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A recruitment technology event.

I attended a recruitment conference / technology event in London today. I didn't stay long, just for the first hour or so. The event organisers started the day with a set of "speed pitches" from the various vendors involved in sponsoring / exhibiting at the event. As someone who is involved in both recruiting and implement inbound marketing strategies for technology companies, this would be interesting exercise. 

And it certainly was for a number of reasons but perhaps not for the…


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Are you feeling discouraged during your job search? Discouragement can come not only from how potential employers respond to your queries and applications, but also from your own self-assessment of skills. You might be wondering if you'll ever be good enough for the jobs you want.…


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Is your recruiting and sourcing technology behind the times?

If you’re still inputting data into Excel or dialing for dollars off a well worn Rolodex, chances are that you’re not only behind the times – you’re also losing out on candidates, clients and the competition, too. 

But if your processes are a blast from the past,…


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Are Employers Using BYOD to Attract Talent?

As society has become more technologically mobile, bring your own device policies (BYOD) have become more popular with employees and employers. Professionals appreciate BYOD opportunities because it provides the convenience of using their own familiar device, access to the latest technology, work flexibility and/or work-life balance. Employers can benefit from BYOD's cost savings, potential increased productivity, and employee devices that supply the latest technologies. However, there are…


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The Power of Film - Ten Top Tips for successful Employer Branding films

Bringing brands and the workplace to life using film has been achieved successfully by many organizations, but the way in which it is now used when it is so accessible has created more opportunities for using this powerful medium as part of an employer brand strategy.

I regularly use film as part of…


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Stop Complaining: Hire

Companies, hiring managers, recruiters, HR departments alike complain about: the lack of talent, having too many candidates or not enough candidates, not having their jobs posted on enough job boards, struggling to find the candidate who is proficient in several coding languages, wanting an entry level hire with three years of experience, and needing to hire fast but not having an organized, well-defined, and…


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Top 10 Job Boards for Startups

There comes a time for every startup when they must hire a candidate who is outside their immediate network. Maybe it's the first hire; maybe it's the tenth hire. Targeted job advertisements are a great way to accelerate the hiring timeline. Plus, seeing an ample amount of qualified candidates will increase your quality of hire. Smart leaders find the…


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Find LinkedIn Profiles via Google Search (Custom Search Engine, Making X-Raying Easy, Efficient)


Did you always want to search for LinkedIn profiles using Google but haven't done so yet? This is an intro to searching and a link to a Custom Search Engine to do just that.

This is a "shortcut" (a Custom Search Engine) to searching for LinkedIn…


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What Gets America’s Best CEOs Really Fired Up

Want to get a CEO fired up? Ask them about…

In their book, “How Google Works,” former Google bigwigs Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg write in a mostly even-keeled, helpful style. While it is certainly obvious that…


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The 5 Questions Interviewers Shouldn't Ask

While interviewing a potential hire is arguably the most important step in the hiring process, it’s surprisingly easy to not get what you need from those precious 30-60 mins you spend with a candidate.  Asking the right questions for the right positions is essential – as a general rule: ask generic questions expect generic answers.  Tailor your questions to be specific to the interviewees experience and the responsibilities they would hold in the position.

As for these questions,…


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5 Ways Recruiters Can Set Expectations with Hiring Managers

I frequently hear from sourcing and recruiting professionals that Hiring Managers don't understand the current labor market, which often leads to frustrations during the recruiting process. At the in-take meeting, it's very important that you paint a clear picture so Hiring Managers understand the challenges you're likely to encounter as you source potential candidates. This way, everyone is on the same page and expectations are managed right from the beginning. Below are some pieces…


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HRM: Human Resources Manages Employee Files Easier With Hybrid Filing System

HRIS and HRMS can be very beneficial, but don't always provide a practical way to manage employee files. Consider including a hybrid filing system in your HRM strategy.

Employee File ManagementHuman Resource departments have a lot going on. There is a ton of data that…


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The Truth: How Jobseekers REALLY Feel About Seasonal Hiring

I love this time of year. The air is cooler, new boots and jackets can be worn, and I get excited to embrace some of my favorite things about the fall months: Halloween, roast pumpkin, leaves changing color and, of course, stuffing at Thanksgiving.

But, now I’m involved in the world of…


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The Five Tenets To A Great Hiring Process

Follow these five rules, and you’ll consistently hire well.

For the past six months, we’ve studied unique hiring processes at some of the most successful companies in America, from …


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Everything Must Change: Inhuman Resources


Recently I was on spring break at Disney with my family. I happened to be in line for a ride and noticed this sign on the outside of a door – Inhuman Resources.  It got me thinking about Human Resources professionals in the world today and what is expected of them.  When you look at most companies, HR professionals…


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Top 7 Healthcare Job Boards

Finding top talent in the healthcare industry can be a daunting task. For many healthcare positions, the education requirement and the average employment duration are both well above average. When searching for a highly skilled talent in lower turnover roles, you can never have enough people in your talent pool. SmartRecruiters has posted 400,000+…


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People Work for People First and Companies Second

People First The employee's decision to quit their current company or join a new company is all part of "Who do I work for?" decision. Most will say, it's customer first. Doctors work for patients. Athletes work for fans. Farmers work so people can eat great food. However, bringing the consumer to the producer is…


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Diversity Programs aka The Big Illusion and Implicit Bias

Everywhere you turn lately, you seem to come across another article on diversity (including this one which might just piss you off). It's interesting to see companies highlight their programs to the media in an effort to save face. Unfortunately, the inefficiencies of their diversity programs and the…


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Every Requirement is a Possible Offer – Part II

Every Requirement is a Possible Offer – Part II

In my last article we discussed how important is your self-confidence, your self-drive and trust in the team to be successful in bringing the best in you - (…


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