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Why job boards need branding

Branding often gets a bad rap – as if there is something inherently bad in trying to create a unique, persuasive persona for your job board. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Think about it: most of the truly successful job boards out there have built successful brands. Monster. CareerBuilder. Dice. The Ladders. RegionalHelpWanted. Of course, a brand won’t replace solid technology, good marketing, and SEO. But in combination with these, branding will help push your job board… Continue

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After two years of preparing and telling everyone that I was going to run in the 2009 New York City Marathon, qualified by completed all the preparatory qualifying races and volunteerism necessary to be guaranteed as an entrant then; could not enter for several reasons.

Though not competing, but love the excitement of the event, decided to volunteer again, first spot was at the "EXPO," at the Javits Conference Center, for… Continue

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Job Boards don’t find people jobs. People find people jobs

To read all my posts see 'The SavageTruth' here

We are going to recover from this downturn, and when we do, the talent shortage is going to be more severe than anything we experienced a year or two ago. Finding talent, connecting with those talent and building talent communities is going to be what separates the winners from the losers in the recruitment industry, in my opinion.

Sourcing talent will become… Continue

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Job Seeking Success Depends on Your Personality?

by Gary Kustis, Ph.D.

In the most recent issue of Personnel Psychology (Fall, 2009), Prof. Dan Turbin and his co-authors, Cynthia Stevens and Felissa Lee, found some interesting relationships between job seeking success and the personalities of the job seekers. Specifically, the more conscientious you are the more likely you are to be successful in the early stages of the job search. However, it is your emotional state that has… Continue

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Getting All Your Candidates to Apply to Your Careers Page and Automatically Tracking Their Source

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an applicant tracking system that would store resumes in one place that you could search easily any time? How great would it be have applicants apply to one place? You could finally get rid of all of those email folders. And, how helpful would it be to be able to automatically track where all of your applicants are coming from?

Make it easy for applicants to apply for jobs right on your company’s website. Sign up for… Continue

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Me & My iPhone at Work

Honestly, I’m not sure if I remember what my life was like before my iPhone or if I even want to. I have access to maps, internet search engines, social networks, and a variety of applications to fulfill almost every want, need, and desire. A recent study by Ball State and the Institute for Mobile Media Research found that college students are the fasting growing smart phone market segment. Not surprisingly students are using these powerful mini-computers for both their personal and academic… Continue

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Find Diamonds and Change Lives

Max Ehman wrote in his unforgettable poem Desiderata, 'with all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.'

The diamonds in the rough do still exist in recruitment. We've just got to take the time and find them. Having said that, there are times in this game when I too, feel the need to resort to violence when things don't work out.

In the discussion I wrote about… Continue

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Everybody Loves....interviewing!?

Everybody Loves…..interviewing.

Okay, let’s hear it from those of us who love to interview candidates or be interviewed for jobs……(crickets chirping)……

The reality for most people is that whether you are a job seeker or a hiring manager, you probably don’t like to interview. Yes, I’m referring to both being interviewed and conducting interviews!

Why is that? Why do such communicative, cordial, outgoing, even loquacious (yes I’ve been on…..really)… Continue

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October online recruiting news summary

October was slow for sales but booming with news. With the help of some fellow job board operators, we put together a summary of October's online recruiting news for you.

Some of the highlights include:

• First of thousands .jobs sites launched by JobCentral

• Taleo job board launched in partnership with SimplyHired

• and quarterly… Continue

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A Heart-felt Thank You to Contingent Recruiters Everywhere!

Much has been written of late about the many flaws in the contingent recruitment business model. Last week I experienced first-hand just how seriously poor the model is. Those that promulgate it and try to run their recruitment businesses with it will ultimately fail their businesses, clients and candidates. They also act as the best advertising money can’t buy for those recruiters who operate with better proven exclusive and ideally, retained models. The case story… Continue

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The Gen Y Job Seeking Geeks

The college years was all about sleeping in and playing Madden 9 hours a day. Some poor students had to work while others lounged around the dorm waiting to party around midnight. Life was easy except for the occasional projectile vomit moments.

I work with a bunch of trendy IT Nerds. They are the new crop of Java programming Gen-Y geeks that have replaced the old Baby Boomer Cobol Dorks .

Meanwhile, Gen X Nerds are moving into management roles. Now it’s their turn to be… Continue

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Why clients give out orders in competition… and why it’s wrong for everybody!

To view all my blog posts please visit The Savage Truth

There is an elephant in the room when it comes to the basic business model of our industry. People don’t talk about it much, yet it’s a fundamental flaw in the relationship between client and recruiter, and it drives poor service and lack of satisfaction for all parties.

Multi-listing of job orders across multiple agencies, and recruiters accepting… Continue

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Welcome to the REAL World

Those of you in the biz – don’t laugh: I received this response to a LinkedIn referral request for a specific type of position that this gentleman would know (I had also attached the link to our RPO client’s career site listing) :

Thanks for reaching out to me. Don’t take this personally, but I generally do not work with recruiters because 95% of them do not deliver. I really have no respect for any organization/business who cannot come directly to me.

There is no… Continue

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Impossible? = I'm possible

Busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.

I love that saying.....

Is wanting it all a bit much? I want the work life balance. The real thing, not a 60/40 split. Something always gives. Option a) You spend too much time in the office to deliver stuff and the family suffers, Option b) you leave early to look after family stuff and eyebrows in the office are raised. Especially the higher up to food chain you travel.

I've been… Continue

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Don’t let your career meet the same fate as Vista

It seems like it was just yesterday when Microsoft released Vista. I was working for a technology company in central Illinois at the time and we had a Vista release party. There was quite a bit of excitement and anticipation about the new OS but many people had a wait and see approach. I remember speaking with quite a few people in the IT industry during the event and the majority of people felt that XP was a reliable OS but liked the new bells and whistles that were associated with Vista. It… Continue

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My Future in Recruiting

As I sit down to write my first blog post ever I find myself intimidated. I was recently introduced to the world of blogging and by introduced I mean thrown into it with my whole body (as opposed to with both feet). I decided to go to Recruitfest this year, so I joined to get to know some of my fellow attendees. Little did I know that these people were professional bloggers. Some of whom have actually been blogging since the 90’s! OMG (it hits me)! So, while I was still… Continue

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R.I.P. Recruiters?

This week i’ve been on a talk show that is fast becoming a favourite. H.R.Happyhour which is organised by a host i admire, Steve Boese. The topic of conversation and debate, is HR Dead? I read a number of blogs this week commenting on the death of the job board. Despite the much reported demise they seem to be still around. The latest to join the nearly dead list are recruiters. It seems we are on… Continue

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Are recruiters digging too deep into candidate privacy?

"Recruiters shouldn’t care about that Facebook picture of your beer pong game in college." — Shel Holtz, ABC, principal of Holtz Communication + Technology.

Holtz calls the increasing shift toward total transparency a cultural transition, spurred on by social media. And, as a consequence, "Animal House [by Millennials] behavior really… Continue

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Jobs are FREE - The Comedy

Okay so I had a few minutes of fun with xtranormal a really cool text to movie site.. It's easy and a blast!

This is my "Jobs are FREE" attempt at comedy ;o)…


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