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On the language of "transparency"...

Quote for the Day: Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

"...Telling someone that a particular hedge fund is 'highly leveraged' is a lot easier than saying, 'They've borrowed a lot of money in order

to speculate and multiply their positive returns using other people's


On the other hand, the vast majority of buzzwords exist for one reason: to hide. By…

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On recruiter blogging, center stage...

Quote for the Day: Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

"Take a look around today's public market in Recruiting. The pros are quickly learning to make candidates a living breathing part of a network, allies in pursuit of a larger goal. While this is not new, it used to be a back office experience. Blogging brings the Recruiter to center stage. "

John Sumser, Humanizing

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Recruiters ... how long is your checkout line?

What are people saying about you - your company - when they walk out of your door, post interview?

What can you do that will put your personal signature on your job?

I think Johnny hit it spot on...great service comes from the heart.

Check out Johnny's story here ... Simple Truths of…

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Teaching your client companies how to conduct a search

This isn’t about teaching your clients to do your job, because as we know few have the inclination to spend the amount of time, effort and money required in hiring, training, and managing the team of people to do the job. So understand that this is about helping your companies understand what we’ve been teaching our candidates since the 2001 downturn in the IT market, and that is how to conduct a job search.

We’ve all had candidates that were unemployed and they all…


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Combining Your Networkingworth

Is Facebook taking over LinkedIn? Or more importantly, should it? I recently read a blog questioning the likelihood of Facebook taking over LinkedIn. It’s interesting, once you consider the facts. As of July 10th, Facebook announced that it hit 30 million active users, and by definition that means people who log in…


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What Are People Saying About Your Company?

We talk about employer branding a lot. And for good reason. It is, and should always be, top of mind. Something worthwhile considering is a competitive view of your consumer brand versus your employer brand.

What matters most in brand marketing always has been, is now and always will be, the relationship between a brand and its consumers. And the key to the brand relationship - as it is in…


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Fit For The Job?

As a recruiter, you know it’s not just about quality. Yes, your job is to find and hire the most qualified candidates - but also to ensure a fit for both the job specifications and the culture of your

organization. Once you hire top talent, how do you keep them

challenged? I met with a large corporation a week ago where this exact

point came up. One of the biggest issues they face after hire is

keeping employees engaged and challenged by the work that needs to…


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If You Sign Up, Show Up

I recently participated in an annual conference where the usual suspects attended. What became apparent early on was the lack of enthusiasm from both the members and the business partners. Granted,

this is an event where you see the very same people each year and the

very same format for the conference is followed. Sure, people signed up

to be there … but they didn’t “show up.” They simply were not

attentive. Unfortunately, some were not even dressed appropriately.…


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#1 Way to Capture Talent!

“Capture” Quality Candidates

“People who go to an employer’s web site tend to be a higher quality candidate,” says Kent Kirch, global director of recruiting for Deloitte & Touche. Does your web site capture top talent by presenting compelling reasons why they should work for you?

A recent study indicated that 51% of all hires made in 2005 were sourced through corporate career sites. Large corporations have…


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Employer Branding; 3 Steps to a Competitive Edge

Candidates Shop Employers!

Prospective employees are increasingly behaving like consumers when selecting an employer. Candidates research, compare, and shop prospective employers via the Internet in their search for employment. Knowledge has made them very savvy consumers/candidates.

What do candidates learn about your company on the web? Do you have a compelling message in the employment marketplace?


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Spotting Remarkable People

Remarkable People

Remarkable people have the "juice." They are the "go to" folks who can fit in a variety of slots and come out hyper-productive. They multiply team effectiveness. They adapt and change rapidly. They view their early learning experiences (college) as the days when learning was slow. They consistently outperform and out-think their peers. And they are hard to identify unless you have seen many of them.…


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Hook Top Performers; 4 Best Lures

Attract the Best . . . Forget the Rest

Tired of talking to mediocre candidates? To attract higher quality candidates . . . offer a better opportunity! More than a new title or higher compensation, a better job opportunity includes aspects such as increased responsibility, creativity, and ownership of results. Top performers seek challenges while average performers prefer safe havens.

4 Ways…


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Six Sources to Top Talent...

Job Boards: Monster vs Niche

When job boards first emerged there were only a few industry giants. Now, the market has exploded with new players! With over 4,000 job boards, it is easy to get confused on where to spend your advertising dollars.…


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Simple Ways to Impress Top Talent!

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Your Candidates!

Treat candidates with respect. It costs nothing, yet has big returns. Openly demonstrate that you value their time. Provide relevant, timely information to candidates about the hiring process and their status. Even if they are not hired, they will maintain a positive impression of your company which they may share with others. …


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Attracting and Retaining Employees

Safari Quiz
What is one of the most important aspects of attracting and retaining employees?

A. Advertising
B. Salary
C. Hiring Manager
D. Company Policies

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Finding a Job Online is like Finding a Date Online

Our idea for marries a lot of the ideas that work in the online dating model. In reality, finding a job and developing a career at a

company is very
similar to finding a date and a building a relationship with someone you meet on a dating site online.

Some of the…


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On money can't buy you love...

Quote for the Day: Monday, August 13th, 2007

"Social networks work for cause-driven organizations because they focus on friendraising before fundraising. They create the necessary social capital that makes raising budgetary capital more efficient,

eliminating the need for street teams, cold-calling or mass-market


Friendraising before fundraising creates better friends who will lend you their time, their…


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We have a winner to Challenge 3#

I wanted to send a quick note to let everyone know that we have a winner to the 3rd Sourcing Challenge. Please stay tuned for more details shortly.

Congratulations to each and everyone of you that participated in all the challenges and the final challenge was the closest finish of the three.

We look forward to seeing you all at …


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Insurance Becomes a BIG Issue in Recruitng Business

Are you properly insured? If you are a sole proprietor or small LLC your opportunities to do business are about to shrink unless you are covering your business in a blanket of insurance.…


Added by JR Fent on August 11, 2007 at 1:44pm — 2 Comments

Job Boards Aren't Working

Why Aren’t Job Boards Working?

  • too many results that aren’t a good fit
  • keyword searching provides inaccurate, irrelevant matches
  • finding a match is too time consuming
  • limited ability to pre-screen online

Anyone have any more ideas why job boards aren’t working online right…


Added by roundpegs on August 10, 2007 at 9:09pm — 3 Comments

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