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All the money wasted on newspaper advertising...

I recently decided to do an "old school" advertising campaign for a hard to fill position. We had a gorgeous ad and it ran all through a particular state. Results: no qualified candidates. For the cost, I could have run it on niche websites that I don't use all of the time. I learned that my gut instincts are correct and not to give into pressure to advertise where I really don't want to. Lesson learned! FYI - I recruit licensed allied healthcare professionals.

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Silly Job Seeker Mistakes

The job seekers that think they know what to avoid doing during a job interview are usually the job seekers that make silly mistakes! Your everyday habits carry with you during a job interview, and because they are habits, most job seekers don’t even know they are doing something! Before your next job interview, make sure you don’t make any of the following silly mistakes:

Silly Job Seeker Mistake #1: Too Much Perfume or Cologne

This is my favorite! Have you ever been in a… Continue

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Work-Life Balance: Not Just a Phrase Anymore

Work-life balance has been getting a lot of ink in recent times, and a tough job market nothwithstanding, it looks like it is going to continue to get plenty more.

I saw some "early return" stats the other day that came from a survey (still in progress so far as I know) sponsored by the AESC (Association of Executive Search Consultants).… Continue

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Meet RD Whitney: Expansion of OnRec in North America


Linked In Profile:

Email for more information.

RD Whitney is currently orchestrating the expansion of OnRec in North America. As Business Development Director of Caroo Media, the rapidly growing online division of… Continue

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DOORS Admin Needed!

Job Duties:

* Administers a DOORS database to provide control and traceability of design requirements for complex system development programs.

* Administers the application for use by multiple programs, configures the database to meet individual program needs, enters, links, analyzes and reports requirements data.

* Reviews requirement data for completeness and correctness. Enables the generation of requirements documentation embodying the stored requirements data.

*… Continue

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An interview with

I don't know how many of you have had a look at yet? In a word: cute. Great idea, great networking capability, great future. We're all creating VisualCVs over the next couple of weeks, and will post them here. Thanks Scott and Alex for organising this.

Everyone knows the internet has changed how people look for work. Recruiters have had to adapt (and will have to continue to adapt) their businesses for this. Want a… Continue

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Oil Drilling's Effects on Job & Economy

Classic Supply &… Continue

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Podcast: RD Whitney, CEO at Onrec USA, previews Onrec 2008 with HRmarketer's Jonathan Goodman

RD Whitney, CEO at Onrec USA, recently spoke with HRmarketer's Jonathan Goodman for an insightful discussion about the online recruiting marketplace and a preview of the upcoming Onrec Expo 2008. The upcoming Onrec Expo will place on September 9-10, 2008 at the Donald E Stephens Convention Center in Chicago.

Readers of this blog wishing to attend the… Continue

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Business Lunch Etiquette

Business lunch etiquette is undoubtedly one of the most talked about topics in business. Business lunches are becoming more popular than office meetings, and much tastier, but they require a lot more effort! Before arriving to your next business lunch, be sure to go over these tips:

Business Lunch Etiquette Tip #1: Arrive Early

You always want to arrive about fifteen minutes early to a business lunch. You don’t want to be “That Guy.”

Business Lunch… Continue

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Back To Work After Retirement?

What’s retirement? Is there such a thing? Mary White at the Mobile Technical Institute & MTI Business Solutions has some advice. . .

Many individuals are choosing to re-enter the workforce after retiring from their primary careers. Whether out of economic necessity, a desire to remain active, or to pursue alternate career paths, it’s a fact that many individuals are staying in the workforce well past the traditional retirement age.

Opportunities Are Plentiful… Continue

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Structural Negotiations In Recruiting Sales

Cross-posted at

I'm reading a book on negotiation, and it covers the importance of negotiating with decision makers. The example given is that of a car dealer, where the salesperson actually has no authority to make the decision on a deal.

If you've ever been annoyed when a car salesman leaves to go speak to the sales manager, it's helpful to remember that the salesperson isn't… Continue

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Monster is setting up a European Customer Central in Brno, Czech Republic

It has been rumoured for a while that Monster was laying off German customer care staff in order to set up a new client central in the Czech Republic. My German blogger friend Thorsten took up the challenge and made an in-depth research to find out about the truth. Since his… Continue

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eMOM Countdown and Project Update...

eMOM The countdown has begun. There is less than a weekend left of the current campaign partnership with eMailOurMilitary (eMOM) and Mary Kay Sales Director, Nancy Sutherland to get sun care and skin care packages to US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Having raised just under $2,000 so far the…


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Wow, a nice new layout on!!!!

Well done!

The new layout makes it stand out from the default ning based networking sites.

Compliments to the designer!
Ivan |

Added by Ivan Stojanovic on August 16, 2008 at 12:12pm — 2 Comments


So I am back now from a 1 week vacation in BC. I have a lot of friends who live out there, and was able to do and see so many amazing things.

I started out with 4 days of yoga in the mountains, at a retreat on a ranch just outside of Prince George which is owned by my yoga centre. It was wonderful to be completely offline and surrounded by the beauty of untouched nature. The retreat was also kind of like a detox, since there was no alcohol, and all of the food was healthy. Actually… Continue

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Time To Turn it up a Notch Or Two

This past week I was knocked to the mat, no, taken to the floor. In a couple of moments it was as though riding on a high, I was brought back to the earth again-well not that bad.

I think we all go through moments where we know we have been successful, and then we have a moment where we find that life, or in general our perspective, takes a turn when a bump in the road called life turns up. This is good, it means its time to turn it up a notch or two and regain the perspective of… Continue

Added by Mike Rasmussen on August 16, 2008 at 2:00am — 1 Comment

The Information Technology (IT) Gap in The U.S.

An under-representation of cross-diversity in the IT Workforce

Keywords: IT workforce, IT professional skills gap, under-represented groups, virtual social networks.

There's something in the "air" in today's Information Technology (IT)employment environment. You can almost hear it; it's not unlike an ultra high pitch sound of air escaping from a microscopic fissure in an overblown balloon. This analogy of the sound of escaping "air" is nothing less than… Continue

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Finally, A Network for Subject Matter Experts!

Finally a Network For SMEs!

There is no doubt in the mind of many web-savvy users that social networking sites have made a huge impact in career management and industry hiring practices. According to a major web information company,, social networking sites occupied five of the top fifteen visited websites. A quick search at any of the popular social networking sites (Linkedin, Facebook, and MySpace, etc) will show there are many "super" social linkers who have… Continue

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Self-Marketing = Effective Career Management

Career management requires a very important ingredient that some are uncomforable with -- self-promotion. SMEOracle not only makes it more comfortable to promote your skills and experience but also makes it very easy process!

SMEO's Professional Highlight feature allows you to promote your talent and skills in a manner very similar to what branding experts use to promote products. The trick is to create a brand image that conjures images that pop into other people's minds… Continue

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Build your network and work with your friends through referral

Everyone dreams he/she can work around his/her friends on day. It'll be more comfortable and efficient to work with your friends. It's awesome.

Here is my survey in LinkedIn (, Raghunandan mentions why he referral:

"As an employee, I would like to refer my trusted friend for the open positions because, I am responsible for creating value to my company as

1. I am aware of the expertise the person brings to the table.

2. I am aware…

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