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How To Get Hired As An Editor

Editing is becoming a crucial element of the writing process. Look at it this way – all speakers stop to pick the best word in mid-sentence and students often clarify the notes from their lecture. Moreover, papers now carry an even…


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Although making cold calls, sending out emails and visiting prospects make up an important part of the sales strategy, a sales rep also needs the right set of sales productivity tools to really excel.

The following is a list of some of our favorite productivity tools to help SDRs rock their sales funnel in 2017.

1. SalesHandy

SalesHandy is a sales communication and analytics tool…


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Top Tools for Sales Leaders

With the right toolset, sales managers and leaders can transform the selling experience for to make it extremely pleasant and safe for both sales professionals and the prospects.

Sales Automation: Emails, Calls, &…


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WhatsApp Group Chat – Ways to Scout PhD. Talent Holding Multiple Patents

There’s been a lot of talk about Sourcing which requires one to explore untapped avenues to scout the needle in the haystack Talent that aren’t being Sourced.  We’ve spoken about different trends in Sourcing Talent for instance Executive and Non – Executive Search Sourcing Techniques and methods on a general level. But have you focussed more on the…


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Ready For A Career Switch? 3 Strategies To Rock Your First Impression When Interviewing

So you've finally taken the plunge - you've gotten additional training, focused on your transferable skills, made connections, sent out your resume and have now landed a job interview. Congratulations! Now that the big day is almost here, you…


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How To Negotiate Multiple Job Offers And Keep Your Bridges Unburnt

Tech professionals frequently find themselves juggling job offers these days. The right skillset draws recruiters in droves to compete for extraordinary tech talent. Out of all their pitches, a few all-too-tempting offers will rise to the top. Though recruiters accept that weighing…


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Did You Know? Employment in solar has grown 150% since 2010

New Industries = New Occupations 

The solar workforce increased 25% in 2016  

Note: This is a follow-up from a previous Did You Know. …


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All You Need to Know About the Temporary Recruitment Outsourcing Processes

In our ever-changing global economy, recruiting and hiring the right people is a difficult job, but help is at hand from recruitment outsourcing specialists.

Many companies don't have a suitable recruitment infrastructure to meet with increasing demands. Outsourcing all, or part, of your recruitment process saves you money and time and leaves the process to experienced recruitment…


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How Slack will change recruiting

It’s going to happen faster than you think. In fact, it’s already happening.

Most of the innovative HR and recruiting tech companies have Slack apps. If they don’t, they’re most likely designing and building them right now. Including my team at…


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How to source on the lesser known sites!! Yelp

Yelp is an American multinational corporation headquartered in …


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Find 50,000 more Data Scientists with one small search adjustment

One of the most sought after skill sets these days is the Data Scientist. Commanding high salaries and high fees, these candidates are worth their weight in gold, but a huge proportion of them are currently being missed.

Each of the hundred odd Analytics-focused Recruiters we’ve…


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7 Careers You Achieve Under Business Degree

The skills you gain on a business and management studies degree will allow you to start contributing to your employer's organisation quickly and effectively. A business and management studies degree prepares you for a career in business, which may stretch across any sector or industry. Your career…


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The Benefits Of Mobile Apps For Small Businesses

Image source:

While there are many who consider app development to be the exclusive domain of major businesses around the world, there are many small…


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5 Sure Signs You’re Failing to Hire a Top Talent

As a recruiter, your job is to attract talent and make those people interested in the offer you make. To some extent, you’re successful at doing that. You present your organization as an attractive place to work at.…


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Implementing a New ATS? Follow These 5 Tips.


Selecting a  quality applicant tracking system (ATS) that meets your needs is critical for improving your talent acquisition process and results. But if you don’t implement it successfully, even the right ATS technology won’t be much help.  

In this post, we provide five tips that will help you successfully implement a…


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Often Recruiters Can Never Truly Be a Partner

I have been a recruiter for a long time and spoken with a lot of my peers about this. In the end, I think Human Resources/Talent Acquisition has messed up the possibility of being partners to many hiring managers. We keep saying hiring managers are our primary customers. There is a difference between customers and partners.

We also all have heard the phrase, “the customer is always right.” Some of us send out hiring manager satisfaction surveys and others have them integrated into the…


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The Millennial… Coming to an office near you…

Phew, that was close.  Too close for words.  I was almost one of them.  You know the ones that according to a viral video sensation are:

  • "Tough to manage"
  • "Entitled, narcissistic, self-interested, unfocused and lazy"
  • "Addicted to social media and only interested in their…

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NEW FEATURE AT AVIATIONCV.COM: COMPANY RATING never stops improving and launched a new feature to its website. From now on, every visitor has an opportunity to write a review about different companies that appear on A rating system is going to be beneficial not only for recruiters but also for aviation job seekers, who would like to know which companies are rated the best and looking for pilot jobs,…


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Perfectionism And Productivity – What Is The Link?

Is there any link between perfectionism and productivity? Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? Do you think that perfectionism ever hold you back from performing as you should? Does it in any way affect your…


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Carrot v's Stick


Presidential elections and British referendums aside, the western world has been drifting generally towards the left for some decades. In such an environment you might imagine the argument about carrot or stick management styles would be something of a no contest. Yet closer inspection…


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