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Innovation and Motivation In The Recruiting Industry

Recently reading a post suggesting that great innovation may be coming soon in recruiting from third party agencies or RPOs brought some great perspective for me. Where does real innovation come from? It comes from motivated individuals and that motivation most of the time is related to profit. So when I look at the recruiting world it makes all the sense in the world that the innovation will come from third party recruiters. Don’t get me wrong, there…


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5 ways to screw up a job board

I’ve observed that approximately 90% of the music put out at any given time is just not very good. Much is mediocre, and some is simply appalling. Well, folks, this is true of many industries, and it’s true of the job board industry.

Why? Well, honestly, job boards are more complex than they seem, both in design and operation. Add to this the never-ending winds of change and competition, and you can see how a job board operator might hit a few false notes.

So in the spirit… Continue

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How active is the job market in the Middle East today?

Question from Job Seeker:

I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in Engineering in Qatar and expecting to graduate in June 2010. However I’m starting to get worried about finding my first job.

A lot of people I know have waited until after graduation to start their job hunting and ended up not seizing a good opportunity before six months to 1 year! I don’t want this to happen to me, what shall I do, taken into account the fact (or rumor?) that the Middle Eastern… Continue

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2009 Job Posting Report ...Building & Construction lose, while Not For Profit Org & Social Care rises.

Courtesy of Adcourier / Broadbean

Analysis of almost 8 million job postings has highlighted the extent of Britain’s recession in 2009, clearly naming the winners and losers of the recruiting industries.

The latest report discusses data on the number of jobs distributed by Adcourier to its (circa) 1,100 job

boards during the 2009 calendar year. The report is broken down by sector, providing details on how… Continue

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Blazing trails is a solitary task. Wikipedia defines a trailblazer as "a person who marks a trail through wilderness area.” They look beyond their own often less than ideal circumstances to break through. There is no one ahead to light the way and those behind might be afraid or doubtful in the wisdom of moving in the same direction. Forging a new path takes tools, creative thinking, vision, grit, timing, a little luck, and a lot of chutzpah.

Anyone who has the intestinal fortitude to… Continue

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Social Recruiting, its more than you think

So you think you are utilising Social Media for your recruitment efforts. Well to a degree you probably are. You have a Twitter account, you search LinkedIn…


Added by Justin Hillier on March 15, 2010 at 9:18pm — 1 Comment

Follow Up On Credit Background Checks

There is an ongoing controversy in several states about whether or not employers should run credit reports s part of the background checks they use in their preemployment screening programs. I have posted some thoughts on this subject in a recent blog, Controversy Over Credit Reports as Background Checks.

Some critics of the credit report as a background check contest that this is a draconian practice, as it inhibits many skilled and otherwise… Continue

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Validation--SXSW Halfway Recap

As Sunday comes to a close for South by Southwest, I'm taking the opportunity to look back and reflect over the last three days of the conference festival. For those of you not familiar with SXSW, it's an interactive festival held in Austin, TX that celebrates media, music, and film each year. More than 20,000 people will grace Austin…


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A job description isn't a sales tool and never will be.

For reasons best known to themselves, many recruiters bemoan the absence of a decent job description and person spec from a client. I agree it’s frustrating when what you get is a series of seemingly unrelated one liners in terms of a job description and just the basic facts about the skills and experience you need in order to do the role, but, the emphasis should be on you, the recruiter to eke out the information from your client that will sell the job, not… Continue

Added by Alasdair Murray on March 15, 2010 at 3:00pm — 21 Comments

Are you a fear-based recruiter?

I am a recovering fear based recruiter! My diagnosis came during a 2-hour presentation (six months ago) which was intended to shed light on the fact that the bulk of people’s decisions are made in or out of fear and I am now working to help others realize the pain that one lives with when they are in a constant state of fear too. Maybe I should back up and…


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Client Education, Candidate Confidence and the cost of Nepotism

we’ve been busy so far this year. elements of frustration still, but overall, a move in the right direction. I think I’m still getting used to how different the US recruitment market is to the UK market.

We’ve just lost a client, who decided to go with the in-house approach (although i think they spun us that line to soften the blow). Real shame, but in light of the fact we had 4 offers rejected in 3 months, I must admit, I’m keen to focus our…


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Umbrella Companies Looking Shaky !

umbrella problems damage umbrella reputation

Following the recent news that some umbrella companies have entered into a voluntary arrangement and that two other “umbrella service providers” have left

contractors unpaid, agencies should take care to ensure they are

protected against umbrella failures, says the recruitment law specialist


Adrian Marlowe, MD of Lawspeed and Chair of the recruiter trade body, the Association…


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What is lisology? Lisology is the art of not just hearing what is said but listening to what it said, how it is said, the words used, the way they are put together to form answers or phrases, the inflection in…

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Salaries in the Middle East 2009-2010

The 2010 GCC and Middle East Salary Survey is now out from and YouGov Siraj and professionals across the Middle East can now benchmark and compare their latest salary raises to their peers. Indeed despite the economic situation, based on the latest Middle East salary survey 54% of professionals across the Middle East region have indicated they received a raise in the last 12 months, with the average raise for the year registering at 7.3%. A reasonable degree of optimism is in the air… Continue

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Social Learning - The Future Of Training?

I’ve spent quite a lot of time this year looking at social learning. I actually think it has more potential for take-up than social recruiting and could significantly change the way training is delivered and training is received. The potential here is huge, and is the area I want to develop with the…


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Faith & Effort

I wrote this after midnight in one take and hope it makes sense:).

It’s been a while since I’ve written or posted anything to Recruitingblogs or even my own blog or community. To be honest, the reason is I wasn’t sure if I was going into or out of business with my new company, ExecuSource. I had to table part of my business plan and

put all of my efforts into developing my new business. That is, when I wasn’t…


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Should Contractor’s be involved in VMS?

While we look towards the Stakeholders involved in utilizing the VMS tool including the Client and the Agency, should the Contractor have any involvement? For example, if I were a candidate represented by an Agency to a Client that includes setting a “candidate profile” via a VMS tool, should I the Contractor have any involvement? Although the Agency is doing their job in…


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Conducting the Interview!!

During the interview your goal is to gather information so you can make a solid hiring recommendation. It is important to remember that candidates come from a variety of sources. Not all candidates want to interview with Your Company. In some cases, we have persuaded them to consider Your Company and come meet with you. Always read the mail from the staffing consultant on the morning of the interview to learn more about the circumstances…


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It's Time to Spring Forward

The clocks spring forward today. We'll lose an hour of sleep. But who needs sleep with spring in the air?

Do New Years Resolutions Work?

Is New Years Day really the best time to make resolutions for self improvement? The dead of winter is a good time to cocoon and do the internal work, to analyze where you are and where you want to go. But mid January doesn't feel like the best time to go on a diet or start a new venture.… Continue

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Are You Committing Career Suicide?

Have you had enough of rejection letters, cancelled appointments, rescheduled interviews and your inability to gain traction in your search whatsoever? Are you continuing to blame the lousy economy, high unemployment and staggering competition for your lack of job progress or employment? Are you ready to admit that it might be more than just these issues causing you concern. Have you…


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