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On April 17, our real-time jobsearch engine, hit the magic number of 1.000.000 job-offers for the English-speaking world within a single month.…


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Self-Awareness is Your Career Ticket

By Pat Meehan

Once self-awareness is ingrained in habit, the search for self-improvement becomes an ever evolving natural course.”


If you have started reading this first sentence and are still reading, you are really thinking that you can pull off a new life long career growth…


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It's 4/20... puff, puff, give (equal pay and opportunity to women)

You know what that means, right?

It's Equal Pay Day. (Please, you know I didn't mean that that 4/20)

Today is the day - we're told - that "symbolizes how far into 2010

women must work to earn what men earned in 2009"

Akin to "Tax Day" (the day you supposedly have to work until you make enough



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Don't Be That Interviewee

Having been technical recruiters for over a decade, we’ve heard more feedback than a sound engineer for a metal band. From interviewees wearing sweatpants to people getting up to use the bathroom and never returning, we’ve heard it all. And, that’s the inspiration for our “Don’t be that interviewee”…

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Real Talent v. Virtual Talent

While watching the recent NCAA basketball championship game; a new concept on how to identify top…


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Staffing Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!!

Staffing Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!!…


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Pre Constructed Boolean Search Strings Part 8!!!

Pre Constructed Boolean Search Strings Part 8!!!…


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HirePress needs Testers.

HirePress will be launching very soon, but we want a few individuals to test the site and lend us your feedback. HirePress
will be a interactive community of Jobblogs, Networking Professionals and


If you would like to become a tester and add your company to our network. Please contact us at and send us…


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The Art of Simplicity as Taught by a Random Pedestrian

This morning I watched an older woman with a walker make her way down the sidewalk. Her movements were very deliberate and it was clear that her limbs would no longer cooperate to move her with any urgency or speed. In fact she shuffled more than she walked – it was the best she could muster.

What I found fascinating though was the effortless manner in which she used the walker. With each step forward on her right foot…


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Working with Executive Recruiters or "Headhunters"

By Pat Meehan

Executive recruiters, often known as “Headhunters,” are independent contractors. They are hired by companies to search for talented candidates that…

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The Goal of Professional Relationships - To be like Someone or be Among Many?

Depending on the time I arrive at my office, I can predict with great accuracy the activity that will occur between the time I step out of my car and arrive at my desk. One of my favorites occurs every morning at 7:10…


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Know a site that needs an extreme job board makeover?

The formula for the extremely popular reality series “Extreme Home Makeover” is simple and compelling: find a family (or sometimes an individual) who have done good works in their community but have been beaten up by bad luck luck; add the Extreme Home Makeover crew and local supporters; create a new home for the family. All in the space of 7 days.

So why can’t we apply that to the job board world? Well, in fact, we can. I don’t have the resources (or sex appeal) of Ty, but I do know… Continue

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What Type of Twitterer Are You?

After being on Twitter for some time, most people quickly discover that there are several different types of Twitterer. I thought it would be fun to categorize these users into complete arbitrary groups for those that are having trouble placing them.

The Burnout

Like a shooting star, this Twitterer started with a flurry and ended with a whimper. After being so enamored with the site upon joining and tweeting multiple times throughout the day, this user has…


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Whilst new technology is great, are we paying the price socially? (or how, once it's gone, you can never get that time back)

There's no getting away from it, every day we're becoming more and more obsessed with technology. Whilst it is great and clearly the way to go for the modern day recruiter on the go, I am starting to think too much of it can, at the relatively harmless end (apart from the risk of an iphone becoming your best friend rather than your dog or partner) zombify people, and, at its worst, put you in danger.

At the harmless end of things, take my… Continue

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Identifying and Planning Self-Improvement Activities

By Pat Meehan

In your job search and through building your resume you have discovered some new things about yourself. You have become much more self-aware of your skills and accomplishments and now it’s time to start evaluating where you are now and where you want to go from…

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Ten Effective Ways to Motivate Your Employees

Motivating employees is a double edged sword. Some think giving them a job should be motivation enough while others think that you need all the bells and whistles. Take a look at my blog and provide any comments.

Added by Jodi on April 19, 2010 at 11:05pm — 1 Comment

When to Extend the Offer - Closing the Candidate

Many employers, correctly seeking to act quickly on a good candidate, put together and extend offers as soon as they decide a candidate is right for them. The minute the offer is extended, all control moves over to the candidate, and the employer’s ability to influence the decision, or help “close” the candidate is diminished. An important strategy is to test-close or pre-close the candidate, mostly to surface…


Added by Mark Bregman on April 19, 2010 at 7:48pm — 2 Comments

Effective Vendor Management: A Framework for Selecting Suppliers and Partners of Recruitment Related Services

The attraction and management of a total workforce requires a significant number of providers to bring this function to life. Some of these providers are transactional “plug and play”, but others require a bit more thoughtfulness when scoping the need, implementing and managing this solution. This article will review the different types of…


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Podcast: Inside the The Catalyst Award: What Makes a Winner?

The Catalyst Award annually honors innovative approaches with proven results taken by organizations to address the recruitment, development, and advancement of all managerial women, including women of color. Valerie LaSusa and I… Continue

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RecruitFest! Press Release

On Friday we announced that in partnership with Monster, RecruitFest! will take place in Boston next October. Here is the press release that went out this morning. It's going to be a great event and I hope you all mark early October off on your calendar. I hear Boston is a nice place that time of year.

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