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While it is the end of the year and it is natural for us to look at the calendar year ahead, I believe a few things are important in the recruitment process. First are my comments that are directly related to the blog post.

The big take away for me is the fact that recruiting must be a collaborative conversation… Continue

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Loss of jobs

What areas of the country can you tell me are being hit the hardest in terms of white collar loss of jobs?

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What Makes Me a Smart [Sourcer]

I look for and see the "ghosts" in the systems.

I listen for and hear the silence in the noise.

I approach each and every job pretty much the same way organizationally.

I am extremely proactive.

I try to keep things simple.

“There are not more than five musical notes, yet the combinations of these five give rise to more melodies than can ever be heard.” ~ Sun… Continue

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What Makes me A Smart Recruiter

There are not only 5 things that makes me smart recruiter. I would like to mention at least 5 out of that.

1) I know how and when to use the resources.

2) I always look for the new innovative ways/ideas for finding best profiles.

3) I am good in relationship building, i keep contact with the consultants as well as with vendors.

4) I like to learn new things so whenever i find something that i do not know, i make a note of it and later on i search and… Continue

Added by Swati Datta on December 23, 2008 at 5:30am — 1 Comment

Being a Servant-Leader in recruiting

Robert Greenleaf, former Director of Management Research at AT&T, noted that:

The servant-leader is servant first...It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead. That person is sharply different from one who is leader first, perhaps of the need to assuage an unusual power drive or to acquire material possessions.

In recruiting, and I've noticed that this occurs both on the… Continue

Added by Steve Levy on December 22, 2008 at 10:42pm — 2 Comments

What Makes Me a Smart Recruiter

I've been thinking about this a bit, wanting to do a decent job at this, and not sound too big headed, which for those who know me will know it is tough for me to do, I have a great ego. I know there is no "i" in team, but there is a HUGE "ME" :)

1) I care, cliche? But what do I care about? My candidates? yes (within reason), my company? yes, its brand? yes, the viability of the EVP I'm selling? yes, the quality of the hires I (and my team) make? yes, my own Personal… Continue

Added by Dan Nuroo on December 22, 2008 at 6:00pm — 3 Comments

Let's Say Thanks

If you were looking for a way to do a bit of "giving" during this holiday season, here's something you might want to think about:

Xerox (full disclosure: I am an ex-Xeroid) is sponsoring a site that will print and send a holiday card to servicemen and women. You can just pick out the card that most appeals to you (they are desgined by school kids and are wonderful) and pick one of the draft messages or create your own, and they will print the card and send it.

You have no… Continue

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What Makes Me a Smart Recruiter

What makes me a smart recruiter is my ability to find a needle in a haystack; my ability to see the big picture; my communication skills (receiving & sending); my people skills; my persistence; my perspective; my creativity; my flexibility; my technical expertise and my business acumen. Also, what has helped me the most in recruiting and in life, has been working on my weaknesses (i.e. whether it be by working with a client; developing better search techniques; or by playing different… Continue

Added by Robin Gillman on December 22, 2008 at 4:17pm — 1 Comment

What Makes Me A Smart Recruiter

The number one thing that makes me a smart recruiter is I Love What I do!

I Love being the one to fill the hard to fill positions

I Love being the one who found someone a job that really needed it

I Love being the subject matter expert for the hiring manangers and or clients of mine

I Love all the hard work I have put in over the years

I Love working with integrity

I Love not being afraid of being layed off because no matter what I will survive. I work hard,… Continue

Added by Gail Sortevik Levin on December 22, 2008 at 3:52pm — 1 Comment

Interview with Silicon Valley Recruiter William Uranga

William Uranga is TiVo Inc.’s Director of Talent Acquisition and the founder of the San Francisco Bay Area Recruiting Leadership Forum.

You'll enjoy this interview if you're curious about recruiting in Silicon Valley, getting a start in recruiting, annoying recruiting practices and more.

