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Best Company Culture Videos

The corporate culture video has become morphed from something very generic and scripted, to a creative outlet that companies can use to share their story, and what they're all about.  This medium has a lot of potential to be a funny and sometimes viral employer branding campaign for your talent acquisition team.

While we've already put together some of the best culture videos that we've found, we though it'd be fun to add a few new ones, and tell you why we like them so much.  Without…


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4 Tips For Surviving a Period of Unemployment

Going through a period of unemployment?

Getting stressed out thinking about what to do next?

Any period of time between jobs can be scary. When unemployed, you'll be facing in your lot of uncertainty and it can be difficult knowing what to do while waiting for the next opportunity…


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Recruiting Is The Worst. And The Best.

I am not a recruiting apologist. I feel to best understand recruiting as an industry, one should recognize the glaring problems in the profession. Ignoring these shortcomings benefits no one and further deepens the divide. I also feel that recruiting is, by and far misunderstood, leading to frustration. There…


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Are Oil and Gas Companies Scared to Hire Again

Since the oil price has recovered there is more activity within the industry, with CAPEX spend increasing and more projects being kicked off. Companies should therefore be considering re-hiring all the oil and gas industry professionals they fired during the downturn, but instead they seem to be asking…


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Eliminating Unconcious Bias in Hiring

Unconscious bias is a scary reality that plagues many organizations and means that the best people aren't getting the right jobs and promotions.  We spoke with Sangita Katsuri of Action Inclusion about how companies can work to eliminate unconscious bias in their hiring process.

  1. What is your definition of unconscious bias, and how does it play out in the hiring process?

If we are honest, we…


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Are we safe?

I recently conducted a two-day training class for business managers in the six-sigma methodology at a major university in which one of the participants stated that the least beneficial part of the course was having to create a project centered around an issue from their individual workplace. One of the participants responded that the project was their least valuable part of the course because his managers would never let him implement the project.

My first reaction along with the…


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William Almonte - Key Attributes Of a Successful Recruiter

This is a common thing for the recruitment business owners to recruit some new team leaders or managers from within their own team of recruitment consultants, yet this may not be the best plan. The ultimate skill set of the recruiter is so diverse that many classic, high billing recruiters are not able to expand and flex their style to help their team get the results they themselves achieve. Leading, motivating along with managing are quite dissimilar skill sets from the customer and…


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Uniformity Of Laws for Nurse Practitioners Across All States

The time has come for all 50 states to properly govern the licensure, scope of practice and prescribing laws for Nurse Practitioners to ensure uniformity across all states.

Nurse Practitioner Scope of Practice laws must not only be nationally uniform; they need to be broadened. Because of the shortage of primary care physicians, Nurse Practitioners will most assuredly take over that role; but they can’t practice with their hands tied.

Imagine a Nurse Practitioner coming from a…


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How to widen the workforce using technology

There has been a massive shift in the way that the British workforce operates — thanks to the digital revolution that is still going strong today after its birth in 1947 when the transistor was introduced.


As the years passed by, advanced technologies were brought forward that helped prepare us for an online world. There was the first commercial computer sold in 1951, for example, which led to the first email being sent in 1971. Mobile phones hit the market in 1984 and the…


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Steps for Turning Passive Prospects into Eager Candidates

Recruiting in today’s tight talent market is certainly a major challenge. Recruiters are constantly faced with the fact that some of the best candidates will already have a job. Although they might consider a new job, they are certainly not actively seeking a new opportunity: they are passive candidates.

Passive candidates make up around 75% of UK’s workforce. When you combine…


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William Almonte - Recruitment Consultant at Titan Staffing Systems

William Almonte is a recruitment consultant professional at Titan Staffing Systems,a consulting platform. William Almonte is providing a higher level of industrial staffing services located in Passaic and support to businesses in Mahwah, NJ Patch

For more information :…


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How you can attract good talents through story telling

Storytelling plays a crucial role in our society. We all love to hear a good story. Its popularity is prevalent since the dawn of mankind and it still plays an equally important role in the modern society. Over the years the mode and platform of storytelling has evolved by it is still quite effective in bringing people together and building trust in them.

Storytelling skills are used almost everywhere, from advertising for a product or creating a positive brand…


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How to Create an Office That Candidates and Employees Will Want to Work In

Not every office space is created equally. If you want to make sure your employees are always satisfied and productive, the quality and comfort of your office space matters.

A great office space will also…


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Starting From Scratch

The good thing about starting from scratch is the clean slate.  You can take a good look at what you are trying to accomplish and then recruit for the people that can get it done.  The potential for success is much greater that way.  Filling holes, recruiting on the run, trying to satisfy a shortcoming on the team……these things do not promote an all out attack on what you are trying to accomplish.

But if your recruiting process for filling those needs is starting from scratch, the…


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The Best Career Prospects in 2018

Image source:

The US job market is the strongest it's been in years. The unemployment rate dips below…


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3 Tips For Making an Office Move Easier on Employees

Preparing for a big office move?

Hoping to have a stress-free transition?

A big office move can be hard on employees and there can be a lot of frustration that is created during the process. Because of this, it's important that you do everything you can to ease the burden and…


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William Almonte - Things To Take To Work On Your First Day

William Almonte is the CEO of Titan Staffing Systems, helped thousands of companies fulfill their light industrial staffing needs with an uncompromising commitment to providing reliable employees.

For more information :…


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Whiteboard Wednesdays: Microsites on Your Careers Site: Data and ROI Calculations

Every eCommerce website in the world has landing pages for different products.  These pages share the key value propositions to customers, and feature reviews, pictures, and videos.  The analog to recruiting is probably obvious: we're all trying to share information about our departments, offices, and jobs.  So, it stands to reason that we should have microsites for each of the key areas within our company.

In fact, many companies are starting to adopt this strategy within their…


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Improve your LinkedIn Company Page in 4 Easy Steps

In this blog post, you will learn how to improve your LinkedIn Company Page in 4 easy steps!

Benefits of a LinkedIn Company…


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11 Tech Talent Relocation Trends In 2018

Job relocation is hardly anything new. 2018, however, brings lots of surprising changes to the tech talent relocation landscape. What was considered normal in the past is changing and relocation services and the market going through significant changes too.

We’re constantly monitoring everything that is…


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