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HR Stats That Have Changed The Way We Recruit

This is a list of Human Resources (HR) statistics that have changed the way HR professionals recruit and hire. These HR stats have resulted in innovative recruiting strategies and methods. Improvements in technology and HR analytics have enabled us to measure and get useful…


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Career Fields to Get Into Today

The career field you choose to enter can affect your financial future. Job scarcity in specific fields, for example, can result in either being unemployed or underemployed. And with interest rates on student loans creeping up and other financial obligations digging you deeper and deeper into debt, you'd want to jump into a profession that's stable and can generate livable wages. Here are five career fields that are poised to produce more jobs in the next decade than other…


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Enforcing HIPAA Compliance with Your Employees


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Attract and Retain Millennials with Solid Career Pathing

It’s no surprise that in the current candidate-driven market, employers have to adjust, rethink and implement new strategies to not only attract, but also retain talented employees.  There has been a lot of research presented over the past few years on learning to understand what motivates the Millennial…


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Help with the Unemployment Problem and Start Recruiting New Employees

As a business owner, you are in a position to affect change in your local economy, particularly its unemployment rate. By recruiting new employees, you're not just reinvigorating your company with new blood, but also improving the economic state of your…


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Post Sourcecon Fall 2017 PT 7

In part 7 of my Sourcecon posts we will discuss the things that came from the Shelly Sandberg track.


First up Ben Gotkin and Sourcing Metrics Working Session. At the beginning was nan introduction to ATAP which is the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals. A…


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Which Criminal History Results are Red Flags? Which Ones Can You Ignore?

Businesses and landlords have come to rely increasingly in the past few years on criminal record searches. They can be a helpful way of narrowing down applicants and finding the applicants who might be detrimental to the company. But these documents are far from perfect. They include…


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7 Questions You're Not Allowed to Ask in a Job Interview

After weeding through resumes for an open position, you've narrowed down your list of candidates. Now it's time for the job interview. Figuring out if a person has the qualifications and personality to do the job with the team in place can be difficult. And with more attention…


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Workplace Strategies To Help You Remember Anything

Nobody outside of HR quite seems to appreciate the amount of details recruitment workers need to handle. Juggling the particulars of countless vacancies, applicants, and intermediaries can be a tiring task – but we all know that recruiters with a Rolodex memory have a massive advantage and frequently make great things happen just by drawing connections between all those bits of information in their heads.

So what can you do to put yourself in that league? Luckily, there are several…


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How to Combat Office Stress

As the work culture and environment of our society becomes more demanding, fast paced and laden with pressure to perform, stress becomes an increasingly determinant in performance on both an individual and companywide level. In short, office stress is becoming a…


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Things to Do Before Accepting a Job Offer

Before you accept that job offer…

So you’ve done all the hard work and rifled through several job boards,  LinkedIn adverts and Glassdoor company reviews, applied to a range of jobs and spent hours researching each company…and finally, your offers are coming…


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Half-Assed Networking

Recently I did a quick bit of research on profile views (The thread can be found here

*NOTE* This research is quite…


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Warning: You're the Problem with Your Hiring Process

Here’s a slightly unusual approach to investing. Investor Adoption is when an investor takes a more active and advisory role in the company, often “adopted” into the leadership team. Sitting down with serial entrepreneur and investor…


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4 Fantastic Careers for Adventurous, Outgoing Teens

By the time we enter our teen years, we start contemplating the age-old question: “What am I going to do with the rest of my life?” Here are four options for outgoing teenagers to ponder when mulling over their future careers.

Become an…


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Guide on Recruiting for Engineering Jobs/ Companies- Mechanical, Civil, Electrical

Recruiting is an interesting and a challenging job especially if we are able to understand well, the job description and other key parameters required for a particular position. Unluckily, though we have lakhs of recruiters across the globe, there are very few places where you can get thorough training on recruitment terms and concepts. I am a CEO for an Executive Search…


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Part 3: The Candidate-Focused Recruiting Website

For the third and final part of our series dedicated to helping recruiters reach their intended audience, we turn our attention to the candidate-focused recruiting website. In…


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7 Tips for Nailing Your Phone Interview

After you've trained to be a medical assistant online, the next step is finding employment. While most interviews still take place in person, many employers will also conduct phone interviews.


Here are 7 tips for nailing the phone…


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Overall hiring strategy is a momentum game.  Slow hiring, lack of hiring, and reluctance to move forward and hire to improve the team will kill momentum and leave the business stagnant.

One really good hire makes an impact and gets the ball rolling.  A strategy to make a number of key hires over a specific period of time is better and will pick up momentum as you move forward.  The key is to make the first hire strong and one that impacts the bottom line.…


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Post Sourcecon Fall 2017 PT6

Post Sourcecon Fall 2017 PT6

In part 5 of my Sourcecon posts we will discuss the things that came from the Purple Squirrel Track.

First up is Finding the Human inside your Client by Jeff Newman. The basics of this presentation is to get to know your hiring…


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Top Tips and Tricks for Getting Found on LinkedIn

Leverage your online presence with these top tips…

Now that you’ve done all the hard work filling in your LinkedIn profile and backdating all of your relevant experience, you’re ready to start building worthwhile connections. You do not need to go premium to create a successful LinkedIn profile. Premium is great for recruiters and hiring managers…


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