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The 5 Biggest Mistakes that Entry-Level Job Seekers Make

Coaching of entry-level job seekers is extremely important to improve the rate of youth employment. From having the right attitude to the right resume, many entry-level employees make grave errors. Recruiters often complain of interviewers coming in with gums in their mouth to applicants whose calls go dead in the middle of interview briefings. Unfortunately, the result of such reckless and…


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Corporate Social Responsibility for Tech SME’s

How CSR perspectives are changing

For too long, executives perceived corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a fugitive fad which only added to the pressures of operating as a large business. However, CSR has evolved in recent years and savvy businesses now recognise that…


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William Almonte Questions The Fact of Operating Recruiters Without Hiring Software

Software has made its place as the strongest helping hands of recruiters in the industry. Recruiting has been definitely possible without the use of software throughout the years. But the point is, reaching the level of perfection and accuracy in terms of hiring. Getting into the work industry has become much more professional and precise. This is mainly where the use of software comes in. There are many more benefits which are discussed below.…


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Building a career in Employer Branding: Q&A with Jason Jones of LogMeIn

There was so much to learn about the life of Jason Jones and how he is leading recruitment marketing efforts at LogMeIn as their Employer Branding Specialist. We were fortunate enough to dig into the ins and outs of a day in the life of an All-Star Employer Brander and how much passion there is for ensuring people love their…


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Why You Should Choose a Recruitment Agency

For both job seekers and recruiters, it is necessary to find a harmonious platform for connecting.

Entry-level job seekers with poor research skills find it difficult to navigate the job market. With no relevant prior job experience, their options are already meagre. The recruiters, on the other hand, find it difficult to systematically organise the scores of resumes they receive in their…


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Hire Culture, Capacity and Craft for Your Company

Most companies these days will blaze through a stack of resumes without a second thought. Normally, when we look at job descriptions, we see a bunch of “we need this, we need this, this is a nice-to-have,” we look back at resumes and we calculate between the two. Oh, yes…


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Top Quick Wins to Boost Your Self-Publishing

One of the most common mistakes of new self-publishing authors is that a great book will produce sales without a lot of marketing effort. Sure, a fantastic book is a huge step forward, but unfortunately, it’s just one piece of the puzzle. You may have the most interesting book in the world, but the world won’t care until you present yourself and market the book in a proper way.

If you want…


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The Future of Hard Skills: What To Look For In New Employees

In-demand hard skills change over time, and they will continue to change in the future. Many hard skills currently desired by employers either have become commonplace or may become outdated. This is in opposition to soft skills,…


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10 Questions to Ask Your Recruiting Partner

As the economy continues to recover and thrive, more companies are looking to hire and although some companies may try to go it alone, most will be looking to partner with an established, successful recruiting firm to help get the job done. 

The recruiting landscape is cluttered…


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Tips on Building a Career in Employer Branding

Yesterday we got the chance to talk with Lisa Chartier of Philips about what it takes to work in employer branding. While you can view the entire discussion below, we wanted to share some of the key takeaways from our conversation.

Also, you can click here for employer branding jobs from companies around the world, updated via the hashtag…


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How to Use Marketing Principles to Improve Employee Satisfaction

If you run or own a business, then making sure your employees are happy is one of the most important things you can do. Without happy employees, your profits will drop and it will be harder to get the customer base you want. Make sure to use every tactic available to you to get the most out of your employees every day. It’s easiest to apply principles you already know, so here are ways that marketing principles can help toward that…


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How to Nail Your First Interview

When you receive the call for your first interview, it is an exhilarating yet nerve-wracking experience. You start rummaging your mind for all the “classic advise” that you have been given. The triteness of the rhythm of “be confident, don’t show nervousness, fake it till you make it” becomes a jumbled, erratic mess in your head. The question then remains; how should I prepare for my first…


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How to Start a Career as a Truck Driver or Truck Mechanic

A job as a truck driver can amazing for people with certain personality types. A job as a truck mechanic can be just as fantastic. If you want to pursue either of these career paths, there are numerous things that can help you greatly. Working in the truck world doesn’t have to…


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Skewing Young

Millennials are now the largest generation in the work force and they are largely underpaid. That says a lot.

Hiring younger, less experienced, workers to replace more experienced, more expensive, workers is nothing new. It’s a business decision that in a lot of cases makes the most sense. The numbers will tell if accomplishing nearly as much with a much lower salary will improve the bottom line. And, of course, the less expensive employee may improve to the point where they are…


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Why Denver's Technology Industry is the Nation's Next Tech Mecca

Denver is widely considered an up-and-coming location, as Americans flock to the mountainous city in droves. In fact, the Denver area experienced one of the largest…


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William Almonte – Online Recruitment Versus Traditional Recruitment

Time is rolling faster than ever with the emergence of Internet system. Using online procedure has changed the entire perspective of approach to jobs and people are getting employed every day with its help. The thing is about being at right place at the right, which has been made possible by online recruitment. You can get a job before even knowing at the speed of light.…


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Bullhorn Acquires Talent Rover and Jobscience to Accelerate the Delivery of Its Global Salesforce Offering

Investment Also Advances Development of Bullhorn’s Front Office and Workforce and Revenue Cloud Solutions

BOSTON – MARCH 13, 2018 – Bullhorn®, the…


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Free Advice for Employers! Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

Upon returning to his job at the bank after a break to train and participate in the 2012 Olympics, Jeremiah Brown, had a silver medal to show workmates. After his first Olympics appearance and managing to earn silver medal in the men’s eight…


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Sourcecon Spring 2018 the recap Day 1!!

Sourcecon Spring 2018 day 1 consisted of 2 presentations; Trust but Verify by Jim Schnyder and Brian Mork, and Tools for the Social Detective by me.

 In the first presentation Jim and Brian purpose the question who does it better a Sourcer or a Hacker. Now being both I found this interesting.…


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3 Useful Tips on Finding Entry-level Employment

For entry-level job seekers, finding a job is akin to online dating. You don’t know how to initiate the conversation; you don’t know how to navigate your options or where to even begin the search. Everything seems more intimidating than ever. However, intimidating or not, jumping into the waters of vocational valleys is a must to initial career support. As an entry-level job seeker, you have to get…


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