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Companies Have Feelings Too

On December 9, 2009 we hosted a webinar entitled, "The Anatomy of the Interview Process". During the presentation we discussed how a company's interview process is their formalized relationship building practice. Our goal was to convey to job seekers the fact that like all relationships, the interview process is designed to evolve in stages. Therefore, a key contributor to interviewing success is respect… Continue

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Measuring Influence

Measuring Influence

Next week, as a part of the launch of the HRExaminer, we're going to release a ranked list of the Top 25 Online Influencers in HR. This list is completely generated by algorithm (think Google). The list ranks the Top 25 voices in HR based on their online footprint.

In the larger Top 100 project, we've been looking at the question of whether and how someone is influential…


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Learner Style & 5 HR & Learning Cartoons

AS A TRAINER, I have always used various approaches to help get people engaged. We all know that this can be a difficult feet. For those of us that have been doing it for years we don't see the big deal. It's simple isn't it? Ultimately you use what best fits your personality, meshes with the audience that you are presenting to, and what can ultimately reflect the message and learning you are trying to reinforce. Am I right? Media, should reinforce and appeal to the content you… Continue

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Are Employees Biding their time?

We have posted a great article with some informative links on our website at Swift HR Solutions. that you might find interesting.

Will recruiting pick up when employees who are staying at companies for security feel safe to start searching again?

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Need Help Are there any extraordinary Recruiters available anymore?

Good Day All,

Our company DERIS TECHNICAL GROUP, LLC has been afforded the opportunity to have Superior Sales teams who has billed 300K this quarter thus far(12/10) in direct placement, in contingency hire placements, and split fees. You guys are AMAZING! As a result, our entire Team including satellite recruiters received a Christmas Bonus of 7% of their gross earnings in addition to normal salary for an outstanding effort. THANK YOU TEAM FOR AN AMAZING… Continue

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If Rocky Balboa Could End the Cold War....

One of my all-time favorite writers, Bill Simmons* of ESPN, credits Rocky Balboa for ending the Cold War by defeating Ivan Drago in Rocky IV . The thought is intriguing. Communism began its decline very shortly after this movie’s release.

I watched Rocky IV for the 200th time over the Thanksgiving holidays. I was astonished by the allegorical similarity of Rocky’s one-man disarming of the… Continue

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How to: Google Alert's and SEO

What is a Google Alert?

A Google Alert is a free service from G-Mail, that lets you track Key words that You desire to track... in Real Time. Create Google Alert Key words that pertain to your business,or even use Your name. This is perfect for tracking your Branding efforts,or business.

When you or someone else publishes, or post on social sites using your chosen "Google Alert - keyword",… Continue

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Yesterday On The Phone with the Recruiting Animal

This was the most infuriating conversation I have ever had with the the Recruiting Animal

ring ring

Animal: Hello

me: It's me, I have a question to ask

Animal: Go ahead

me: How do you say obnoxious little sister in Yiddish

Animal: Vahksin zuls du vi a tsibeleh, mitten kup in drerd

me: Why do you need to insult me

Animal: (silence)… Continue

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Looking to Hire High-Performing or High-Potential Talent?

If you’re looking to hire high-performing or high-potential leaders, look no further than MBA Focus. We’ve put together several new solutions to help you identify and attract highly qualified candidates quickly and cost effectively! Here's how it works:

1. You select the criteria 2. We do the search 3. We send you the results…

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A Tear On The Cheek of Time

Yesterday I was reminded about of my first visit to China.

During the long drive from the airport to Beijing’s downtown, I marveled at the ability of the Chinese [gov’t] to hide thousands of its poorest citizens behind a never ending array of ingenious landscaping devices- miles of carefully planted trees and plants, well positioned walls and mounds, all designed to obscure our view of ordinary people going about their daily lives.

Regardless of China’s motivation for… Continue

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Considering working with temp.

I have over 20 years in recruiting and are currently working placing permanent professionals. I am considering working with temps in healthcare, manufactrring, etc. Does anyone know what the requirements are? I know you need insurance.

