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The Case To Solve Bad Management: Employer Branding?


It’s a disaster.

Hopefully, that is not your opinion of this blog post! That word has been used countless times,…


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Good or Just OK

We are currently in the third longest economic expansion ever.  It’s also the slowest expansion ever.  We’ve had growth of less than 2% for 9 years.

Significant economic growth is a high tide that raises all boats.  Less than 2% growth is not that.  A real expansion with significant growth is fun.  It accelerates business growth.  The reality is, growth has been slowing for decades.  Not just the last 9 years.

Demographics are not in our favor with the baby boom generation…


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What Are The Qualities A Recruiter Must Have?

 is fun for the individuals who have passion for it. Whether you are already a recruiter or you are now planning to opt recruiting as a career. These top qualities are must for every recruiter which makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Let’s watch out for this qualities in an interesting manner and different perspective.

Great Listener

A Recruitment Consultant needs…


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What Is The Hardest Hiring Question: Experience or Potential?

To improve the quality of hire, it is sometimes very confusing for the interviewer to look whether for required experience or to focus on candidates potential. In the hardest hiring question, recruiters need to think beyond a candidate’s current skills during the assessment process.

What Is Important: Experience or Potential?

hiring 124w,…


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Involve Gamification In Recruiting And Engagement

Improving recruitment, increasing operational efficiency and building skills. All these things requires the element of fun, and we can call it gamification. Involving gamification in recruiting improves employees efficiency and helps in growing business. Isn’t interesting and surprising too?

What Is Gamification

Gamification is including fun in work. We are using the word “Gamification,” in the context of game playing. It is a growing trend, and research shows that it has the…


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How to Retain Top Talent?

Nurturing the rising stars of the company is practically a very tough task. And every company must have to design some program to retain top talent (best employees) in today’s competitive scenario, as they are the one who brings impact on business results.

Some Facts & Figures Why Companies Fail To Retain The Best Talent

Why do companies so often end up with a shortfall in their talent pipeline? Let’s discuss the bottom line of some research:

  • Nearly 40% of…

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Advantages of Liability Insurance for Recruiters

Starting your enterprise can be fruitful and exciting, but it is also a challenging and risky endeavor. It can result in many unexpected costs, particularly if your company employs anyone rather than yourself – that is, full-time and part-time employees, unpaid…


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Are You The One Responsible For Divorce Between Boss And Employees?

The boss and employees relationship is very critical. Above to that recruitment is a serious job. On it lies the foundation of good hiring or bad hiring. Both the type of hiring is the outcome of hiring style. Although every hiring style is correct, it is suggested that hiring managers must use different hiring styles. The Recruiters or Hiring Managers who are using the variant style in their hiring are the successful ones. While on the other side,…


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What Are You Doing To Build Talent Capability For The Future?

“Can you help me build a talent pool?” When you ask someone this question, do you exactly know what does it mean? The answer to the question varies depending on various factors like technology, available resources, demand, industry, sectors, budget etc.

In the era of talent and skill shortages, what your company is doing to build talent capability for the future. Let’s discuss how this can be done effectively:

Understand The Difference Between The Talent Pool, Talent Pipeline…


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Replacement Value

In baseball, wins above replacement is a statistic measuring how many wins a player would get you instead of having an average AAA minor league player in that slot.

What is the value of a new hire over average to the bottom line of the business?  Or the loss of a good current employee versus the average in their spot?

Worth considering.

Todd Kmiec…


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Beautiful Businesses: Redecorating Advice for the Modern Office

Adding a little style to your company's offices may be more important than you realize. The generic, impersonal atmospheres of yesterday may seem more professional, but they're also quite boring. While there are limits to what's acceptable, it depends on your brand and your industry. More inspired surroundings will work better to engage employees and visitors. Employees that are more stimulated will be more productive, and customers will get a more positive impression. Here are some…


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How to source on the lesser known sites!! is a social networking site for academics. The platform is used to share papers, monitor their impact, and follow research. Not a lot of recruiters try to source there. The reason is simple they do not know how. Well to do this without worry you need go no further than into your bag of tricks and…


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5 Recruiting/HR Blogs You Should be Reading

There has been an explosion in free, high-quality content and research created by HR and recruiting professionals in the blogosphere. The biggest challenge is shuffling through these resources to identify the most promising.

Below is my curated list of the top investing research blogs that work…


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Is Your Data Reaching Its Full Potential

Data holds power. By now business leaders everywhere understand that big data has the ability to uncover valuable insights and boost efficiency for their company, but many struggle to reap these benefits. Information must first be understood and utilized appropriately, and making the…


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Data Driven Recruiting To Hire Data Analytics Talent

India is among the top 10 countries regarding data analytics. The data industry is witnessing rapid growth driven by increased demand for cloud-based and predictive analytics solutions. 

The data analytics helps tech legacy companies, tech leaders, real estate to health care, and from finance to biotech to harness their data and use it to identify new opportunities. It enables them to develop sensible business strategies,…


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Recruiting In The Data Analytics Landscape

Data analysts are high in demand these days. But certainly, you want to know what is the reason behind? What are the trends in data hiring? What skill set is needed to become a data analytics? What are the basics to catch the eye of the recruiter? What is needed for recruiting in the data analytics landscape?

So, let us explain it to you through an info-graphic.…


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Guys, It's Not "LinkedIn & Chill"

Hey girl. I see you're on LinkedIn. Me too. Niiiiiiice profile. What are you looking for? Oh, you're looking to network? Cool, cool. I'm down with networking. Do you want to connect? We should totally connect. I LOVE networking. I'm sure I can help you out somehow. Nice pic. You have great eyes. What? Oh,…


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The 7 Best-Paid Trade Jobs

Trade jobs are becoming increasingly popular, especially among the millennial generation. In a time when four-year degrees cost a lot of money and toxic student loans are scaring away high school graduates, trade jobs seem like the more financially sensible approach. Aside from it requiring less training and…


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How To Conduct Diverse Recruitment

Originally posted on the ISL Recruitment blog, by Alan Furley.

According to Badenoch & Clark, …


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Be Sure Your CEO Understands The Value That You & The HR Team Bring To The Organization

With a position so expansive and all encompassing, it’s nearly impossible to identify the most important aspects of a human resource professional’s career. Human resource professionals are tasked with a multitude of responsibilities including maximizing employee performance and the management of people,…


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