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Benefits of Traffic Light Cameras

As a traffic cop, I’ve seen quite a few automobile accidents involving cars speeding through red lights. So when our police department was charged with the task to study the feasibility of using traffic cameras, I was all for it. Studies have shown that the red-light cameras act as a deterrent and the rate of accident due to people running red lights were reduced by asmuch as 30%. That is a significant improvement. Imagine the number of lives that these cameras have… Continue

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I love twitter for a lot of reasons. I'm happy that I am alive in the same era that twitter arrived in because I love it that much. What I love the most about twitter though is how it works and how it enables a lot of possibilities and how it works with job distribution but the great thing is that twitter works I think with almost everything.

About a month ago… Continue

Added by Slouch on September 2, 2009 at 12:30am — 2 Comments can save up to 30% on all your agency based hiring for permanent as well as temporary contract candidates !!!!

Have you heard about is a next generation service that utilizes the power of networking to fill jobs quickly and cost-effectively. You can use to reach millions of candidates, reduce costs and to hire both permanent candidates and temporary contractors. You can also use SkillGalaxy as an enterprise-wide solution for agency based hiring.

Let me explain you the service

I am sure your company hires candidate through… Continue

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If You Remember One Thing, Remember ToRead.

I know I’m going to lose a few buddies right out the gate when I say this, but women can kick our ass when it comes to remembering things. It’s true. Research has shown women are able to dig stuff up from the vault and dish it out in a nano second. Us guys struggle to remember what happened last night.

But if you’re on Twitter, you know there is crap load of links that are thrown your way daily. How many times have you clicked on those links and tried to remember where they were… Continue

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Devil’s Advocate for the Luddite - $ apropos

From: $ apropos

In the past couple of posts I have spent some time pondering how SNS can/will be incorporated into recruiting efforts. I looked at how Asurion Mobile Application’s AddressBook might integrate with an ATS, such as Jobvite. Both are focused on making use of and managing SNS based efforts, and therefore offer a way to capitalize on those technologies.

So at this point I feel the need to play devil’s… Continue

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A snippet from a day in the life of a recruiter

Dearest candidate,

Thank you for spending the time to conceive and prepare your resume. The multiple-colored fonts, 24-point type and boldly framed five pages documenting your experiences have, indeed, caught my eye. In addition, I appreciate your sleuthing skills in having found my contact information, and I remain impressed by your initiative to leave me five voicemail messages this week.

Unfortunately, the hiring manager with whom I am working has already selected a… Continue

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Recruitment Strategy Development – Applicant Tracking Systems

So far we have discussed why you should develop a recruitment strategy, corporate and third party sourcing and recruiting. Now that you know how you will source candidates, how will you store their resumes? In this blog RecruiterGuy discusses Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

To define applicant tracking systems in their simplest terms, they are an automated system that allows you to store resumes and candidate information, retrieve resumes, candidate process tracking, and develop… Continue

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Is ‘free’ the wave of the future for job boards?

You can’t cough these days without bumping into a ‘free’ job board, i.e., a job board where employers can post their jobs at no charge. Free job site, free Tweets, free everything. Now, there have always been a few of these boards around, but in the past year or so, it seems like they’ve been reproducing like the proverbial rabbits.

What gives? Some would argue that Free, by Chris Anderson, put a voice to a burgeoning movement: “In a marketplace with low marginal costs and many… Continue

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I hope everyone is doing great. I'm new to this blog but i have read that this is very help full in facilitating its members.

I'm looking for the following positions from Process Equipments (Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Boilers) Manufacturing field:

- Incharge Project Management
- Incharge Marketing
- Quality Assurance Engineer

If you have any reference please do share to help me out.



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Have You Ever Had a Boss You’d Call Friend - Burning Bridges

I'm sure you've heard the a saying, "The grass isn't always greener". Does this apply to you when it comes to your career? How many times have you left a company thinking it was the right thing to do?

