February 2015.

Now in their second year the awards will acknowledge those companies leading the way in the use of Mobile Recruitment and at the same time…


Added by Mike Taylor on January 27, 2015 at 1:39pm — 2 Comments

How To Be Prepared For An HR Audit

HR audits are becoming more and more frequent these days. Are you ready? Here's how to be prepared for an HR audit.

Human Resources audits can be a very uncomfortable experience. Having the Department Of Labor (DOL) or an outside attorney come into your office and request…


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5 Things Every Recruiter Wants, and Can Get with Recruitment Analytics

When you're recruiting, would any of the following help you?

  1. Reduced hiring costs
  2. Higher rates of employee retention
  3. Improved employee engagement
  4. Get ahead of your competitors
  5. Live…

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The Three Key Techniques to Getting Ahead in Your Current Job

The Three Key Techniques to Getting Ahead in Your Current Job

1) If your boss does not know you want to move up in the company you are unlikely to get a promotion or even recognition for doing good work. Bosses annot read your mind. Our attention is split all over in this time of electronic communications, and the same is true of your supervisor;The bosses attention is focused on their team, politics, performance, paperwork,…


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How to Impress a Recruiter - Without Sucking Up

When you’re trying to land a job, you want to stand out from the crowd. That’s often easier said than done, though. Not only is competition fierce for the best jobs, but most recruiters and hiring managers are adept at seeing through jobseekers antics — and can spot someone who is trying to pull one over on them from a mile away.

In other words, you aren’t fooling anyone when you describe yourself in bombastic terms like “guru” or…


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Top 5 Recruitment Trends for 2015

Recruiting talented employees isn’t going to be plain sailing in 2015. The widening gaps between the demand and supply of skilled workers is creating a cut-throat environment in which 69% of recruiters are expecting to see competition for candidates increase. To successfully ride out the storm, recruiters are going to need to keep up to speed with this year’s key trends.…


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5 Traits a Solid Recruiter Has by Default

These are the 5 Essential Traits of a Successful Recruiter

Many think being a recruiter is easy. What a massive fallacy such assumption is! As far as landing a solid expert goes, an HR manager not only takes into consideration professional qualities, yet evaluates candidate’s…


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Gender Gaps in Workplace Mentor Programs

It’s rude to let someone walk around with a piece of spinach in their teeth from lunch, right? Well, there’s a piece of spinach in your training and mentorship program. Although there have been great advances in closing the gender gap, it’s still present in some aspects of the workplace. Mentoring programs are still affected by the gap.

Women hold the…


Added by Sean Pomeroy on January 27, 2015 at 10:19am — No Comments

The Magnifying Glass Strategy

Focusing on certain areas does not have to detract from others in your content strategy.

I love talking content strategy, especially within the context of the larger talent acquisition and recruiting strategy. But I see the same thing over and over again, and I thought you might appreciate learning about my magnifying glass strategy.

The situation is pretty common. If you are building content for your career site,…


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Why your recruitment strategy for hiring senior staff sucks

Like most businesses, you want to grow. This growth plan is a mixture of organic building and investing in hiring externally. Ideally, a person with a strong experience, who is a perfect cultural fit for your business.

So you meet with a recruitment consultancy who spend hours with you, understanding your…


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6 Ways to Helping Your Employees Develop a Professional Development Plan

Companies that support their employees' professional development and growth tend to have a more contented and productive workforce. They experience less turnover and more promotion from within due to cultivating their employees' appreciation and gratitude.…


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5 Recruiting Tools for Setting Up an HR Department

Every tool belt has a hammer and a screwdriver. They are the basics for any handyman job. Likewise, recruiters use computers and job descriptions as their basics. However, there are variations in the fundamentals of recruitment. These differences are what make the stellar job descriptions stand out from the mediocre ones, and the ATS shine over the average office…


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