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Master Recruiting on GitHub in 4 Minutes

We all now recruit in candidate short markets, this means traditional digital sourcing tools such as job boards and LinkedIn are producing fewer results. To solve this problem recruiters are looking to new platforms to find candidates. For recruiters working in the IT industry, in particular those who are recruiting software developers, GitHub is a great tool. For anyone who is new to GitHub we have produced this video to show you how to use the site and also a couple of tips such as…


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A Sourcing Toolkit for Recruiting Success

In a technology driven age knowledge about social media is absolutely essential for recruiters. It is the In thing with modern Sourcers today. So how can we obtain better results from our searches without equipping ourselves with the necessary tools to perform efficiently and effectively as recruiters?  So let’s…


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The Evolution of Passive Candidate Recruitment

So, I've been in recruiting for just about 5 years. Longer than some. Not as long as others. I've worked for an agency, a small startup, and now one of the biggest social media companies on the planet. During my time at these institutions, I've…


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Yahoo’s Wrong: Stars Still Matter In Hollywood

Vulture considers Jennifer Lawrence to be the most valuable actress in Hollywood. Credit: Mingle Media TV, Wikipedia Commons

This week, …


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4 Things Staffing Firms Need to Know About Marijuana Legalization


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The Top 3 Benefits of Using a Staffing Firm

Hiring the right job candidate is like picking out an engagement ring. You know what the ideal ring looks like; you just have to find it. So you carefully browse a variety of cuts and colors until you discover the perfect gem. The process is, quite literally, a labor of love.

When done…


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Cloud Employee File System Provides Secure, Instant Access To Employee Documentation

Cloud filing systems help keep employee files secure, organized and accessible from anywhere, at anytime. 

Managing employee files can be a real challenge. Many HRIS do not offer a practical solution for employee file management. This forces a lot of companies to…


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Are Your Salaries Competitive for Robert Half’s Top Jobs?

Robert Half recently released their 2015 Salary Guide. Their report shows that starting salaries for professional occupations are expected to grow about 3.8% on average in 2015. Technology salaries are projected to have the largest increase in the next year, up 5.7%. Accounting, finance, and creative starting salaries are expected to grow 3.5% on…


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10 simple things you can do to stand out from the crowd and grab your dream design job

Desperate for a design job? Keen to become a creative? When you’re starting out, you can’t boast a ton of experience or a huge portfolio, so it’s tricky to get yourself noticed among an avalanche of CVs.

Owen Turner, managing director of branding and…


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Five Ways For Job Hunters To Use Social Media Productively

As you graduate from University and enter in to the world of work, social media has the ability to help and even enhance your chances of landing your dream job in a highly competitive…


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6 Common Blunders New Hires Make - And Then Get Hurt

So, you just landed yourself a new job and you are probably nervous, because you want to impress your employer. Well, you are not the first person to feel like this because everyone feels nervous the first time they step into the professional waters.

Starting a new job is a nerve wracking experience. It might cause much anxiety because you really want this job, and you cannot afford to be thrown out in the first week. Besides, you have a lot…


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How Effective is Social Media for Sourcing?

If you are interested in being a Recruiter and a budding recruiter at that; then you surely are wondering, “How Effective is Social Media for Sourcing?” especially if the traditional methods work.

To brief you of the effectiveness of Social media; well it is a cost effective way of sourcing…


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How to Hire Distant Candidates Even if Your Budget is Zero


Your company desperately needs an in-house recruiter to augment the performance of HR. The position has been filled internally, and your new recruiter is now responsible for bringing in the talent.


You don’t have a budget, and even without a budget, it’s clear there’s no room for travel costs. Distance hiring for the perfect candidate isn’t feasible and neither is sitting in a coffee shop all day processing the…


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You Can Take It With You

While the quote “you can’t take it with you” may apply to money and material possessions, managers must require that team members take with them their greatest asset to the job each day—responsibility. Leaders of organizations doing better than others are always insisting on consistent execution, and execution can only happen if everyone does their part, being responsible for their contribution.

For example, take two recruitment companies in the UK working on the same type of growth…


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8 tips for hiring better administrative assistants

What do you think of when you think about the perfect administrative assistant? If you’ve worked at a few companies I imagine you’re thinking about a specific person you’ve worked with before rather than some list of qualities. For me, it was Candace. Candace started managing our front desk and…


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Recruitment tips, where to find top creative talent

Recruit for the creative sector? Find and place more candidates with niche social networks full of top creative talent.

Having worked closely with a number of great agencies and freelancer professionals I have…


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I Used To Write Job Ads

Back in the day, just before and during the early days of the Internet, I used to write job copy. I generated about 90% of my fees by selling this to my clients.

I’d produce a great display ad - probably not always as great as what the client would get from a decent creative ad agency, but…


Added by Mitch Sullivan on October 27, 2014 at 10:00am — 3 Comments

The Top 10 Best Healthcare Jobs for Career Growth

If you work in the Healthcare industry and are looking for a way to move forward in your career, or if you are looking for a direction for a future career path, the options available in the medical world are numerous.  While the general understanding about the medical industry is that the prerequisites are extremely high for getting a job, as in long and expensive medical schooling and internships, the real…


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Career Guidance for Young Aspirants in India

Currently the work scenario in India is dynamic and new career options are emerging to meet the ever-increasing demands associated with a typical developing economy. Though the recession has acted as a deterrent to many, there still exists a plethora of opportunities for those who do not lose sight of their dreams and are willing to reinvent themselves. It is important to choose a career that is best suited to one’s aptitude, skills, resources, interest, personality and…


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Call Me Madame?

There’s simply no science that a career and job search expert can refer to that can be used to guarantee that a recruiter will call you once your cover letter (if you’ve actually sent one) and résumé hits their Inbox. Even a spot-on performance match can’t get past the dumbass biases – or just plain dumbassability – that many recruiters and hiring managers carry with them to the office each day.

Where do people get their job search advice from? Do they even ask these experts…


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