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The top 5 things Hiring Managers need to consider before purchasing an ATS?

How easy it is to scale when your company grows?

If you are looking for an Applicant Tracking System it probably means that your company is in the midst of expanding. When looking for an ATS, you need to consider how easy it will be to scale up. More employees results in more HR work, so your team is likely to grow and will need access to the system. You need to ask yourself;

Will your ATS…


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Five Reasons Your Passive Candidates Are Ignoring You

With a longer shelf-life and less chance of being pipped by a competing offer, passive candidates are often the apple of a recruiter’s eye.

As a product of your sourcing - depending on the quality of your sourcing - they’re also the best fit for the role in…


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5 Ways to Build a Successful Mobile Recruiting Strategy

We are predominately in the Information Technology Age as such the developments in technology now dominate sourcing to a large extent. First we had Desktop computers, than came Laptops, than tablets and now we have smart phones making their way into every home. It is only fair to say that Mobile Recruiting is the next development in sourcing.

With almost everybody having a smart phone it is obvious that job seekers will want to view and apply for jobs via mobile. Here’s…


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Enhance Career Options With HR Training Courses

HR professionals require a variety of skills to work in the field. Background in social science is always good start as the best HR professional possesses excellent interpersonal skills and knowledge of human psychology, as well as strong written and verbal skills.

If you want to improve your earnings or revenue, update your…


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4 Different Types of Career Paths and How to Navigate Them

With the US economy's lukewarm performance and college graduates leaving school with a record level of debt, it is no wonder that many young people are looking for career paths that do not require years of expensive schooling. That's why this article will outline four different…


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Is the 'Skills Gap' really a 'Skills Mismatch'?

The current state of UK employment brings both good news and bad for job board owners. Let’s start with the good.

Employment rates are at an all-time high. According to figures published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) they rose to 73.3% last year, which is the…


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The Way to Disrupt the Recruitment Industry!

Earlier on this week, we posted a simple graphic informing people of the high levels of low job satisfaction in the UK, together with a brief message suggesting that visiting can help reduce you search time. We had several emails and comments asking us what we…


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Hiring Right: Best Places to Find the Right Candidate for the Job

Recruiting new employees is one of the hardest tasks any manager is faced with, but don't sweat it. We know exactly how to help you find the best candidates for the job. Here are five of the best places to find new employees for your company. …


Added by Brooke Chaplan on May 13, 2016 at 6:47pm — No Comments

Modernize the Complex Recruitment Process for Healthcare Staffing

Today, healthcare recruiters are racing to source and place the right amount of highly-qualified staff in hospitals and other medical practices. Modernize the world’s most complex recruiting processes in your healthcare staffing firm by adopting to five key features in the cloud.

So what are those key features and how will they streamline difficult healthcare staffing processes faster, and more efficiently?To gain valuable insight on why adapting to today’s digital modern technology…


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Etoggler: List Building the Easy Way!

List building can be a long, painfully daunting task of finding influencers and people who may be genuinely interested in your product or service. What if you had a simple chrome extension that you can set up and do the work for you? With Etoggler, your work is done. You simply search and watch the extension do the rest!

Added by Rohit Khanna on May 13, 2016 at 5:13am — No Comments

Whats app Group Chat - Recruitment Tools for Passive Sourcing

As Talent Acquisitionist’s we are constantly Sourcing for the needle in the haystack and being into the Recruitment Industry we are well aware of the changing trends. This is all well for experts like us but what about our fellow Sourcers who are new in to the profession? We may have the experience and most certainly know the trends but is there a slight possibility that there are techniques that we haven’t yet heard about? I think yes, with the Recruitment Industry changing rapidly we are…


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Etoggle: List Building the Easy Way!

List building can be a long, painfully daunting task of finding influencers and people who may be genuinely interested in your product or service. What if you had a simple chrome extension that you can set up and do the work for you? With Etoggle, your work is done. You simply search and watch the extension do the rest!

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7 Gorgeous Celebrity Homes that Will Inspire You To Work Harder

Do you ever wonder sometimes what life is like for the rich and the famous? What do multi-millionaires burn their cash on? A good glimpse to celebrity lifestyle is their homes. Estates owned by these filthy rich celebrities are ten times larger than average kit homes. These celebrity homes cost more than what an average American will be earning his whole life. It’s envious to see how these celebrities can live lavishly, some…


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The Best Kept Secret in Boolean Search

So this is the 9th presentation of the conference. Titled “The Best Kept Secret in Boolean Search” by Mark Tortorici.

First Thing Mark made clear that despite what some say, Boolean is far from dead and probably not going any place soon.  Below are the secrets to sourcing and making a good…


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How Can You Be a Successful Freelance CV Writer?

In today’s world, the number of freelancers is growing at a very great speed with people looking for professionals to do some easy tasks for them online. This has led to the development of a new field of work that stretches across the globe. You can have your CV or cover letter among others written for you for a fee.…


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Post Your Blog On LinkedIn and Get More Traffic

Blogging is a tough game. If you post to your blog everyday and write quality content, that doesn't guarantee that your blog will get discovered. Many people give up on blogging because it's super disappointing to keep creating content that no one reads. Actually, it can drive you…


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Personal Accountability In Social Media

Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter – in addition to all holding spots in the top ten of the most trafficked websites in the entire world, they all rely entirely on user-generated content. That fact speaks to how our world interacts with the internet these days. Users are not only willing, but eager to put huge pieces of themselves and their identity out there for public…


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The essential checklist for your new recruitment business.

If you haven’t built or run a business yourself and don’t have anyone with the experience of running or building a recruitment business to help you, it can seem too big a task to start, where do you begin? And how can you be sure you’ve covered off everything you need to do to get…


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Roadmap to Social Recruiting

Social media is the most prominent platform that has become the future of recruiting. Although it’s already passed through its nascent phase, still undergoing some growing pains. There are several companies struggling with the right way to approach recruiting on social platforms. Here is the right roadmap…


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The Price of “mis-recruiting”

Have you ever wondered why it takes so much time for companies to hire a candidate? As per recent research by iCIMS, the average time to fill-up a position was 44 days in 2015. Recruiting a right candidate is…


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