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What makes me a Smart Recruiter?

What makes me a smart recruiter?

A brilliant yet (smart) recruiter goes beyond the obvious in qualifying not only the candidate(s) but the client(s) as well. Where some recruiters fall short is in not truly knowing both the client and candidate to make the deal happen.

Now please understand that not all clients and candidates are truthful in acceptance and intentions and/or other offers, etc; now some clients don’t like to share other candidates skill sets (ranking in… Continue

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This is what makes me a smart recruiter...

I work in the technology world, specifically hardware engineers (chip, board and system) and technical sales and marketing. I worked for Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector for 21 years in sales prior to becoming a recruiter. As a result I don't only work with a hiring manager on one position, but rather a client, understanding their organization and structure, the products they sell and I have a sense not only of the skill sets they are looking for, but also the type of personality that… Continue

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Focus , Focus , Focus !!! I specialize in the HealthCare industry .. but .. my focus is Home HealthCare . In critical economic times like we're seeing today , the " Smart Recruiter(s) " stay focussed in the areas that made them Good Recruiters in the first place . I believe creativity will become a more important tool in garnering both openings & candidates . Don't try to be more than what you are .. or .. do something you're not familiar with . Experimentation is not the same as creativity… Continue

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Why I am a Smart Recruiter

These simple, tried and true tenets make me a Smart Recruiter:

1. Employ the "Golden Rule" every day...."do unto others...."

2. The truth is easy to remember so shoot straight with everybody, all the time and don't play games

3. Know that my role is "Agent for Information"...know what motivates a manager and a candidate to act, deal in information exchange and don't waste time trying to talk people into doing something. Don't force it, if it's right, it will… Continue

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What Makes Me a Smart Recruiter

Being a smart Recruiter means bringing your special skills and attributes to the table and using them to their full advantage.

Some people in recruiting excel in sales. They enjoy calling candidates and convincing them to take a look at an opportunity. Other Recruiters are great at networking. Still others enjoy the thrill of the hunt and tracking down names on-line.

What makes anyone a smart Recruiter is using what they are best at and tailoring their recruiting… Continue

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Candidates TTM

Sarah Needleman wrote a great piece in today's Wall Street Journal on candidates over selling themselves through over communication, aka, TTM, aka Talking Too Much and by being too confident and arrogant. You can read it here:

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The Critical first HR phone screen or making it to the next round of the HR American Idle.

It is Critical when you do your first phone screen with a company you know your goal in doing the phone Screen, and also what the goal of Human Resources is, as they are totally different.

Your goal is simple, to……….

Read the rest of this article and other tips on navigating the job hunt at

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Is employment branding a part of your organization's recruitment strategy?

Is employment branding a part of your organization’s recruitment strategy?

One of the most important aspects of your organization’s overall recruitment strategy is developing and managing your employment brand. Candidates rate an organization’s employment brand the 2nd most influential factor when considering employment opportunities. Google is the world’s most recognized employment brand. Google’s employment brand was built in a short period of time and exclusively through viral… Continue

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Using InMails: Beginner to Advanced (LinkedIn)

Full Article is located here. Subscribe to for interesting LinkedIn articles 3 times a week.

InMails are unsolicited messages.
They’re emails sent through LinkedIn.

InMail’s can be sent to anyone with a LinkedIn profile. You don’t have to be connected in any degree. You send an InMail by clicking the “Send InMail” link at… Continue

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The Client Side - Put Yourself In Their Shoes

An interesting situation came up this week with one client. I talked to them in the morning to review their needs and was told how important a certain position was and that they did not have good candidates in the mix. We got to work on our end and went on with our day. In the meantime, they went into meetings to discuss their business and the direction they are heading. They came out of the meetings later in the day and I got a call saying they are switching gears, closing that position and… Continue

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Sorry Mrs. Slouch

Yes Mrs. Davis, those arms are mine; so is the tattoo (one of several).

