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What A Stoic Philosopher (A 'Real One'!) Taught Me About Recruiting

If you've sat through a Philosophy course or are just interested in the differing schools of thought, let me toss out a few tidbits and how they shape our view of recruiting:

That's Marcus Aurelius above. If you don't have his post-humous compilation, "Meditations", I'd recommend it in small doses. [Note: Sorry… Continue

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Graduate recruiting tip: Go on campus

There's no substitute to meeting graduates in person.

You can gain so much subjective information through a face-to-face meeting that you just can't get in the online version. But you can use the Internet to do a lot of your ground work, including using a recruitment management system to automatically schedule interviews. Click here to read more of the… Continue

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Common Job Interview Questions: Prepare for the Expected

Have you ever been caught off guard by a job interview question? It is natural to be nervous during a job interview, and it can be particularly unnerving to be asked a question that you didn’t expect. The best thing you can do to prepare for your next job interview is to put some time into preparing answers to some of the most common and important job interview questions.

Can you tell me something about yourself?

No interview is complete until the interviewer asks this question.… Continue

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Professional Development Can Keep You Ahead of the Curve

Individuals who are dedicated to enjoying maximum career success and job satisfaction understand the importance of participating in professional development and continuing education activities on an ongoing basis. Whether you want to change professions, move into management, or become an outstanding employee in your current position, constantly striving to improve your skills and knowledge base can be very beneficial to you and to your employer.… Continue

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Seven Commuter-Friendly Companies

If the high cost of driving to work has you beaten down, consider what these seven companies are doing to make life more commuter-friendly:

1) Principal Financial

The Des Moines, Iowa-based financial services firm underwrites a deal with the local public transit authority that allows its 8,000 employees to ride local buses for free, simply by flashing their company ID's.

2) F5… Continue

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August 15, 2008

TGIS (Thank Goodness, Its Sumser!)

Digging Into

John's post today needs no introduction except to say we love it when Papa's grumpy!

Monster Baiting (or at least mental monster baiting)...That's funny because it's a play on words. It's not a mispelling. One of the toughest things about the web is that word play is hard to notice in a sea of bad grammar and terrible spelling. The tsunami of content generated by new publishing…

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A Recruiter's Personals AD

The more I think about it the more I come to the conclusion that we need to return to the basics. I was involved in a discussion today about the need for recruiters to learn to create better job postings. There is still a lot of what we used to call spaghetti recruiting out there. For those of you not old enough to have heard that expression spaghetti recruiting is the methodology of throwing enough resumes at a hiring manager thinking one of them simply has got to stick!

As I… Continue

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Digging Into v1.15

I've been thinking about writing an article. I want to get back into the groove of daily publishing. Really, it's just about me. I like the discipline. I did it for 14 years. I've taken a year off. I miss it.

I was going to call the article "Monster Baiters".

I wanted to point out the fact that some widely read bloggers seem to make an enormous amount of hay at Monster's expense. It turns out that the harshest critics are deeply supported by Monster's competition. It's hard to…


Added by John Sumser on August 14, 2008 at 11:13pm — 1 Comment

Coder III

Seeking a Manager of HIM and Coder III for Health Information Management for a children's hospital. Must have inpatient coding experience.
Please forward resumes to me.

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Share your knowledge about LinkedIn as a search tool. Here are two from me.

Dear Everyone,

I went to an online networking seminar hosted by LinkedIn today in San Jose, CA. It was pretty good and I learned a few neat tricks to increase the chances of your LinkedIn profile being found by employers or anyone looking for someone with your background.

So here are two things you can do right away...

1. Change your LinkedIn Public Profile URL link to one that has your name such as > (change it to your name. if… Continue

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Using Social Media to Recruit Talent and Develop Business


Complete post at

I’ve found social media an effective outlet for accomplishing two initiatives: recruiting talent and developing new business accounts. Both are primary functions of my role at Vivus, and though my strategies aren’t…


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HELP: Software Engineer for Microsoft Corp. ---Please refer suitable applicants for me(URGENT)

Hi all,

This is Jack of

Microsoft(Shanghai) Corp. have 50 openings at , they need USA engineers all over the state.

Although work in Shanghai, China, you can get Microsft US pay.

Please apply at: & (greater opportunity for you can direct talk to hiring manager Junboz.)

OR send resume/rek to, thanks, I appreciate your help.

Here is the… Continue

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Passive Candidates, an Oxymoron?

We all know what active candidates are, they have their resume prepared, they are on the major job boards and they are actively applying to jobs. What is a passive candidate? The common definition is that passive candidates are not actively looking and they have to be pursued.

Are candidates open to job inquiries on, and other networking sites active or passive? The transition from passive to active is a click, literally.

Once a candidate prepares their… Continue

Added by Fred Dimyan on August 14, 2008 at 1:30pm — 4 Comments

[Job Seeker Blog] Other People's Money

Passive Gamble There are so many options available to job seekers when the job hunt begins that it can be pretty scary to anyone just getting back into the swing of things - and hoping to not swing for too long. Is it okay to just post a resume on this board or should I use that board? Should I try and find the hiring person and flood them with calls or trust that the resume screener will relay the message to the hiring manager of just how awesome I am? Do I take a headhunter seriously or take…


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Come On Baby!! The Waiting Game...

Here I am in sweltering Phoenix, AZ, waiting impatiently for a certain new arrival to make an entrance. I am the designated Birth Coach for my sister who is having her second child, and this little boy (Joel) is taking his sweet time in exiting the womb! My view of this process from the Birth Coach side has really changed the way I have traditionally understood this role.

When you have your own kids, and you're the female, you just expect the father to Man Up - be there for you,… Continue

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August 14, 2008

Third Party Thursday

Closing the gap between Search and Hired!

A brilliant video from Scott Love that covers everything from improving performance across the board by 20%, physics, thermo dynamics, time compression, internet research, Britney Spears, boiling water, egg timers, tinnitus, and shopping with Heather Hamilton...and still leaves you with 55 minutes to finish up your… Continue

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Sourcing is like attending a garage sale

The more I think about this the more it makes sense to me. Everything you need to know about sourcing you can learn by attending a garage sale!! Call it what you will; maybe it is the thrill of the hunt, the thrill of finding hidden treasure, or maybe even the thrill of beating the system. (You know, getting good stuff for a fraction of its value!) If you ever attended one you’ll… Continue

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New Facebook group for Recruiters!!

Hi all, just created a new Facebook group dedicated to recruiters and candidates coming together. check it out and join!!

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Job Openings for recruiter at

Hi all,

Here is the job openings for recruiter at

Technical Recruiter

Senior Corporate Recruiter

Sales Recruiter

Onsite Corp Recruiter…


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Sourcing for Diversity Candidate (for 501c3 / 6) in Washington D.C.

We are sourcing for diversity candidates on behalf of our client, a 501c3 Member Organization and a 501c3 Foundation within the Washington DC area.

Our client is an independent non-profit organization, comprised of a diverse membership. The group's mission is to provide it's members with network and leadership forums that add perspective and direction to enable the achievement of excellence in business.

They are a unique, individual membership organization representing the… Continue

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