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Seth Godin and Tribal Marketing

Source: From Gaping Void, Interview With Seth Godin

I like Seth Godin. But when I read point number one in this interview, I had to wonder if I'm dumb.

He claims to be saying something radical but it seems to be a confusing restatement of the most basic business principle: If you provide a product to a market that wants it you are going to be successful.

Or is he saying that if you want… Continue

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How Much Jason Davis Earns from Blogging

just a guess...

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College Recruiting... Like Corporate Does?

So I've a friend that is a college recruiter. But not like you'd probably think. Most people hear the term 'College Recruiter' and think of a fast talker looking to get new grads to attend their college because of this sports program or that sports program. Others might imagine a corporate (or professional sports) type that hits the colleges to impress juniors and seniors with great corporate culture or career opportunities.

My friend recruits for people to attend college… Continue

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Hispanic Culture, Hispanic Recruiting

"Hispanics often are raised in environments in which they’re taught not speak up and that sharing their accomplishments constitutes bragging."

"People tend to assume all Hispanics are the same — that’s like assuming everyone who speaks English is the same."

"The death rate of frontline Hispanics in the manufacturing and construction industries is higher than any other group, so organizations would be wise to implement work-safety training programs in Spanish for those…

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200 Best Small Companies...Best Recruiting too?

Here's Forbes 200 Best Small Companies: Was wondering is these companies also have better than average recruiting functions. Anyone from these companies on RBC?

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Gen Y meltdown? Is there going to be an evolution in the generation Y revolution?

Meltdown Nothing like making a contentious statement on a Friday is there? Well this one has been rattling around my brain for the last week, and I felt it was about time it got 'aired'!

Is there now going to be an evolution in the generation Y revolution?

For all the people that read my blog regularly (and thank you by the way), you will have got the vibe that I am a…


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"Sea of candidates"

There's a reason people associate used-car salesmen with charlatans. Cars went from a luxury to an absolute necessity, and with the proliferation of models, brands and personalization of automobiles, who's to know if the one you're getting is better or worse than an equally priced one next door?

Similarly, Software Professionals have gone from targeting their careers to sophisticated design of top secret military programs or higher education applications to being requested for pretty… Continue

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LinkedIn Recruiting Companion

I'm speaking at a chapter of the MOAPS October 23rd, teaching recruiters how to use LinkedIn for their recruiting needs. The training differs significantly from what you'll see in other places - it's purpose is to convince recruiters that the attitude you take into a network like LinkedIn is more important than the actual number of contacts or the resumes you can uncover.

The training looks like it will be reprised in Springfield, MO later this year, under a new arrangement I've put… Continue

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Recruiter - Counselor - Confidant

As recruiters, we work with companies when they are on the verge of change. Most of the time, they are either ramping up for growth, replacing someone who's left, replacing someone who's currently in the position, or are adding a new division and they need to staff up. Either way - a job order from a company signifies change, growth, and new opportunity.

It goes without saying that the candidates with whom we work are at the cusp of change in their lives as well. They are either… Continue

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October 9. 2008

Check out Mark Berger's tips on building a home-made ATS. To compliment a list of services that will help you populate it with resumes Mark points us to some off-the-shelf tools for finding that diamond in the rough.

Read: Need More Resumes? here...

Happy Thursday! Ami G.

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Today is Phone Sourcing Class!

Today is the MagicMethod Phone Sourcing Classroom Chat over on the MagicMethod network at noon (EST). This week's topic is a continuation of the last few classes - chasing ideas on how to develop sourcing business in these troubled times.

Developing business really isn't that much different from developing a "names list" - first we have to find who the decision maker is for this activity within organizations and then the more challenging… Continue

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The Desire To Succeed, Networking Will Get You There! Facing The Giants.

So, here we are, nearing the under 9,000 mark on the DOW and watching the world economy on a roller coaster ride of epic proportions. These are the days of lost savings, and epic hopes dashed. These are the days where your co-workers are watching their bank accounts, and freinds and family wonder: What's Next? How will I pay that bill? So much is happening around us, and many folks need that innate spark to light the way. Who will lead that way? Who will be the power players to ignite change?… Continue

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Refresh, Refresh, and Refresh some more....

I am career coach and love to help people get hired within in 6 weeks to 2 months from the day they start their job search. I used to be a recruiter and a headhunter for about 9 years. I like to give my clients hot tips that will help them get noticed in cyber space.

It used to be that 80-90% of the people that had success quickly in their job searches were heavily networked or really using their networks. Well those statistics have significantly changed over the last 4-5 years. Most… Continue

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Interview and Stuff (about joblish)

I just completed a video interview with Bill Vick, the recruiting guru and publisher of We talked about joblish, how it came to be and how it's used. I'll post a copy here when Bill releases it.

On the "Stuff" front, here's a suggestion for how an HR professional or recruiters should use joblish. (

When you're using joblish to write job ads, or code resumes, just use it. There's no need to register or to log in if you are a… Continue

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Why Americans are Confused with the "Bailout"

American Math Chuckleheads - and read the comments too.

Is it any wonder that metrics confuse so many recruiters?

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SQL Developers Required , Kennesaw GA Area!!

Hello all,

I am working for staffing company and ready to split the share. 10% margin till the candidate is on contract.

I am looking for candidate for a 3-6 month contract opportunity in the Kennesaw area.

Here are the details:

SQL Developer will be responsible for the analysis, design, development, maintenance and support of software applications.

Develop stored procedures

Perform tuning and optimization

Conduct unit-level… Continue

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Are you keeping your eyes wide open?

We all know that the economy currently has some challenges (that’s putting it mildly), and that it will continue to impact companies staffing decisions for sometime to come. Typically, this puts people into what I refer to as a defensive career posture where they are simply making sure that if negative events (RIF, outsourcing, etc.) happen at their company they aren’t the people involved. But unless you're like the guy I spoke with this morning at Wachovia Bank who is hoping to make it the six… Continue

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HELP! Need Recruiters with Sales/PR job openings!

I have been doing some career exploration with a current client of mine. Ultimately we discovered that she has the appropriate interests, behaviors and competencies to pursue a career in one of the following areas:

Medical Device Sales

Alternative Fuel Research/Sales

Public Relations

Business Analyst

Software Sales Management

I would love to help her find a position that is a good fit for her therefore, I am reaching out to recruiters who may have open… Continue

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Animal Show Wed Oct 8 NOON Eastern Time

Alexandra Small - Recruiting Animal Show

GUEST: Alex Small

TOPIC: I'm looking for a recruiting job in Toronto

How do you introduce yourself ?

-- I'm a recruiter that specializes in french roles and IT

Which… Continue

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Networking or List Building? (and a little Janet Jackson)

List building... what a concept. Last week I issued a challenge for the month of October. The challenge was to get involved in a social network - to create dialogue and interact - and see what happens. Based on a few emails (and a voicemail!) that I received this week I suspect that what I may have failed to really talk about might have been the difference in growing a… Continue

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