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Ways to Improve Recruiting Strategies

The hiring process at any company is obviously extremely important. Yet it can also drain company resources if not implemented properly. Find out how to leverage your hiring process to work for you instead of against…


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People Aggregating tools that give you more!! (Guest writer Jeremy Da Costa)

As a norm People Aggregators simply aggregate information found on the web into one profile or place. However some do way more than just that, and in this post , we will tell you about a few.


Hiretual for example when you are on Github uses advanced AI to grade a persons code. On Linkedin it lets…


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Why Culture-Fit Is So Important?


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An Introvert’s Guide to Getting Your Voice Heard in a Meeting

Being an introvert is tough at the best of times, but at least in your personal life you can handle things to some degree. At work, however, this isn’t possible as you are daily thrust into environments with many people and interaction is expected of you.

To get better at coping with your introversion in the workplace, Onward have created this guide with tips about how to get…


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How Recruitment Analytics Can Enhance Hiring Process

There is no second chance in hiring. Once a wrong fit is hired, the organization has to bear the cost of appointing and training the employee. That’s the reason right decision making is important. When it comes to taking accurate and quick decisions, relying on data and analytics is the wisest thing to do. This is when you need recruitment analytics.…


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The perks of working with a distributed team

On the surface, distributed or remote teams might seem like the latest workplace culture trend akin to foosball tables and casual Fridays. In reality, more and more employers are finding the benefits of hiring remote workers go far beyond the basic flexibility of working from home. The rise of distributed teams is creating an outcome-based culture and business are…


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Readers Digest guide to Email finding and People Aggregating tools!! (Guest writer Jeremy Da Costa)

Guest Writer Jeremy Da Costa

There are 2 categories of tools out there. Email finding and People Aggregating. The difference is Email finding only finds emails and usually work. People aggregators find jail, as well as profile data and social…


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Sourcecon Spring 2018!!

As most of you know Sourcecon Spring 2018 is coming in Las Vegas on Feb 26th to Feb 28th. The theme “The Name is SourceCon. SourceCon Royale”. I am involved in numerous events and such and hope to see everyone there. This years…


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Military Veteran (Job Seeker) V.S. Job Recruiter - The Lost Battle

That day came, the final day of 10 years of service as a U.S. Army Soldier. I was ready. I had weighed my odds of continuing to serve or to remove the daily camouflage uniform and transfer into a suit. I knew with all the awards and promotions I had received as an Automated…


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Beyond the Velvet Rope

In this day and age Diversity and Inclusion in the work force is key. It keeps us innovative, it allows us to thrive and grow.  So many organizations have shown us what Diversity and Inclusion can really mean to the bottom line. tells us the most diverse and culturally inclusive companies in the U.S. in 2017 ranged from companies like Clorox, to Cisco and…


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5 Signs You Are Working With the Right Organisation

If you are someone who hates to wake up every morning to go to work, you are not alone. A vast majority of employees do not feel motivated to go to work, and it's not because they don't want to. It happens because their organisation is not giving them enough…


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8 Interesting Resources for Recruiters in 2018

As a recruiter, it can be difficult to find trustworthy and valuable resources to make your job easier. With the ever-changing industry and the need to entice job seekers, we sometimes have to get rather crafty with our approach. These eight resources will give your work…


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Importance of aptitude tests for hiring managers

The companies use the talent assessment skills called as pre-employment tests. The other name for these tests are the employment screening tests and these help employers in identifying the candidates that are expected to be a good fit for the position opened in the company. These tests also predict the way a person will perform on the job and their retention factor in the job. If the candidates are hired after passing the screening test they are of course expected to perform well in the…


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How to Leave a Great Impression in a Job Interview

When it comes to job interviews, you should leave no stone unturned. While you might have all the necessary qualifications for a position, you won’t be alone. There will be plenty of other equally-qualified applicants. You need to not just show that you are qualified but that…


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Impact of Salary History Laws on All States

What do the following cities and states all have in common?

• California

• Delaware

• Massachusetts

• Oregon

• New Orleans

• New York City

• Philadelphia

• Pittsburgh

• Puerto Rico

• San Francisco

They all have, or will…


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New Job Boards in the News

After Google Jobs and Facebook got into the jobs game last year it seemed to open the floodgates again around the job board space. As a job board consultant my phone is ringing off the hook lately. Each week I see new launches in the news and here's a few of those.

Blocktribe - a job board for blockchain technology jobs. this is one of the hottest job markets in tech right now.…


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Employer Branding Job Description Examples

Employer branding is exploding, and many companies are now on the hunt for dedicated employer branding leaders who can help to supercharge their talent brand and win over the best talent.

We've seen employer branding jobs posted on a weekly basis now, whereas even a year ago the frequency just wasn't as high. Given this function is so new, we thought we'd share a few thoughts on how to write a proper job…


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TLS Continuum Part 87: Processes Gone Awry

First of all, let me extend my regrets for not keeping better in touch but I and my family have been fighting this bug that is flying around. Not the flu but close to it. It sucks to be under the weather.

This past week has been filled with more irony then I would want to have to experience but I did. It began with attending my local SHRM chapter meeting where the topic of the day was what to do in the case of an active shooter. During the presentation, my phone beeped with the…


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War For Talent

Maybe it’s more like little skirmishes in individual situations, but it’s happening. Josh McDaniels, the New England Patriots Offensive Coordinator, was said to have accepted the head coaching position with the Indianapolis Colts and then changed his mind and turned it down.

Did McDaniels get a counter offer? Sounds like it. He’s not the only one. Any time you get unemployment down to pretty low levels you are going to have some degree of a war for talent. Companies are growing and…


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William Almonte - External Vs Internal Recruitment

Recruitment is such a process that most of the people go through at least once in life. The recruitment process becomes beneficial for the company and the candidate both. There are two types of recruitment that is done for any company to get the employees. Both of these two type f recruitments have some advantages and also some disadvantages.…

William Almonte


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