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A Metamorphosis from Solopreneur to Entrepreneur

Every founder undergoes a metamorphosis throughout the lifecycle of his or her company. A founder must attract investors, engage the ideal founding team and plan for precise execution and scale. Thus, he sheds his solopreneur…


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Remote or Office, Pros and Cons

 As originally seen here. Became a trending topic on LinkedIn!…


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8 Advantages of Working in the Travel & Tourism Industry in Sydney

Of all the possible job options out there, careers in the travel and tourism industry are some of the best; and people of all ages and backgrounds, many with previous experience in various sectors, gravitate towards it. Although there are, as with all types of work, some downsides to this kind of work, it's the impressive range of advantages which attract so many workers to travel and tourism jobs in Sydney; so here's a brief look at just eight of these.


1. A wide…


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Obstacles Experienced by New Self-Reliant Recruiters

William Almonte Mahwah

The budding recruiters are undergoing massive changes in the profession along with the changes in political scenarios. The role of recruiters is related to the job condition and over all scenario of a particular Nation. Individuals experienced in the particular field are also a part of the ever-rising hurdles apart from new recruiters.

The profession of a recruiter requires in-depth understanding and ideas about the categories of job roles, candidates’…


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4 Email Tactics that Will Improve Your Candidate Response Rate

Alexandra Petrini, Director of Marketing at OneWire

Alexandra Petrini, Director of Marketing at OneWire

So you’ve been sourcing…


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Monster vs Indeed


Originally found here…


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Never Enough Arms

One adage in baseball is that you never have enough arms.  What it means is that pitching is important and good pitching is always at risk.  One of your pitchers might get injured, or might flake out.  A minor hitch may cause one of them to lose the strike zone.  A situation can come up where you just need a slightly different skill set, and then you realize that you need that skill set regularly.

Same thing in recruiting.  If you’ve built a great team and they are performing…


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How To Answer 'Why Are You Looking For A New Job?'

When it comes to interviews this is one question you will more than likely be asked ‘why are you looking for a new job?’ or ‘ why did you leave your last job?’ and is definitely one that you should be well prepared for.

The particulars of this answer are to…


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Writing A Decent Job Description

Attracting the right kind of people to be a part of the organization is very necessary. It is the most crucial step towards letting people know about the company, and what they are exactly looking for. A clear job description would let the candidates know what are the roles that are available, and what are the expectations of the company (Set the expectation of company using employee…


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The cost of sick days at work

Nobody likes getting sick, but even the healthiest employees can fall victim to a bug from time-to-time. For employees, this means spending a day or two snuggled up under the duvet, catching up on sleep and desperately trying to get back to full health. For employers, it’s a very different story.

Have you ever considered just how costly sick days can be? While absences are largely unavoidable, it can leave employers short of staff and out of pocket. In this article,…


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Hire the Candidate Who Has the Required Company Culture

Company culture is something that describes the company in the best way. It shows the qualities of an organization, and the candidates are always supposed to follow that culture. It consists of the vision, mission, and goals of the company, the candidates must reach in the given time.…


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Detect Lie in A Resume

Recruiting is not an easy task at all. Being a recruiter is so tough, as one needs to handle a hundred things at once. There are times that the recruiters miss out on the best talent, and there are times when they do not figure out the people who are not worth it at all.

The candidates nowadays have become so clever, that they think that if they fake their resume, no one would figure anything out and they would get the job easily. But what they don’t…


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Seven Reasons Why you Don’t Need University to Get a Job

Have you ever wondered why you spend so many years at a university? Is it because you want to get a degree so that you can get a highly paid job easily? Sorry to burst your bubble but you can get a well-paid job without going to university too! Here are seven reasons why you don't need university for a good job.

Online learning

The trend of everything…


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William Almonte - How Does The College Recruitment Process Work

College recruitment has become a matter of concern and institutions are putting maximum effort into obtaining the best of talents from the field. It can both be demonstrated from recruits as well as educational institutions as the recruiters. Colleges and universities are improvising on modern and stronger techniques to suit new hires with the college course specifications so that they can rest assured about a promising career in the long run.…


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Working With Difficult Hiring Managers: Key Strategies For Today’s Recruiter Part 2

In Part I of Working With Difficult Hiring Managers, Key Strategies for Today’s Recruiter,” I outlined the challenges recruiters face in supporting challenging and/or abrasive hiring authorities. I also highlighted the importance of regularly and proactively communicating with these individuals as a means of managing expectations and creating an overall communications…


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Keeping Great Employees Starts with Onboarding

Hiring New People Takes Work

You already know that hiring new employees takes a great deal of time and money. These kinds of reasons are why Heather Eck at Epic Games takes great care so that the employee, and their future success, does not fall flat once they're onboarded. Providing excellent company culture and putting their best foot forward helps build trust and loyalty. We spoke to her…


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Working With Difficult Hiring Managers: Key Strategies For Today’s Recruiter Part 1

It’s just a matter of fact that . You know what I’m talking about; unlike their more mainstream peers, difficult hiring managers have a real propensity to adversely impact key facets of the talent acquisition process. Regrettably, as relates to candidate engagement and candidate interviews, these individuals have been blessed with a tremendous ability to regularly shoot themselves in the foot.

In this two-part Blog, I’m going to address several worthwhile strategies that…


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A Proven 4-step Strategy for Finding Your Perfect Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Did you know that there is a proven 4-step strategy successful HR professionals use for finding their perfect Applicant…


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