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Pssst... Have you seen THE list? It's no secret that I'm a fan of Craigslist. I've been a fan since 1996 when I was first told about a great little mailing list that was locally run. (I'm from the Bay Area.) You see, Craigslist didn't start as the whopper of a site that it is…


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Well, it IS Friday - can you say "Jello Shots"?

Now don't get the impression I'm encouraging you to overdo this weekend, and certainly don't think that I will (I'm very conservative you know).

That being said (because everything on the net is immortal), here are some suggestions for you on how you might choose to spend your evening:

Traditional Jello Shots

10oz Vodka

2 (3 oz) packages of Jello

2 cups boiling water

1 cup cold water

Bring water to a boil and remove from heat. Dissolve… Continue

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You can't control candidates, but you can control the process

John Sumser posted a link to that article discussing candidate control. Which got me thinking back to my agency days as a senior recruiter and some of the common mistakes I'd see over and over with newer recruiters. Candidate control was always brought up when a sure thing placement would fall apart at the last minute. But it wasn't really candidate control that was to blame, because I don't think you can or should seek to 'control' a candidate, because that would imply that you would be… Continue

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Ways to SCAMPER for a Job

You can learn a lot from books.

The solution to almost any problem can be found in a book somewhere, and that includes problems you may be having with your job search.

In fact, there's one book I've used since 1996 to generate creative new ideas -- at will -- to produce job-hunting breakthroughs for my clients and readers.

Here's the funny part: It's not even a book.

It's a collection of 56 idea-generating cards, called, "Thinkpak: A Brainstorming… Continue

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PostgreSQL DBA search help

I am looking for an experienced DBA with Postgres/postgreSQL and 5 years SQL and data modeling, 5 years database administration for a strong start-up environment in Midtown Atlanta and offers benefits. I have posted it on the site but does anyone have any other ideas on how to find such a qualified DBA?

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Job Board of The Future

My latest press release, please tell me what you think:

The internet has made the job posting and job hunting process in many ways more convenient and efficient, enabling companies and individuals to expand geographical reach and to have access to dramatically improved communication tools. With dozens of job boards available however, the level of service is broadly uneven.

“Candidates are looking for simplicity and employers are looking to reduce costs…” says InovaHire… Continue

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Job Opening List for Telecom - Talents Needed

1.Senior/Principal Analog IC Design Engineer

Location: Santa Clara, CA


As a principal chip designer, the job function is to be responsible to architect analog modules, have good understanding of the design and verification

principles, provide guidance to junior engineers on design/simulation/layout, and perform reviews to improve the quality of delivery. He/she will also… Continue

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August 22, 2008

Today John contrasts coal with diamonds and asks:

Is recruiting a manipulative sport where human beings are precisely "Capital"? ...or is Recruiting a graceful endeavor where team building and consequence matter?
Why don't you dig in and see what you turn up: Digging Into v1.16

Happy Friday!… Continue

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Digging Into v1.16

Manners are everything.

Yesterday, I read the most obnoxious piece of Recruiting propaganda that I've ever seen. I've been wading through crap for many years. This particular nugget is in a category of its own.

Here's the offensive nonsense:…


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Does culture attract talent?


Are you an alpha factory taking newly graduated Ivy Leaguers and stamping out the future CEO's of tomorrow or are you wearing cargo shorts, Teva's with socks and banging out code while your golden retriever sits at your feet? Either of these cultures has their benefits and attract their specific target audience like clockwork. But not every company has an identified culture, or at least not one that is a selling point when attracting top candidates. What sets you apart? How are you… Continue

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Sample Interview Questions and a New Buzzword!

There are a lot of buzz words floating around in business these days. Mentoring, Coaching, Paradigms, Teamwork, etc… But I’d like to give you the scoop on really impressing someone who is interviewing you for a position. I like to call it the New Buzzword- WORK ETHIC.

I’ve interviewed numerous people for positions and fellow colleagues ask me what it is that impresses me the most from applicants. It is too easy to ask people to tell if they’re a team player or if they’re coachable.… Continue

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Ways to SCAMPER for Your Job

As posted on the MN Headhunter blog:

Article courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap

From Kevin Donlin

You can learn a lot from books.

The solution to almost any problem can be found in a book somewhere, and that includes problems you may be having with your job search.

In fact, there's one book I've used since 1996…


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Work from Home with a 15 year old Company

Want to make more money?

Work at Home with Benefits
Member of Consumer Health Alliance

15 year old debt-free company
• Great Career in Health Industry
• High Daily Pay
• Starting Average $300 -$900/week
• Residual Income
• Free Websites
• Health Benefits Included
• Free Training/Unlimited Support
• No selling or cold calling

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Affordable Health Programs (For the Uninsured and Under-insured)


Save up to 50% or more on Medical Care

INCLUDES: Free Dental, Vision, Chiropractic and Prescription Program and so much more.

Very Affordable

(for entire household)

Basic Health: $29.95/month

Total Health: $39.95/month

Total Health Plus: $59.95/month

• No waiting period

• Instant Savings/Members Pay All Health Care Provider Fees

• No Paperwork

• All Ongoing Dental/Medical Problems Are Accepted &… Continue

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School Bus Drivers Needed!!!!!

My name is Lori Adams and I'm a new Recruiter for National Express. I am new to the transportation industry and I am hoping someone out there can help me. Durham is a full service student transportation provider operating more than 15,000 school buses; 11,500 in the US & 3,500 in Canada. We are always looking for quality School Bus Drivers. My latest and greatest challenge is locating talent in one of our new territories-HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA. The company hosted a recruiting event in May as… Continue

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Long Distance Job Search Tips

If you're looking for a job in a distant city, you face an extra challenge: How do you convince employers to interview you when there are plenty of local applicants to choose from?

Challenging, yes. Impossible, no.

You can make a long-distance job search work. All it takes is some planning and creative effort.

Here are four ways that others have found work in far-off places. What can you learn from their stories?… Continue

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Two Job Search Tips From a Sales Pro

Every job search is a sales campaign. You knew that, right?

Before getting hired for any job -- from accountant to zoologist -- you must first sell an employer on the idea of "buying" the services you offer as an employee. So, the more sales tricks you know, the shorter your next job search is likely to be.

With that in mind, I interviewed sales expert Jeffrey Gitomer, author of several best-sellers, including the "Little Red Book of Selling" and "Little Black Book of… Continue

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Padded Executive Resumes: Are Hiring Corporations Getting What They Ask For?

We look up to our bosses. They've acquired a status many strive to achieve. Keeping up with high-achievers can be daunting and make a person feel somewhat inferior. So while we cluck away at completing those degrees and paying our dues at each career rung, discovering people aren't always who they say they are is a deep form of betrayal both to colleagues and companies alike. What if some who surpass you in line for career succession get there by false representation? Would you hold your… Continue

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"Making Talent a Strategic Priority": Thoughts From the Fringe (Part 1)

The new McKinsey Quarterly came out today, and thus, it is a good day. Of particular interest is the article titled, "Making Talent A Strategic Priority", by Guthridge, Komm, and Lawson. For those of you who, much like me, have trouble digesting 3,000 any later than 2 hours post-coffee (or Green Tea for the caffeniatically-challenged), I'm going to translate and focus on those elements to… Continue

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Analyzing Body Language

I'm a fan of the neo-necon. She's a psychotherapist who was raised as Democrat but swung to the centre-right. So, she's not voting for Obama.

The other day, she analyzed his body posture. I initially said that her comments were the product of pure bias but she challenged my opinion so I had a second look and think that it might be of interest to us as recruiters.…


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