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SourceCon 2008

What an amazing event! I am still reeling from all the wonderful information that I have learned. So much to put into action and turn into sucess! A special thanks to Leslie O'Conner for all she does!

So many people spoke this year and here were my favorites!

Dave Copps Keynote - Semantic Web

Gerry Crispin - Expanding Sourcers Pipeline

Michael Buckner - Sourcing Team Integreation

Otis Collier - Diversity Recruiting

Marvin Smith -… Continue

Added by Alecia Sullivan on September 17, 2008 at 8:57pm — 1 Comment


Our client is a highly successful retailer of premium goods sold worldwide through boutique retail stores. The client is seeking a top level operations executive to oversee and expand its US retail operations which encompasses over 450 stores.

Full P&L responsibility to manage and expand US retail sales and operations -

Location: Northeastern US

Key requirements /criteria:

· Senior level individual (by education, experience and accomplishment)… Continue

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Our client is a leader in the design and manufacture of fully-integrated architectural glass and metal building envelope systems for the commercial construction industry.

Seeking a seasoned Sales Rep familiar with the commercial construction community in New York City, Boston and Philadelphia.


· Identify, initiate and build relationships with commercial product specifiers, (architects, designers, GC’s, project owners)

· Develop, plan and… Continue

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What is "Differential Strategy" And how can I use it to find a job?

You have been job hunting for months and you are "THE GURU" in within your market niche, but no one is biting.

The savings account is shrinking (along with your ego) and the bills are starting to pile up on that corner of your desk you find increasingly hard to look at.

"What is wrong with me?!" you ask yourself.

The truth is, nothing is wrong with you and the market is just not looking to hire someone with your skill set and experience. You are now… Continue

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From Boots to Suits

Whether you're facing military retirement or you're about to complete your contractual agreement in serving your country in the Armed Forces, you now face a tremendous opportunity to start using your skills in the civilian market.

Where do you begin?

I would highly recommend you start by taking advantage of the available time to make an assessment on how marketable you are: skill sets, experience, both here in the States and abroad, and the coveted government… Continue

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Ready to See Slouch Bust a Move?

Me too.

It happens every time you say the word, "RecruitFest."

But you'll have to get your lil' self to RecruitFest to catch this kind of action in person.

Shake it down, shake it down now.

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards…

Added by Dennis Smith on September 17, 2008 at 1:30pm — 5 Comments

I have the solution to my dislike of sales!

When I signed up, my first post was entitled "I'm new to sales and I don't like it!".

I now have the answer to my woes. Offer it for FREE! Yes, implu is now a 100% FREE site. This way, I won't have to deal with sales. Ha!

Think I'm crazy? We triple our traffic every 30 days. We grew our Google Index by 33% in just one week! Our site is ranked in the top 62k in the US (according to Alexa) in just 4 months. The only impediment to true exponential growth is that silly old… Continue

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Recruit Harvard, Wharton, MIT, Duke, Yale, and Cornell MBAs

New Full-Time MBA Employment Candidates Available Now!

The following graduate business schools’ second-year resume book databases have been released for access to employers. If you haven’t already ordered (or pre-ordered), you can now. These graduating MBA students are the business leaders of tomorrow. Don't miss out on hiring the world's finest talent for your full-time recruiting needs. Order access now!

Recently Released… Continue

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Jason Davis on Recruitfest

JD was yakking about it on The Recruiting Animal Show back on Sept 03, 2008.

Added by Recruiting Animal on September 17, 2008 at 10:10am — 5 Comments

Animal Show Wed Sept 17 NOON New York Time

Jennifer McClure - Recruiting Animal Show
GUEST: Jennifer McClure, The CincyRecruiter

Jenny on: LinkedIn, Fistful of Talent, Twitter…


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How did you do?

We all want feedback from the candidate in an attempt to ascertain how they did during the interview, but from what I’ve seen in my twenty years of recruiting most candidates have an inability to truly separate how they feel about the job opportunity (interest level) from how they did on the interview (performance). So they are the wrong person to ask how they performed.

Let’s face it almost every candidate walks away from an interview interested in the job and wants to communicate… Continue

Added by bill martineau on September 17, 2008 at 9:07am — No Comments

Video Job Interviews: Remote trumps Live

The obvious use of Video in Recruiting is at the job interview itself, through Video Job Interviews.

The "Live" option works in a way similar to MSN-Skype video applications, allowing conversation to take place.

In the "Remote" option, a Company sets up a Job Interview, sends it to the Candidate, and he/she completes it independently using a webcam.

Both live and remote Video Job interviews beat Video Resumes in interaction capacity, legal convenience and risks… Continue

Added by Ryan on September 17, 2008 at 9:01am — 1 Comment

Are Entrepreneurs Unemployable?

A recent New York Times article entitled “Economy to Entrepreneurs: Turn Back” (September 13, 2008) written by Julie Bick stated that “Amid the current economic turmoil, many entrepreneurs… and small-business are debating whether it makes sense to seek safety in the corporate life — and deciding that it does.” In the first two quarters of 2008, there were roughly 18,500 business bankruptcies, according to Dr. Chad Moutray, chief economist of the federal Small Business Administration. As an… Continue

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Herding Cats

Hi Claudia,

Here is a situation. I presented a local contractor resume to my client, who requested a face 2 face interview. The candidate said he could interview with 24 hours notice, but now he tells me that his current manager will not permit him to interview during work hours. I suggested that go on his lunch hour, but he says that isn't enough time to travel to the client location, interview, and return to his job. The hiring manager is available to interview this week only,…

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Top 5 Ways to Fail at Hiring

Top 5 Ways to Fail at Hiring

Posted by Jason at 9:14 PM Links to this post

If you're in the majority of businesses out there, you handle most or all of your recruiting in-house- no recruiters or staffing agencies in your hip pocket... or wallet. That is, you write your own job postings or advertisements, you research and make your own media buys, and you handle the pre-screening and interview process. If your company attends career fairs, you and your team conceive the design for your… Continue

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CNBC's Executive Career Blogs

Nothing outrageous or titillating but worth a few minutes of your time. I especially liked the recent The Headhunter Always Rings Twice piece by Marcy Lerner of

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When, "Lesson's Learned" is Worth More than A Good Salary

There are many reasons why you might not be getting paid enough at your job. Chances are that you would never guess the real reason: you.

Why am I writing this article? Because I did have a chance to bump into someone this past weekend at a social gathering. One of the first things that we talked about (I had never met this person before that night) is about salary.

She told me that she worked for a very successful medical supplies and services company… Continue

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For all of you in Texas,

My thoughts and prayers are with you doing this difficult time you are facing.

Keep can only get better.

Mary in MN.

Added by Mary Larson on September 16, 2008 at 4:04pm — No Comments

Beeeeep Beeeeep Beeeep Beeeeep... or Detecting Tonal Differences in Searches

They say there are two seasons in Washington state: Rainy season and Construction season. Although I have heard that slogan used for other areas in the country, it is particularly true in The State of Liquid Sunshine.

Driving home from work, I found myself approaching a construction site. Noting the neon orange signs, traffic cones, and large portable reader board lit up with orange lights asking me to merge left, I dutifully signaled, cleared, and proceeded to change lanes. Now I… Continue

Added by Nancy Ford on September 16, 2008 at 12:27pm — No Comments

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