Read the William Uranga interview

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43 Things Personality Quiz

And my results are:

I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I'm an
Extroverted Self-Improving Traveler…

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A growing IT consulting company is looking for experienced IT (Technical) recruiters for its Pune office. 2 positions open with lots of opportunity to grow. Great Incentives on achieving targets. Apply with latest resume and contact details to

Contact Details:

Ravi Yadav

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Aloha From Mike Nale


I wanted to send this message out to all of my friends to wish you a very Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas). This year has been tough for alot of us and with the unfortunate cancellation of our TV show and the closure of the company I wanted to thank you for all of your support this year and motivation. I would like to especially thank Gary Yu, Jeff DePonte, and Patti See for all of their help. My thoughts going into 2009 unemployed are that of excitement and motivation. A… Continue

Added by Mike Nale on December 22, 2008 at 3:01pm — No Comments

Greetings From The Recruiting Animal Show

Dear "friends" (I mean social networking friends, not real friends)

We weren't smart enough to wish (non-specific) holiday greetings
to our many fans this last week, so here's the one we used last year.

As The Marketing Headhunter said at the time:
"These are some of my favorite people, yet
I have never met any of them in person."

Added by Recruiting Animal on December 22, 2008 at 3:00pm — 3 Comments

What make me a Smart Recruiter?

This is a great topic and the responses have all been wonderful

For me, here is how I answer:

1) I love what I do. I love people and this industry.

2) I use technology and follow technology so I can make the most out of personal relationships

3) focus on other's favorite radio station-WIIFM-what's in it for me, I try to see things from their perspective, not my own.

4) Focus on win, win, win business relationships-if it is good for the… Continue

Added by Michael W. Patrick on December 22, 2008 at 3:00pm — No Comments

What makes me a Smart Recruiter

Have you ever wanted that new house or that new car and had to hold off because of that JOB (acronym for "just over broke") working for that, SOB.. is just helping you stay afloat financially?

Did you just get the notification for the BGE rate hike??

Have you seen gas prices lately?

Did you know ? ....The Retirement Age is now 67 and 62% of Retired Americans will be living on a monthly income of less then $1,200. "U.S. Census Bureau Statistic"

If you… Continue

Added by Steven Singer on December 22, 2008 at 2:56pm — No Comments

Even Toyota is losing money

It's not just American automakers who are feeling pain; Toyota announced its first operating loss in 70 years, 150 billion yen ($1.7 billion) for the fiscal year ending March 31. Overall, Toyota expects to report a net profit 50 billion yen ($560 million).

It's not just the UAW as many believe...

Added by Steve Levy on December 22, 2008 at 2:53pm — 3 Comments

Candidate Questions that I do not care for

Here is a question that I always have a tough time answering and quite frankly, do not care to.

" How many other candidates are you interviewing for this position?"

I can have an easier time stomaching this if the candidate asks on an initial phone screen or trying to scope out whether this role will be available much longer. I'm more talking about the candidates who ask this question once you have invited them to interview with you. Should it matter? Does that mean they… Continue

Added by Chris on December 22, 2008 at 2:11pm — 2 Comments

What Makes Me A Smart Recruiter

1. I made a decision NOT to be road-kill during this economic crisis. If I am to forecast anything, it won't be my own demise, LOL.

2. When I am between assignments, finding that next assignment IS my assignment, and I treat myself like I treat my best candidate.

3. I start my workday when others are asleep. I start @ 6:30 am. I put in a full day and I still have day light to do things which I finishing a book that I am writing.

4. I don't dwell… Continue

Added by Sheila on December 22, 2008 at 2:00pm — No Comments

Looking Toward 2009 With Hopeful Eyes

Greetings Everyone:

Hopefully, many of you are in the holiday spirit and ready to ring in 2009. I know I am. After the economic meltdown of 2008 and seeing the legal recruiting market practically dry up, I am ready for 2008 to leave and 2009 arrive. Maybe I am being overly optimistic, but I truly feel that it cannot get much worse and all we have to go from here is up.

During this last quarter of 2008, I took a leave of absence from my blogging. With everyday of bad news, I just… Continue

Added by Keeley Mitchell-Wallace on December 22, 2008 at 1:30pm — 1 Comment

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