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Concerned about Call Centre Staff Turnover & Attrition?

Not surprisingly, Call Centre attrition or staff turnover rates are extremely high compared to other industries. According to EvaluAgent, in 2016 the average employee turnover rates have risen to 24-26% vs. 15% across over industries in the UK. The 2015/2016 edition of Contact Babel’s operational benchmarking report, state that outbound contact centres’ mean absence rates are almost 50% higher than the…


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Flawed Process

Does your hiring process work?  Look at past hires.  Was the process too slow?  Did you lose candidates that would have been better hires?  Was it too rushed?  Bad decisions made quickly?  Have you been bringing on mediocre talent, or worse?

If the answers are yes, throw the hiring process out and start over.  If the process has been good, keep it and work to improve on any parts that haven’t worked as well as others.  If the results have been great, keep it and watch for any…


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6 Steps to Start Your Singing Career


We still don’t see you on TV screens. Why? You are so talented but something is missing in the link of “how to start your singing career”. Try to keep a track of what you have done earlier and compare it with what we suggest to you now. Here you may find lots of useful information concerning your issue as well

  1. 1.     Learn…

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Creative Ways to Recruit an Amazing Advisory Board

Last week on Hire Power Radio Show, Rick Girard sat down with Jon Shower to talk about the crucial task start-ups have to build a solid board of advisors. By harnessing the power a solid, well-connected professional network, Jon built the advisory board for his brand new company entirely from scratch. A good network is crucial to building a new team, and here, Jon Shower explained how to build a great team even when you’re new to your industry.



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Staffing Hacks: Time Saved is Money Earned

Hi all,

If staffing firms are searching for greater efficiency, spending countless hours chasing time cards and manually entering data each week won’t help.

In my numerous conversations with staffing firms across North America, I am continuously amazed at how many firms still follow a manual process. Manual data entry promotes a higher risk of error. This risk is increased if the…


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How to Get More Job Applicants From Your Career Site?

Is your career site conversion rate low? Is it  missing interesting and engaging content? Do your career site visitors leave the page immediately? Do the candidates abandon your job application form before they hit “submit”? Are you struggling to get more job applicants from your career…


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TLS Continuum Part 83: The HR Missing Link- Have You Found it Yet?

In Part 82 of this series, I posed the question whether or not human capital management was dead or not. In this part I want to suggest that there is a vital path to your survival both as an HR professional and as part of your organization.

The C-Suite office holders of the 21st century are in a quandary. They are confronted with a wide-ranging audience they must answer to. This audience includes the stakeholders of the organization as well as the human capital assets. The…


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7 Reasons Why Your Employees May Have One Foot Out the Door

Aspirare Recruitment Scotlnad

7 Reasons Why Your Employees May Have One Foot Out the Door and

How can we help you retain Talent…


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We Just Disagree

You can make a hire when key decision makers disagree but can come to a compromise.  The way this typically works, one decision maker feels strongly about the skills that a candidate has and what they will bring to the table.  Another decision maker doesn’t feel that way, but settles.  We have to fill the position, hopefully this will work.

What you can’t do when key decision makers disagree is have a great hiring process that builds great teams.  The key players have to be on the…


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What Does a Ban on Asking Candidates Historic Salary Information Mean for Your Recruiting Strategy?

Times are certainly changing, and nowhere are they changing faster than in employment law. Massachusetts has …


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4 Things to Consider Before Looking for a Job in Another State

While it may be convenient to work in your hometown, it may not be where the jobs are in your field. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to move to another state to find work. Here are a few items to consider before choosing to relocate for work.

What Happens If It Doesn’t Work Out?

It isn’t uncommon to start a new job only to realize quickly after that it…


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What Millennials are Looking for in a Boss

As an employer, you might work with a lot of Millennial employees. You may even see your Millennial employees as being a big part of your company's future. Therefore, you probably want to make sure that you are leading them in the right direction.…


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Confessions of an Advertising Recruiter

This article I wrote was featured in Advertising Age, the premier trade pub in the advertising industry.

Confessions of an Advertising Recruiter

If you have difficulty with that link, here's another.…


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Running out of Steam...

I know we have all been there before- faced with difficult positions and lack of qualified candidates. I'm desperately looking for inspiration. I work in the auto industry- to some degree. We are a niche product that sells new and used wheelchair accessible vehicles-- 70 locations across the country that are essentially set up like mini dealerships, plus two corporate offices, and a BDC. I hire Auto Techs, Service Managers, Auto Salespeople, GM's, etc.- you get the gist...

I have…


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10 Haikus About Office Life

Office life can be a thing of great extremes, with every triumphant, team-uniting high counter-balanced by days when the team fails to click and every email carries bad news. But for most offices, most of the time, the general atmosphere is one of habit, routine, and bittersweet predictability.

You know who’s going to arrive first in the morning, who’s going to be late, and who’s going to pick up the workload from the latter; you’re subconsciously aware of where the cookie crumbs…


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Would You Miss Them?

Your best employee.  Would you miss them if they were gone?

The answer should be yes and if it is you should take good care of them.  If the answer is no, you’ve got a lot of recruiting to do.  If they are your best and you wouldn’t miss them, then you probably wouldn’t miss any of the others either.

If you are in good shape, you would probably miss a good number of them if they were gone.  The ones that you wouldn’t miss are your top candidates for…


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Flying High: 4 Unique Careers for Students Looking to Reach New Heights

The purpose of college is to lay the foundation for your dream career. You try out courses, find the subject matter you both excel at and are passionate about, and then translate your knowledge into marketable skills. If you are currently lost in that translation, this article offers you four adventurous…


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A Recruiting Website Refresh May Be Right for You

The prospect of completely transforming your entire digital presence can seem daunting. From the bottom to the top, there are numerous areas in which your recruiting website can be fine-tuned and tweaked. Naturally, at Recruiters Websites, we know…


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The Way Your Company Writes It's Job Descriptions Can Get You Sued!

Last week on Hire Power Radio Show, Rick Girard sat down with Usama Kahf to discuss the ins and outs of hiring for compliance issues and how to best minimize potential…


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Recruiting the Best Candidates for the Job

When you are hiring for a certain position at your company, you want the best possible candidates for the job. Often, it is difficult to find people who are qualified to work in certain positions, but even still, it can be difficult to find candidates who even know…


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