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Resource links on for recruiters?

seo advice from Einstein I spend the first 45 minutes of every day reading blogs and forum. It's healthy to read lots of different viewpoints and have a good picture of what's happening around us. But, it's also easy to learn the wrong things from the "experts". Years ago, there seem to be a consensus that reciprocal links no longer worked.

As a result, we abandoned the practice. The real lesson we should have learned was this -- reciprocal links became less effective, but so what? They were still a…


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The Slice


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What do recruiters want from a resume?

We asked a few recruiters what they like and what their pet peeves are, when it comes to resumes. Here's what they had to say.

What they look for in a resume:

  • "It has to do with whether the person has progressive career development along the way. Is there career growth, what type of projects and assignments did they handle. Will they fit the job they are applying for"
  • "Appearance - should be sharp, readable, easy to skim, clean and no…

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Why is this corporate recruiter "just not that into me"?

perplexed Last time we spoke about some reasons why corporate recruiters don't always seems to be on your side. We discussed how these reasons could be mistakes made on both sides.

From some feedback I got (mostly from the recruiter world), there is sometimes a misconception of impropriety by the recruiter because candidates try to "shoe horn" themselves into being the right fit for a position even though it is… Continue

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June 26, 2009

Above the Fold

John Sumser introduces us to the first of the funny accents as he chalks another one up...Top 100 v 1.10 Rob McIntosh

Friday Features

Bill Radin posts on the importance of Language in Business. Recruitomatic replies with more… Continue

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How to Approach a Partnership with an ATS Vendor

Every so often I get asked by companies or individuals what I feel is the best way to approach a partnership with an applicant tracking system (ATS) vendor. This typically revolves around the introduction of a new technical integration the company has to offer. While it is important to note every potential partnership is different, I believe there are some factors that can maximize the partnership potential. Again, these factors might differ from ATS vendor to ATS vender depending on the type… Continue

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Your Recruiter is there to Help

It is a difficult job market, but your recruiter (headhunter, employment agency - call them what you will but be nice) is there to help. They are overwhelmed with resumes and underwhelmed with job opportunities at the moment. While you want to stay fresh in your recruiter's mind, you don't want to stalk them or waste their time by applying for jobs where you don't qualify. So what's the best approach?

Research - Research recruiters before contacting them to ensure… Continue

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Building Your Recruiter Contact List

One of your main job search resources is, of course, your recruiter/headhunter contacts. As I've mentioned many times before, while you should not contact every recruiter in the world, you should build a list of recruiters who specialize in your industry and preferred location. Today we will add a few more names to that list.

Clark Davis Associates - Clark Davis focuses on job opportunities in the New York tri-state area with specialities in… Continue

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How to Work With a Recruiter | Top Five Tips to a Successful Business Relationship

With the unemployment rates soaring and the number of companies hiring through the traditional job boards and classified advertising down, what's a job seeker to do when you're considering making a change? The truth is in spite of the current economic conditions, there are many companies who are hiring. The problem is that as their staffs have been cut, they are turning to headhunters to quickly fill the positions - because they simply don't have the manpower to follow the recruitment process… Continue

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Pre Employment Tests Can Avoid Bad hires

Business owners could avoid making bad hiring decisions by implementing pre employment tests, according to a new study.

A recent survey from SurePayroll found that three out of four business owners admitted to hiring at least one employee that they later regretted. On top of that, 12 percent of business owners indicated that the mistake resulted in a significant financial loss, or more than $10,000 per bad… Continue

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5000 followers and nobody wants to help; frustrated job seeker

Imagine a world where your complete understanding of interacting with people was turned on its head. A world without Twitter, LinkedIn or FaceBook. This world wouldn’t have online “social media” sites as you know them today and would not allow you to interact using short message bursts or text messages. How would you survive? How would you manage? How would you go about identifying company contacts and leads?

Ok. You can open your eyes now, take a deep breath and exhale. This is not… Continue

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HUSH!! "Create (JVP) JOB Value Proposition"

Hello and hope your day is fantastic!

As you know I am a 3rd party Search Recruiter (Headhunter)

When I am evaluating if I will take on a search assignment with existing or new client I qualify, qualify, and qualify, some more.

Why you may ask? As a contingent recruiter I WILL NOT work on a search, nor allow emotions to get involved, unless the company provides compelling, "reasons to work the search".

Here is how I create a Job Value Proposition, by… Continue

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Twouble with Twitters (Short Video- Hysterical!)

This video is hysterical! Laugh a lil' Twouble with Twitters

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June 25, 2009

Above the Fold

Bill Meirs helps us understand why The Lone Ranger slept with one eye open. Yeah, Tonto loved him alright...Hey Recruiter, I thought you were on my side!

Bonus Track

In a post fittingly titled "Secure Your Own Mask First" Rayanne asks: How's that mask… Continue

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Amtec Resource Center for Candidates

Excellent resources for candidates that seek to enhance their professional skill sets.

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Amtec Resource Center for Employers

This is an excellent site for Hiring Managers and HR Professionals that seek valauble tools and information for hiring the RIGHT candidates.

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Linkedin & Facebook - difference makers

In a job market were companies are searching for new and highly qualified candidates to fill positions within their organization, Social & Business networking sites have enabled candidates to search for jobs in new and innovative ways. Many candidates opt to send their resumes to companies via email or apply directly to website postings. More and more job seekers, however, have taken things a step further. They have posted a video taped interview of themselves on their website or on YouTube… Continue

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Newton® Launches Affiliate Program

Newton Software has debuted the Newton® Affiliate Program, a third-party sales program for its smart, easy-to-use, recruiting technology, Newton®. The program allows qualified individuals to refer Newton® to friends, contacts, and companies and earn a percentage of the revenue generated from each sale. Ideal affiliate partners include agency recruiters, contract recruiters, human resources consultants, and other service providers.

Interested parties can sign up for the program on the… Continue

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Discovering Your True Potential...

How often have you wondered whether you were on the right path professionally? Whether the job as a finance analyst or a creative designer is the one you were destined to become? When do we know it’s time to unlock the doors and set out on our journey to discover our true potential?

The value we place on ourselves is based in part from the perceptions we remember from our past. Whether we were competitive, shy, nurturing, independent or withdrawn, we define our perception of… Continue

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Job Cross Pollination Duplication

The internet has been experiencing a massive amount of duplicate job content over the past couple of years. No question this content has been used to help job seekers find jobs, unfortunately it has also been used to leverage traffic using duplicative content, extract job seeker information and create many other issues not… Continue

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