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September 10, 2008

"Really Bummed" wants to know why some good hires turn out bad and end up leaving unexpectedly. Claudia shares her thoughts in Back in a Flash. Share your thoughts too.

Happy Wednesday: Ami G.

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Back in a Flash

Dear Claudia,

I hired a senior manager for my company about six months ago, a complete rockstar with heavy industry experience and credibility. It was a big deal that we were able to get her, and she was excited about what she would get to do at our company. She took us all by surprise when she announced she is going back to her old employer last week; we all thought she was a great hire, and nobody saw this coming. How do you know when a hire isn’t working out? And when can I…

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MN Headhunter To Present At StarTribune Career Expo V3

As posted on the MN Headhunter Blog:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 is the next StarTribune Career Expo and I will be presenting from 2 PM – 3PM:

I have a “killer” resume, now what? --Tips on being your own Headhunter.

Paul J DeBettignies, Managing Partner, Nerd Search, LLC

Paul has been an IT headhunter for 10 years; he is a frequent speaker on job search… Continue

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Candidates, friends and all that Jazz

As I am going through my day to day I am faced with what isn't a new discussion with my clients, but something all of us recruiters talk about all the time. The Candidate experience.

This is an important piece of the overall recruiting function, whether your internal, outsourced vendor, or staffing agency, the candidate experience you and your client provide is invaluable. Than I started thinking, the experience our friends and significant others get from us are just as important. We… Continue

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Helping your recruiter manage your job search

Unfortunately many more candidates today are actively pursuing jobs because their positions were eliminated, so assisting candidates to manage their job search is critical. However, we can always use your help and that typically means passing on lots of information about your current search status to the recruiter in your first conversation.

When I’m speaking with any candidate, but particularly those that have active searches the information I want to know, in order,… Continue

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LinkedIn Unplugged - Patrick Crane (VP Mktg, LI) on the Connections Show

The VP of Marketing at LinkedIn, Patrick Crane, was the guest of the Connections Show this week (with Stan Relihan).

Here's what Patrick Crane had to say about what's coming in the near future:

"Much Better Group Capability

Create more of a private discussion area where you can connect with like minded people that you may or may not know and uncover new… Continue

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Current IT openings around Washington, DC

IT Sales and Staffing Business Developer- Reston, VA
1) Solid understanding of IT terminology
2) FLC sales and account management experience
3) High activity based calling and meeting coordination
4) Ability to transition cold market into warm referral based business

Click here to join our LinkedIn networks

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"NFIB Index Points to Higher Increase in Jobless Rate"

I don't like to repost articles unless the original is worth a true investment of your time - I think this is one of those times:

Optimism Components Net % Change

Plan to increase employment 2 -3

Plan to increase capital outlays* 25 -1

Plan to increase inventories -4 -3

Expect economy to improve -12 0

Expect higher real sales -11 -8

Current inventory satisfaction -3 -2

Current job openings* 15 -6

Expected credit conditions -10 +1

Now a… Continue

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MagicMethod Phone Sourcing Classroom Chat Today

MagicMethod Phone Sourcing Classroom Chat Today at noon EST on the MagicMethod network here.
Interesting WSJ article about rusing here.

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September 9, 2008

This week super-sourcer Kelly Dingee joins the line-up of Tutorial Tuesday writers kicking off with: Revisiting Altavista...After All These Years.

Don't forget Talent Talk Cafe today at 3pm ET/ 12pm PT: CRM as Innovation in… Continue

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The 48 Laws of Power - and how to use them in recruiting...Law 1 - Never Outshine the Master

In addition to the imminent resurrection of Desperate Sourcers, the juicy, smarmy, biting, and brutally dishonest soap blog-pra written by Maureen Sharib and yours truly, I'm starting a new blog series based upon Robert Greene's national bestseller,… Continue

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Fordyce Letter was nice enough to post my list of Social Networking Sites list.

Fordyce Letter

For a full updated list you can go here and scroll to the bottom of the page. HTC Research Social Networking Site List

Thanks Mark Berger.

Jeff Weidner

Added by Jeff Weidner on September 8, 2008 at 7:20pm — 1 Comment

Human Resources Business Leader - Securities Industry

• 15+ years of progressive HR consulting experience, with a strong preference for previous securities and/or financial services industry experience. Previous management and /or supervisory experience required. Undergraduate degree needed. Graduate degree preferred.

• Ability to build and develop strong working relationships with business and HR leaders is required, as well as experience across critical HR disciplines (performance management, employee relations and compliance,… Continue

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September 8, 2008

This week Dave gives us an in depth look in the world of Susan Burns:

[Susan] is the “real deal” – and the community is richer for all she contributes.
Read the first in a two part post: Meet Susan Burns, Industry Thought Leader at Talent Synchronicity

Happy Monday!… Continue

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New wave for recruitment companies

It's funny how things have changed in the recruitment world, I remember when CV's where posted but now most recruitment companies collect CV's online. Isn't that interesting... a colleague told me that one can also collect references online for their candidates...easy! this is an automated process that alerts referee wherever they are to provide references for candidate. Once reference is uploaded online, recruiters can either do a search for the candidate online and find their… Continue

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Digging Into v1.18

Manners 2, People Nothing

(September 05, 2008) Do good manners ever allow for harsh behavior? After last week's Rodney King style post (Can't we all just get along?) on the importance of decorum, I'm hoping to strike a bit of balance. Harsh behavior is a fundamental, though unpleasant, part of good manners.

Firm boundaries make for thriving communities.

It's been an interesting week on The…


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The Future of Blogging

Picture of baby with Treo

I sit here pondering the future of blogging. A couple of weeks ago I penned a tweet on twitter that I was "wondering if microblogging will replace macroblogging?" Those few, deceptively simple words, caused me to continue to ponder. Have I lost you? Let's catch up.

Not too long ago we gained the majority of our written information from books, magazines, newspapers, and other printed material. Those media all still exist but the…


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Applying to College: No Easy Task

Examine an application – Just see what is required to click that submit button. I understand universities need the information to make distinctions and decisions. However, the complexity of the application is often difficult if not impossible for students to complete.

Realize that well meaning school counselors are often spread too thin and universities recommending the students’ independence want them to do it alone. Some colleges do suggest support and guidance but from whom and… Continue

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Sales Candidates: Don't bury the BS on your resume ...

Bachelor of Science degree (major in Chemistry, Biology, Molecular, etc.) is not necessary, but it is helpful in medical sales, clinical diagnostics sales, laboratory sales, DNA products sales, sales of medical or surgical supplies, medical device sales, pharmaceutical sales, or any healthcare sales. So don't bury it at the bottom of your resume where I have to search for it. Candidates who don't have a BS try to hide that fact in various ways, but if you have yours, display it proudly. (But… Continue

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Online Training for Skill Development

When the purpose of corporate training is to help employees reach a particular level of skill competence, online training is often a much better choice than traditional methods of training. Online training is an excellent means of providing convenient, assessment-driven training that enables workers to move at their own pace toward accomplishing stated training goals.

Employees often have very different entry-level skills. When faced with learning a new skill that needs to be applied… Continue

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