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Current Major Issues Of A Recruiting Company

During the previous years recruiting companies have seen many major alterations as technology and economical promotions have changed the way many companies used to hire. No doubt, there are always rising challenges that companies have to beat up, but it’s very important to have in knowledge the major issues…


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Terrifying recruitment stories. In 6 words!

I can tell you a story about recruitment that will make you shiver. Make you recoil in horror. And I can do it in six words.

Here are 20 such horror stories to get you screaming, blocking your ears, and running for the exit.

‘I will call you back. Promise’.

‘Can I just think about it?’

‘I just got a counter-offer’.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday

Your bonus threshold just went up.

My ‘under-offer’…


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The secret to attracting and retaining the best candidates

Figures suggest the probability of quitting is over 92% when workers have to commute for over 45 minutes. Others say that an extremely short commute leads employees to remain in their jobs 20% longer. It’s no surprise that candidates are more likely to reject a job offer if the commute is too long when they’re less likely to stay.

How can you make sure that candidates don’t reject the offer because of commuting? How can you ensure that they stay once they’re there? Let them search by…


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Candidate Control - 10 Secrets You Need to Know

Despite the term, it's not some Orwellian mind game recruiters secretly play with their candidates. It’s about having a handle on the recruitment process as a whole. With the market leaning fully in favour of candidates, recruiters need to be offering the best…


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The 4 Day Work Week: Your Ultimate Retention Plan?

Could a 4 day work week work for your company?

 Here’s the math: 4 days x 8 hours a day = 32 hour workweek.

No catch, no secret “well we work 10 hour days 4 days a week,” but a real live shortened work week. I can almost hear the nervous thoughts and I can confess,…


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Top 25 Most Common Jobs Posted Online

Registered Nurse holds the number 1 spot of the top 25 demanded job titles, meaning it’s the most advertised job opening. This is according to data from …


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Fifty three percent of UK recruiters believe Conservative Party is best for industry

05 May 2015, London – Fifty-three percent of UK recruiters believe the Conservatives offer the best future for the recruitment industry, according to Bullhorn, the leading cloud-based CRM provider.

The survey, based on data from 79 UK recruitment professionals, also reveals that 44 percent believe Labour would be the preferred choice for the industry, with just two percent in favour of the Liberal Democrats.



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Finding the best possible employee for your organization – Some recruitment tips

Finding the best possible employee that will fit into your organization in the best possible and also contribute to the success of your company is a big challenge among the recruiters. If you don’t end up with choosing the right person, you won’t be able to help flourish your organization with the right kind of employees. Keeping the best employees in your organization is only possible when you find them out. But amidst this industry where thousands of people are looking for jobs, how are…


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How to facilitate the contact between 2 recruiters of different countries?

 Recruiting the right people for the position you are looking to fill is not an easy task. When doing it internationally, the challenge becomes even bigger, as new issues arise, some of those without a standard solution.

 The international recruiting scene is not a new one, yet it is still taking its…


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Calling a candidate to tell them there is no news IS news to the candidate.

I placed this status update on LinkedIn the other day.

‘Calling a candidate back to tell them there is no news IS news to the candidate.’

It got 250…


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How Can Corporate Culture Attract and Keep an Employee Interested

Finding professional and talented employee is as difficult as a job-hunting process. Not only job-seekers try hard to show their worth to get hired. Companies don’t relax either. Their task is to attract qualified specialist and keep him interested. And while some companies count on wages as their basic argument, others establish corporate culture and offer an employee its…


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Mobile Recruiting - Don’t Ignore the Trend

We’re seeing one of the most competitive hiring landscapes ever, yet there is one big trend of 2015 that HR managers…


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Star Wars day: 4 lessons recruiters can learn from Star Wars

‘May the force be with you’ - It’s an iconic expression from one of the most well-known film franchises of all time. George Lucas’ intergalactic tale, aptly named Star Wars, has enjoyed phenomenal success since its release back in May, 1977, with new films and franchises…


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Five things to consider when leaving higher education

So you have studied hard, gained many skills and knowledge, made great friends and passed your qualifications, that’s it, higher education done. It may seem a frightening prospect but the world is your oyster, and it is up to you to go and live your life to the full. What should you now consider as you leave education and enter the big wide world?

1) Find a job

Without any money, you are really going to struggle to build a life for yourself. The first thing to do after…


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What Bersin’s 2015 Talent Acquisition Factbook Tells Us About What’s Broken in Recruiting

By Lori Sylvia, Chief Marketing Officer, SmashFly


Last week, Bersin by Deloitte released its…


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The Problem with Recruitment and Social Media

Defining Social Recruiting

Social Recruiting (Digital Recruiting, ERecruiting, Online Recruiting, Recruitment Marketing, Purple Squirrel Hunting et al.) is at a cross-roads. It has been around long enough that it should now feature as a standard part of most recruiter’s toolkits, but in a lot of cases, even the most basic of tools aren’t being utilised.

Before looking at the problem I’ve attempted to break down what I’m referring to as social…


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Behaviors that Build Trust

You’re a new person on a new job? 

Trying to become one of the collective? Believe it is worth trying. Good relationships between colleagues are very important. Here is the list of some best practices and behaviors for building trust. So, the first thing you should remember is that being trustworthy is obligatory, other important points are described below.…


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3 Reasons You Need Team Building Software

Special project on the horizon? Put a team together! See a need for innovation at work? Put a team together! Want to break down your workplace silos? Put a team together! Employers are starting to look at the assembly of a team as the duct tape of the workforce.

Don’t get me wrong, workplace…


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Creating a Digital Transformation Plan of Action: A Guide for Leaders

In earlier SMART Articles, I discussed the evolutionary phases in becoming a digital organization, described how all business functions are being transformed by social and digital technologies, articulated the primary barriers to digital engagement, and offered a digital transformation framework (to read these and other related pieces,…


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Why the Best Recruiters Save you Money

If businesses think hiring a skilled recruiter sometimes has too dear a price tag, wait until they experience the cost of hiring an amateur, or not hiring one at all.

With the average cost of replacing an employee suggested to crest £30,000, there’s a very good reason recruiters are…


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