Why is it so difficult to believe someone who looks like a resident of a state penitentiary and has both a front and side view picture on his drivers license is also a sensitive recruiter, loves cats, enjoys gardening, and snuggling on a Friday night in camouflage fleece?

Please don't bother Mr. Slouch too much; for certain his legs are almost the size of my arms, his scowl makes the kids in your… Continue

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How Hiring Military Veterans Helps Your Company Save Money – Part 1: No-cost Relocation to Where the Job Is

Hiring military is a great business strategy because the talent is top notch. A recent post at our blog from military recruiting HR consultant Lisa Rosser, discussed one of the key adjunct benefits to these high-quality job seekers: Free relocation. An excerpt is below:

"Did you know that service members separating from active military duty (due to retirement or end of their contracted service commitment) receive a one-time, government paid relocation to any where in… Continue

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Prejudice, Lack of Initiative and Thank You Amitai Givertz

I happened to be speaking to Ami this morning.

I told him that ning changed the music player on RBC.

There used to be a little arrow beside each listing.

If you clicked it the song would open up in a new window

and you could copy the url and link to it from another site.

That arrow had been replaced by a scroll bar.

Ami clicked on the Edit link below the music player.

He saw that each entry there had a little arrow beside

it that… Continue

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Phone Sourcing Quiz

Take the Phone Sourcing Quiz here.

40 questions - 30 of them are answered. Last ten will be answered NEXT Friday, Jan 23 - take the quiz!

Good luck!


“The true test of character is not how much we know how to do, but how we behave when we don't know what to do.” ~ John W. Holt,… Continue

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Where will I find you?

Three stores on the main street in town stood side by side. They all sold the same type of merchandise. One day the owner of the store at one end put up this sign:


This prompted the storekeeper at the other end to hang a sign reading:


The owner of the store in the middle was thrown by these aggressive manoeuvres until he had a bright idea. He put up his own sign, which proclaimed:

MAIN… Continue

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Choose HRO China to Be Your HR Assistant

HRO China mainly provides professional one-stop services such as human resources services, business agency and HR management consulting for Chinese employees and non-residents of FIEs, SOEs and foreign representative offices.

HRO China expands business nationwide, with subsidiaries and agencies settled in Tianjin and Shanghai. Through General Agreement on National Mutual Entrustment, HRO China has established partnership with some local HR service agencies distributed in 31 provinces and… Continue

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The Power of PMA: Positive Mental Attitude

Positive Mental Attitude or as I like to call it....PMA, is the most powerful tool in an arsenal of maximized success. In putting forth an enthusiastic approach to daily tasks no matter how mundane, no matter how frustrating, one can overcome virtually any obstacle if hope is applied to a winning attitude.

I am always amazed at the power of PMA. It can propel you forward when the sky is falling or the DOW is dropping. It can enable you to uplift all those around you when you are in… Continue

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January 15, 2008

Third Party Thursday with Mark Berger

Continuing on his "need more resumes?" theme this week Mark adds to the list of potential sources.

Pointing out that displaced professionals are often shepherded in their job search by outplacement firms, where better to find the resumes you're looking for?

Any to add to the list?… Continue

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Is Sourcing the Silver Bullet of Recruiting?

This post is a little longer than usual, because it is actually an article I wrote for the January issue of The Source Newsletter

The proliferation and accessibility of sourcing tools and techniques is exciting and fun and exhilarating. Who doesn’t want to have the most followers on Twitter or the biggest network on LinkedIn? But is sourcing the Silver Bullet of Recruiting? Are all these tools really helping us do our jobs or just… Continue

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The Fractured Sisterhood @Work

But while women have come a long way in removing workplace barriers, one of the last remaining obstacles is how they treat one another. Instead of helping to build one another’s careers, they sometimes derail them...

Read the article here - it's a good one.

I did some research and found the survey (September 2007) noted in the… Continue

Added by Steve Levy on January 15, 2009 at 8:06pm — 1 Comment

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