Maybe you left for:

- more money

- loftier title

- closer to home

- more flexibility

- better people

The problem is once you get to the new company you realize they have their own warts that you didn't see during the interview process. This blog… Continue

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He found a job: My interview with Joe Rohde

This week I am interviewing Joe Rohde. Joe has had a great sales career and agreed to chat for a bit about what's been successful in his job search.

First, can you give an over view of your background and the circumstances that led to your unemployment?

My experience was continuous growth which alternated between startups and established companies. Typically my success was in establishing the 'early adopter' customers for new technologies and products. The immediately… Continue

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Hiring 32 Professionals: All agencies welcome to submit candidates*

*Conditions apply

Sounds fabulous, doesn't it? Surely it can't be true?

But it is! There really is a hiring boom in one organisation, in contrast to the hiring hibernation occurring almost everywhere else in the recruitment forest. And you don't have to have ANY previous relationship with the company to submit candidates.

Surely this is too good to be true? So what's the catch?

You bet there's a catch. And this catch provides a revealing glimpse into… Continue

Added by Ross Clennett on August 31, 2009 at 7:12pm — 3 Comments

The Great Recruiter Training Podcast #1

- Three Cold Calling Tips
- Call Reluctance
- Sales Expert Connie Kadansky
- NAPS Convention Promo
- NAPS Convention Special Pricing

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My Art Work

Hello everybody, this is my blog. Just want to share my art work with you all. Your

suggestions and comments will be helpful for me. I always want to do something new

and different.

What is different here?

Feel free you can give your comments.…


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Cloud Recruiting Nuts & Bolts II: Social Networking Services (SNS) and ATS - $ apropos

In the previous post I talked about a new mobile app in the pipeline from Asurion Mobile Technology: AddressBook. This app allows you to integrate social networking services with the address book on your smart phone such that one can track all of the SNS-based (social networking service) interactions with a particular individual from one place.

Of course this provides a number of benefits, including time management and better relationship management. In this post, I would like to… Continue

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Unifying a Fragmented Employment Industry

Many people have fallen victim to the ever fragmenting employment industry. High job board costs force companies to explore alternative avenues for advertising available positions and the scattering of jobs force job seekers to post their resume to multiple employment sites. Millions of jobs are left unfilled, millions of job seekers are left out of work, and thousands of job boards are cashing-in on the failures of both.

Overhead and value perception have created an unbalanced range… Continue

Added by Tanya Willette on August 31, 2009 at 9:21am — 1 Comment

Can the staffing industry really learn a lesson on customer service from Qantas, of all companies?

I see a lot of the inside of planes. Being responsible for a recruitment business in upwards of 25 cities, in 15 countries, takes care of that. And I have been a Qantas “Platinum Frequent Flyer” for 8 years straight as a result.

Lately I have been assessing why I usually fly Qantas, as I have been getting more and more aggrieved at the airlines pricing policy. Seriously, Qantas regularly have Business Class seats at TWICE the price of comparable airlines to places like Shanghai,… Continue

Added by Greg Savage on August 31, 2009 at 7:49am — 3 Comments

How to manage life as a consultant – stress

Let’s admit it, a consultant’s life is not exactly stress-free. Yes, there are no routine office pressures, no back biting to manage, no office politics to deal with and no boss to breath down your neck. That makes life much better for a consultant than for regular employees. But, there is always the uncertainty of work, low work periods, delays in payments and sometimes too much work coming your way. All these can cause grief, stress and in extreme… Continue

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Seven Secrets to Getting More Done


I have listed the seven secrets to getting more done below. To see the full article, visit the ‘articles’ section at

1. Plan your day.

2. Set daily targets.

3. Start your day with intensity.

4. Focus on improving your execution.

5. Maintain an Hour by Hour Focus.

6. Distance yourself from distractions.

7. Continuously observe your day and ask… Continue

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