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Innovation through Inclusion

If you need innovation (and I think you probably do), you need diversity.

For more and more organizations in more and more industries, creativity and innovation are rapidly becoming the best new opportunity for establishing competitive advantage. This is no big secret as there is a great deal of writing, talking, buzz-wording, best-practicing and shouting about innovation today. Innovation is also coming to be viewed as increasingly important to education, non-profit and… Continue

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Building a "Recruitment Culture" in your organization

Building a “Recruitment Culture” in your organization

An important step in any recruiting strategy is to go beyond the typical employee referral program and build an internal Recruitment Culture. A Recruitment Culture is a mindset where every employee in an organization is responsible for helping to uncover talent every day. Referral bonuses or rewards are a primary tool but the mindset must be that it is in an employee’s best interest to work with the best talent available – and… Continue

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Resume & Candidate Interview training

I'm in search of a website or training software that could possibly train people on how to become better recruiters. Things like how to screen through resumes to find the perfect candidates for job orders and how to interview a candidate the right way no matter what industry they are looking to apply to. Please feel free to send me a message or post something to my page so that I can read it. I'm trying to get this information for a friend that wants to go into business with me and she doesn't… Continue

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Four Pink Slips and a Lawsuit

Now that Motorola is handing out pink slips to many on the mobile side, does this mean they're also going to be ramping up lawsuits targeted at the mobile companies who hire these people?

BTW, mobile developers make great non-mobile application… Continue

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Practice Interviews

There are a number of articles about this subject floating in cyberspace across a variety of blogs and interview advice forums. I wait with anticipation the article that I will read that tells of the flip side of this practice. Unfortunately to date, there is little I read that offers much more than the approval of the practice interview. The practice interview is defined as an interview in which someone applies for a role in which they are not interested, however qualified, in an attempt to… Continue

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January 14, 2009

Claudia's Wednesday Wisdom

Never one to shy away from tackling the more delicate issues that trouble recruiters from time-to-time, this week Claudia helps "Migraine in Maine" deal with a stinky co-worker...

"I’ve been told by people responsible for cadaver removal that Vicks VapoRub, when it strategically fills the entire nose cavity, prevents even the worst smells from making you sick."

Yeah, right. Better still:… Continue

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Looking for Sales and BD Consultants in US Staffing.

We are looking for Sales and BD Consultant (US Market). IT Staffing in Noida. If you are interested or have any references, Please feel free to contact me on or call me on 9910223463.

Added by Anupam Banerji on January 14, 2009 at 5:39pm — 1 Comment

Fill-Staff 10 For Recruiters - Total Talent Management - CRM+ATS+ARP = $$$

Hello Fellow Recruiters,

I hope you will take a few minutes to look at Fill-Staff 10 For Recruiters.

You won't believe the power until you see for yourself. Wow.

CRM+ATS+ARP(Automated Resume Processing) = $$$

There are a few Excellent Demo downloads on the Products Preview page.

Watch how ResumeGrabberPro addon Finds and Processes 50 resumes in Less Than 3 Minutes.

Just got a new Job Order? Our Custom "RoboMatcher" will locate matching… Continue

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HR Generalist opening

I have an open HR Generalist position in downtown Washington DC. Minimum of 3 years experience. If you know of anyone please send my way.

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What You Should Know About the New LinkedIn

Did you know that people with more than twenty connections on LinkedIn are thirty-four times more likely to be approached with a job opportunity than people with less than five. That fact came from Guy Kawasaki's blog in January of 2007. And while his 10 Ways to Use LinkedIn are still a good primer, much has changed since then.

In case you didn't know,…


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We are looking for someone with at last 7 years of Voice technologies to include Cisco Call Manager, Cisco Unity, Unified Communications as well as IPCC, CVP and IVR. CCIE Voice certification would be a BIG PLUS. IF you have this background and are interested in working in OHIO or currently live in OHIO, please send your most recent resume to Karen Francis (kfrancis@dreamjob.) or call me directly at 770-392-8720 ext 2203.

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Looking for Interns from Top B-Schools?

New Year, New MBA Students and New Resumes!

MBA Focus would like to better help you identify and attract top MBA students by offering you access to more than 10,000 “first-year” candidates from the top 60+ global MBA programs via online resume books and job boards. These recruiting tools allow you to… Continue

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Post Open Internships to Every Business School at Once!

MultiPost Your MBA Internship Openings!

MultiPost is a new service that allows companies to quickly and easily post job opportunities to the top graduate business school and alumni job boards. Use MultiPost to post open internships at your company’s office to MBA interns from more than 60 of the world’s top business schools.

Post your open internships to these schools and many more:…


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Recruitings Trends Survey - Please Help!

Standout Jobs and PBP Media would like to announce our joint Recruiting Trends 2009 Survey.

Click here:

The recession is overwhelming us with bad news, particularly in the world of HR. Our goal with this survey is to look at 2009 and beyond from a different angle; focusing less on hiring freezes, layoffs and other negative realities… Continue

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What makes me a Smart Recruiter?

I am a smart recruiter, because I do not lie to myself. Whenever I hear the hesitation in a candidate's voice that tells me something is wrong, or that there is something they are NOT saying, I choose to immediately address my concern.

This may sound elementary and foundational to some, but I believe that there are many recruiters out there who will try to act as though that little nuance in the conversation wasn't there, when in fact it is a huge red flag waving in the wind. All the… Continue

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Ever wish you could fly??? .. no truly fly? Check this out.

Don't watch this if you've had too much coffee. Could be dangerous to the heart. Check this out (be sure to watch full screen for full experience). Let me know (by commenting to this blog post, if this inspires you in any way.. and how. ENJOY!! ... absolutely amazing!

wingsuit base jumping from Ali on… Continue

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Smell the Roses

Dear Claudia,

I feel silly writing about this, but it’s come to the point that if I don’t get some advice soon, I’m gonna kill someone and plant sweet smelling flowers on his grave. Our company recently downsized and moved into a smaller office space; I now sit in a cubicle next to one of the engineers. Nice guy, very friendly (and curious about my job, which is annoying), but the real problem is that he has the worst body odor imaginable. No matter what I try, I can’t get away…

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High tech ... high touch

Late last year I spoke at a luncheon on the pool deck of the Hilton Hotel in Brisbane. During my brief address, I commented that technology, which was designed to assist our poductivity, is actually hindering our effectiveness to do smart business.

I explained that while clients attempting to arrange a meeting with me will be tapping away for minutes on their Raspberries searching for the calendar functions; the yearly planner of my Filofax is open at the ready,… Continue

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Interview Language

I was reading through a number of blogs and one of the more interesting things that was discussed was language, not the inappropriate kind, but of the cliches and annoying phrases that people use in common chit chatter that all too often make their way into the interview world. What if, by some chance, we could eliminate those during the interview? Would that help or assist us? More importantly, would people even notice?

First and foremost, alot of people do not notice the small… Continue

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January 13, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday with Kelly Dingee

Kelly shares a really simple hack for expanding the universe on Facebook which has her reminiscing:

"This search process distinctly reminds me very first training classes back in ’98, 'Find One, Find Them All'."

So, Do you like Facebook as a source?

Talent Talk Cafe with Susan Burns

Susan says:… Continue

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