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LinkedIn Marketing for Medium-Large Recruitment Agencies

If you’re managing marketing for a recruitment agency that has multiple branch locations, either in the same country or across multiple regions, you could be missing a trick when it comes to the results gained from your LinkedIn Company Page.

Most medium-large recruitment agencies own a myriad of LinkedIn Company Pages, some started by the marketing teams, others created by overzealous recruiters who are keen to stake ownership of their local market. This leads to many issues of…


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Stop Accept The Compromises - Require From The Recruiting Platform All At Once!

At the current recruitment market, the campaign for the championship between the applicant tracking systems intensifies. Both the great asset companies…


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Why Improving Your ATS Is The Fastest Way to Win Talent [Infographic]

Your best tool as a recruiter is your ability to step into the shoes of your applicants. What’s their experience like?

The candidate experience is a great place to start making improvements to your recruitment process, which is where Deanna began. As the Human Resource Director for Care Mountain, she knew…


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4 Unexpected Places Where You Might Find Your Next Hire

When it comes to a recruiting strategy, the immediate direction companies turn to is job board advertisements, connecting with others via LinkedIn and talking to institutions like universities in the community.

And while that might be all your company needs to build a team, a little creativity to spice up your recruiting game is…


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Improve Your Cover Letter with These 5 Tips

If you want to get a decent job, you’ll probably need to send an effective cover letter. You see, these cover letters are an important part of any employee selection process. The big boss wants only remarkable employees, so you have to prove yourself valuable and worth their time. After all, wouldn’t you do the same if it was your company?

An awesomely…


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I remember when I was still in college and I attended an interview at Best Buy. During the interview, they asked me to describe my background, previous job duties and other normal interview questions. I was answering these questions with confidence. I felt like it was a game of tennis and I was…


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TLS Continuum Part 78: Obstacles are a pathway to opportunity not a dead end

Let me begin with a few premises. Whether we are talking about our personal lives or your business workplace, everything we do is based on a process of some type. Each process is constructed of a series of steps, which lead us to the end result. The second premise is that although we would like everything to run…


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El presidente de la república, Juan Hernández, dijo que el alcalde de sampedrano (SPS), Armando Calidonio cuenta con todo su apoyo para ejecutar el proyecto “San Pedro Sula Brilla”.

Mediante tomas aéreas nocturnas y un preciso posicionamiento georeferencial se identifican los sitios puntuales dentro de los diferentes barrios y colonias de la ciudad afectados por la falta de iluminación y donde se priorizará el proyecto “San Pedro Sula Brilla”, anunció este día el…


Added by Akshat Gupta on February 11, 2017 at 7:27am — No Comments Presents New Feature – Pilot Screening Calendar

In addition to design, a business website should offer the right features for its users. Although professional web design is important, usability of the website is crucial to its success. aims at constant improvement and expansion of its aviation job search platform. Recently, the team presented a new feature for the platform’s users – Pilot Screening calendar. It is an extraordinary feature which will help pilots find out about upcoming screenings regularly…


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Catching the Purple Unicorn

in an enchanted land far far away there lived some magical creatures.  These creatures were so amazing that there was nothing they could not do, everything they did was perfect.

Happily they roamed…


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Advantages and Disadvantages of Employee Time Tracking Software

The use of employee time tracking software has become increasingly popular in recent years. This sort of tracking is used to monitor the behavior of the employees in a company. Those who employ this strategy believe that it leads to better productivity. There are those, however, who raise the issue of employee privacy and a lack of…


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Everything You Need to Know About Your Health Savings Plan

A health saving plan or account has the same features as a personal saving account. The only difference is that the money in a health savings account can only be used to meet healthcare expenses. The benefit, however, is that you can fund your HSA with pre-tax dollars. This means…


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How To Use WorkTipper Search Engine for Tech Jobs in Unique Startups

In digital marketing and technology, you can spend months and even years looking for that perfect job, but did you know it could be easier to find one? To solve this problem, I created WorkTipper before opening up the platform to the masses.…


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Chatbots in Recruiting: What You Need to Know

If you’ve ever booked a flight, bought a product online or needed some help from customer service, it’s likely you’ve crossed paths and interacted with a chatbot. The use of these automated systems has helped ease quite a few tasks like these for consumers and associates. Could the same be said for industries…


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What Recruitment Trends Will We See in 2017?

Recruitment trends come and go but for the lucky few they stick around and make a big difference in the industry. After a rocky 2016 for many companies and for culture in general (is it too early to remind you of Trump, Brexit, and Bowie?), we look forward to the recruitment trends of 2017.

Brand Identity

With more recruitment companies…


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Why HR professionals need knowledge base for better team coordination

Human resources can be considered as the creator of an organization, if a company is the world. HR is responsible to recruit and train employees, so that they are seasoned and ready for expected work environment.

But very few think of the coordination required by HR professionals in order to make better decisions…


Added by Robin Siddhu on February 9, 2017 at 6:12am — No Comments

WhatsApp Group Chat - How Important is work location in terms of Hiring?

Talent Acquisitionists are always Sourcing for the needle in the haystack and there have been several occasions wherein the applicant has turned down the opportunity due to commuting concerns.  As a result closing the desired Talent has proved to be difficult.

Having said that, @SourcingAdda we’ve taken the initiative to try and understand the importance of work location in terms of hiring. Thanks to our Bangalore…


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How long should a cover letter be?

A cover letter can be your foot in the door to a new job. It is the first impression that a would-be employer gets to see, and is often the reason why a CV doesn't even get opened. This article should boil down the tactic of how long a cover letter should be, in order to give it the…


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RPO – Let’s not make it a race to the bottom!

RPO service providers must focus on their own unique value rather than trying to be the cheapest as they compete for new business.

In the competitive RPO market is it all about price?

I was discussing the importance of price during the sales process with some senior…


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8 Hiring Stats That Will Change the Way You Recruit

When it comes to creating recruiting processes or making hiring decisions, I like to do my research. And in my normal fact-dependent fashion, I did a little refresher research before I got I began screening and interviewing this fall’s round of interns and onboard new talent at …


Added by Maren Hogan on February 7, 2017 at 9:03am — 1 Comment

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