Recruiting Blogs (20,529) 2010 Most Valuable Employers (MVE) for Military™ Nominations Opened

Since 1991, Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI) has been helping Fortune 1000 companies source and hire from the military-experienced talent pool. Today on Veterans Day, BMI subsidiary, where America’s Military connects with Civilian Careers, opened nominations for the 2010 Most Valuable Employers for Military (TM) award. To be emailed a nomination, contact .…


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Recruiter Houseparty Tonight at 8pm

Tonight there is a new radio show about recruiting of course and it's hosted by Geoff Webb. It's the first show of this series and he will be talking about online recruiting communities and the things to think about when building them. Geoff asked me and Dave Manaster who runs to join him for the discussion. Dave's a smart guy and a good friend so I'm not too nervous… Continue

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Honor Vets and Vet-friendly Companies

Today is a day set aside to thank veterans for preserving freedom and to remember those who paid the ultimate price for freedom. I want to thank every one of my brothers and sisters at arms and also honor the companies who are hiring them as they come back home and into the workforce, not just today but every day.

DirectEmployers' Members who made the Military Friendly… Continue

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SEO is NOT the Golden Ticket - SEO Demystified

Although SEO seems to be the new buzz in recruiting web 2.0 strategies, it has actually been used for years as a tactic to increase sales for online businesses.

SEO and how it fits into the recruiting industry is greatly misunderstood.

SEO Is just a tool

At the end of the day, SEO is not the end all and be all. It is one tool that can be very effective to have in your tool box. No doubt, if done correctly, search engine optimization can work… Continue

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Need an Ecommerce Java Developer at South Bay ,CA

HI All,

I need an Ecommerce Java Developer for a client in South Bay,CA.

Mandatory Skills:

• 7-10 years experience in developing web applications

• Experience in object oriented design and programming, J2EE applications, tier components (JDBC, Servlets, JMS, JNDI, etc.), Java/J2EE design patterns, SOAP, Web Services and stand alone Java applications.

• Deep understanding of service oriented software architecture and design issues.

• Experience with E-Commerce… Continue

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Nice is a Four-Letter Word

Starting a new job can be nerve-racking, especially when it comes to adapting to a new work environment. It's as important for new hires to be able to mesh well with their coworkers as it is for them to be able to quickly learn how to do their new jobs. So what's the best way for a new employee to endear himself to his coworkers? Should he strive to be… Continue

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Are You "Professional"???

What makes someone “Professional”?

I’ve read interesting takes on that question lately. Some good points, and some… not so much. What defines professionalism? Based on various pieces I’ve read, it’s certainly subjective. Whatever the definition anyone uses, it’s often THE factor that tips the scale from one candidate to another in the hiring process.

In trying to define it, the dictionary doesn’t seem to be much help. Webster defines professionalism as: “the conduct, aims,… Continue

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Cashing In On Psychic Income

In our September 14 posting, Managing Your Emotional Investments In A Job Search, we talked about the gambler’s fallacy as it relates to job hunting and offered some tips on how to navigate the waves of emotion that arise as you look toward securing your next job. In… Continue

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South Africa’s Employment Times: Jobs, Unemployment and Hiring in Q4 2009.

In a statement by Mr Ebrahim Patel, Minister of Economic Development, to the National Assembly on the framework for South Africa’s response to the International Economic Crisis on 20 August 2009 he said: “The recession was triggered by the global economic crisis and South Africa lagged many other economies in the timing of its impact on our production, employment and economic performance. Early signs were evident from late last year but the economic data released this year has confirmed the… Continue

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Did You Know? MBAs Looking for International Internships

DID YOU KNOW thousands of first-year MBA students are looking for summer internships around the globe? Below is the number of available summer interns and their geographic preference:

* 4,102 in NYC

* 2,474 in Nebraska

* 2,141 in London

* 1,627 in Paris

* 1,490 in Alberta

* 601 in Kazakhstan

* 534 in Kuwait

Plus thousands of other MBAs looking for summer work in hundreds of other places around the world.

You can find these class of… Continue

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ListGrabber Pro - Data Entry & Candidate Lead Generation Tool for Recruiting Professionals

Do you spend hours manually "Copy-Pasting" candidate details into your Database Application?

Manually entering contact information into a HRIS or HRMS is a tedious and distracting task to busy sales and recruiting professionals. ListGrabber's contact capture technology eliminates this time consuming manual data entry process. It automatically captures candidate contact information on Websites, online directories, in e-mail signatures, documents, spreadsheets, etc and… Continue

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Imagining SourceCon 2010 Atlanta. Can You Dig It?

SourceCon 2010 represents you, the Recruiter. It represents the hard working Americans fighting in the trenches every day to create a safe, clean, and healthy planet while using the latest in Boolean search string technology. That’s why I am challenging the folks at ERE to embrace my vision of SourceCon 2010 in Atlanta (Not San Diego).

The stage is your basic five story iPhone that comes with a 200 foot long video screen in the shape of… Continue

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Ready to make money in recruitment again?

Are you starting to make money in recruitment again? I don’t mean the nickels and dimes, I mean are you starting to make some serious money that you made earlier in this decade? If not then, maybe you should see how to reposition yourself.

The first thing you should do when repositioning yourself is understand where the economy is heading and what the economy will demand in the coming quarters. One of the best resources for recruiters who want to… Continue

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Go West! (or East, South or North)

For months we’ve been talking with those unfortunate IT professionals that have been affected by the economic downturn through RIF, layoffs, outsourcing, etc. about being flexible in their search. Flexible in the type of work they’ll do, their commuting distance, the salary they’ll accept…and finally we told them to be flexible in where they live and that while selling a house may be daunting there career livelihood may depend on it. However, after hearing… Continue

Added by bill martineau on November 10, 2009 at 11:57am — 3 Comments

Breaking the Cycle - Video

In my post on Breaking the Cycle of job board dependency I shared some historical insight to our industry and I believe this video is the pretty cool compliment..

This is one of the most recent edu-marketing videos provided by DirectEmployers… Continue

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Funny Tweet Hiring Video

The guys at TweetMyJobs are… Continue

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Job boards and applicant tracking systems

The appeal of applicant tracking systems (ATS) for employers is obvious: they promise to bring order to the often disordered process of managing job applicants. An ATS can theoretically drive all job applicants into a single pipeline, massage their unruly information into neatly ordered database fields set up exactly as the employer desires, and allow HR to actually manage the interactions with applicants.

Sometimes the ATS works well – and sometimes (like all software) it doesn’t.… Continue

Added by Jeff Dickey-Chasins on November 10, 2009 at 9:08am — 2 Comments

The Many Choices of HR

Last week, a final year MBA student wanted me to coach him, as he was keen to move into HR, in itself a little unusual career choice. In talking to his university career manager, he was an excellent student with a passion for HR. Now HR is not always seen as the preferred choice for ambitious, talented and commercially orientated graduates, which is his profile.

At times, I am still amazed and also a little disappointed, when I read the criticism by HR people of HR and it’s value to… Continue

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Explaining the National Labor Exchange

Tuesday Tutorial is a series of sponsored posts brought to you by the vendors and supporters of

By Chad Sowash

After… Continue

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How long should you wait for a business appointment?

(This column was originally published in SNEWS, the most trusted outdoor and fitness industry news source since 1984.

King Louis XVII of France once said, "Punctuality is the courtesy of kings." Nearly 200 years later, some businesspeople still haven't perfected this courtesy. If you have an appointment to meet someone, and that person is late, how long should you wait?

No matter where you are on the food chain,… Continue

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