If anyone has recently gone through this, can you please educate me on the requirements.


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The fuel door on my car is busted. We had a little mishap at the gas station the other day and the fuel door latch was thankfully the only minor casualty. It won’t take much to replace it however the interruption to the crush of work and holiday schedule is annoying. It sounds odd perhaps but I think it was my car’s way of telling me to slow down the usual driving pace before moving forward. Compatible to the inevitable year-end reflection and resolution-making, the following is my glimpse in… Continue

Added by Alisa Tazioli on December 10, 2009 at 1:30pm — 2 Comments - Jobs Holland - A next step in online recruitment?

A portal? Isn't that web 1.0? Didn't we develop since then with social networking & search engine optimization?

Yes we did! And that's why we've launched the portal.

Jobs Holland has 60.000 searches every month! So in the wilderness of internet we give these people a safety zone. Only market leaders & unique recruitment services here, so an excellent quality standard. We want to get the people on the portal, and from here directly to all the companies. Here they… Continue

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Are you working in IT or know of someone who does? Check out my new Wordpress Blog

Okay, so I finally made the plunge. I figured that I would rather get with it or be left behind. Please let me know your thoughts or suggestions. Feel free to add content under recruiting ideas. If you would like to add a link under blogroll to help boost your rankings; send me a note and I will be sure to add your site. Thanks!

Jay Perreault…


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The Trusted Recruiter

In his well-known book, The Trusted Advisor, David Maister explored the paradigm of that very important business relationship, using the professional services paradigm as a basis. His book covered some key components of trust (the trust equation), the process of creating trust (including the most common trust-breaking mistakes and this post includes a good example).

Trust is not a soft or an ambiguous concept – and it should not be. Some years ago I attended a one-week leadership… Continue

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Boolean Search Strings for Wild Goat Hunters Listening to Neil Diamond

Dear Glennlist

I have a search for a company that needs a Software Developer that programs in Java, has been nude sun bathing in South Beach but doesn’t eat fish but will eat shrimp tacos. Also, rides a Harley Davidson, listens to Neil Diamond and hunts wild Goats. Oh, and they need to live in Alaska close to Sara Palin’s home.

Thanks, Millhouse.


Wow! I just placed someone like that recently. Here is the search string that I used. Hopefully this… Continue

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STAR introduces its latest recruit, Financial Controller Sarah Rumball

We're delighted to announce that Sarah Rumball has joined STAR's support team, as a Financial Controller.

The search for a Financial Controller has been a lengthily one. STAR promises to find its clients not only the best people in the industry, but the best suited to their culture, and this rigorous approach to recruitment applies to internal STARs as well. With knowledge, ingenuity, and motivation given attributes, employees must also demonstrate behaviours compatible with STAR's… Continue

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Keeping up with the changing pace in IT advancement: A challenge for IT job seekers.

It is a well-known fact that information technology is one of the most dynamic and ever-changing professional fields in the word. While some say that the frequency at which information technology innovation evolves is astronomical, others compare

its changes to the brazing speed of light (That is approximately 299,792,458 m/s.)

Information technology changes so fast said Sandra Thompson, a former employee of eLinks Software. “Since I lost my job one year ago, it has been… Continue

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I won the #TruLondon 100 tweet challenge: I'm Going To #Trulondon Are You?

I have no idea how I’m going to get there: but I’m going.

I’m so excited. Last week the @radicalrecruit laid down the gauntlet and challenged the twitter community to a 100 tweet contest: the prize- free #trulondon unconference admission. After 24 hours of mad tweeting, I exceeded the 100 tweet quest and increased my follower base in so doing.

What blows my mind about this is that I was afraid that if I attempted to tweet 100 times in one day, my followers would leave me… Continue

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Important Questions for After the Interview

The Vice President closes her notebook and says she has no further questions. You sit back and let out a sigh of relief. You knocked that interview out of the park and now you can relax, right? Not exactly.

When the interviewer asks you if you have any questions before the interview ends, it really isn’t considered optional. This is your time to show that you have researched the company and really understand their core values, mission, goals and objectives, major players, and key… Continue

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