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Do your legwork to score that job

(This column was originally published in SNEWS, the most trusted outdoor and fitness industry news source since 1984.

OK, you've secured an interview for a position that really interests you. How can you differentiate yourself from other qualified candidates under consideration?

Research on your potential employer will help you stand out from the crowd. The more you know going into the interview, the more comfortable you'll feel and the more… Continue

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Roman Polanski, no sympathy for the devil

Hello everyone;

Glad to see things picking up out there...

Even though this post is not inline with Human Resources it is inline with being HUMAN.

Recently Roman Polanski was arrested in Switzerland regarding an extradition warrant filed by the USA approx. 30 yrs ago.

I am sure most know the story; Roman meets a 13 yr old girl promises her stardom then has a few photo-shoots, then alcohol and drugs come into the fold as does raping a minor...

Currently there are… Continue

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The most important thing..

The other day, I was thinking back to a factory job I held from 1987 until 1995..I worked the afternoon shift at an aluminum casting foundry, where we made parts for things like autos, fighter jets, and tanks..

Anyway, my job was to take the rough edges off of the castings, done by holding the casting "just right" on a rotating belt of very coarse sandpaper..the belt moved fast enough that if one was careless or in a hurry, a casting could be destroyed in seconds, or worse yet, one's… Continue

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Adidas' Employment Branding Philosophy- should I care?

After an absolutely exhilarating day participating in the Annual Member Congress of the International Association of Employment Websites, I was prepared to sense some level of deflation as I entered day two of my trip, and day one of the expo. After all, I work for a group of employment websites , and this was a conference primarily geared toward full time corporate and 3rd party recruiters. These were the people paid to find the talent that’s theoretically not looking for work on… Continue

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TipTopJob International Ltd to exhibit at Onrec Chicago in the USA

TipTopJob International Ltd are to exhibit at the forthcoming Onrec exhibition in Chicago on the 2nd-3rd November 2009 in the bid to expand it's exposure in the USA as it has become the second most popular location for Users using has separate country domains for which clients are able to post jobs, for example,, This allows TipTopJob to offer clients not only fully international recruitment across various countries, but… Continue

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The secret to "fun and money" in recruitment! A simple formula that guarantees billing success

For all my blog posts please visit

I was walking down the street the other day when I ran into an old colleague, an ex-employee actually, from my days as the owner of accounting and finance recruiter, Recruitment Solutions.

We talked for a while, and as we parted she said with a huge smile, “ Still following that old success formula, Greg. It has made me millions!” At first I could not for the life of me work out what she was talking about. But… Continue

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Recruiting Fullscope Polygraph professionals for NSA Contracts..please contact asap for employment opportunities

Currently seeking anyone with Fullscope polygraph, for a small government contractor in the Maryland/DC Area, for research visit our website , please contact me through my email information below or through This blog, Referrals will be rewarded up to $2,500.00.


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Recruiters :)

I want to get my RecruitingBlog going. I realize that it will take some time to develop proper social media habbits, and actually set up all my RSS feeds and stuff. I tend to have a lot of things going on in my life both inside and outside of work, but I gotta make time for what is important to me, and I am super passionate about web 2.0. I dont think I can do a post every day, but am very inspired by the dilligence of some people like Rayanne Thorn, who do, so I am going to write a post once a… Continue

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Why HR is like the Yellow Pages

Current Yellow Pages logo.

Image via Wikipedia

Message and Medium Matter

One of the more irritating things about living in an apartment complex are the constant attempts at outreach by… Continue

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Can Your Business Win a Premiership?

On the weekend I watched the AFL Grand Final and witnessed probably two of the greatest AFL teams in history battle out an exciting tight contested game. Neither team deserved to lose, Geelong prevailed in the end. St Kilda’s leaders will use the loss as a motivator for next and subsequent years.

Many parallels can be drawn between successful sports teams and businesses (teams of people as well). A quick review of the two teams leads to some interesting (though not unexpected)… Continue

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Onboarding: Why Companies Fail

I often hear from business owners that they don’t have “time” to get a new employee up to speed. Excuse? Not at all. The reality is that business owners are extremely busy.

Based on staggering statistics that 22% of staff turnover occurs in the first forty-five days of employment, it makes perfect sense to delay a hire if you don’t have the time to onboard an employee properly.

Yet, most companies continue to hire new employees without providing effective training or… Continue

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What's changed in recruitment since the crunch?

As a relative outsider to recruitment, I was wondering if anything has changed in recruitment?

I know things are tough but is everyone just waiting for the good times to return, for things to return to normal or has anything significant happened to change how the industry works?

I never fully understood the business model. It appears to reward poor performance. The higher an employers staff turnover, the more business a recruiter gets. It seems a bit strange and I… Continue

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This week I traveled to Toronto for the second time within a week. First was to see U2 – totally awesome concert! It is a beautiful City fairly close to Upstate NY. I normally do not attend conferences, but learned of Recruitfest from Twitter. Then in having conversations with @jennydevaughn – she encouraged me to go, so I thought I would give it a try!

This was an “unconference,” described as an open forum to exchange thoughts and ideas with fellow peers and thought leaders within the… Continue

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ACTUAL LEADERSHIP, PART II - Now that you are leading...where to?

Let's suppose that all the planets align correctly and you wake up on the correct side of the bed (most days) and you are becoming an Actual Leader. This is confirmed for you on a regular basis by people who genuinely smile when they see you coming and also smile and thank you when they depart your presence. Some of these people come to you out of the blue to bounce ideas off of you or report progress because they know that you appreciate it and that they are appreciated. You are even taking… Continue

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How to Conduct a Great Interview

Hiring and keeping good workers begins with the job interview. A successful interview does not just happen, it needs to be planned, guided and prepared for. If your interview skills are a bit rusty here are a few pointers to get you back in the game.

1) Review the resume before meeting face to face with a candidate. Take time to know something about the person before you meet them. Otherwise you may come across unprepared or disorganized.

2)… Continue

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The Life Cycle of Roles - Not All Roles Are Created Equal

Life is just not fair. There are some roles that get the best out of a person, and then there are roles that were designed to make your life feel at times like hell on earth. It was only recently that I discovered that there is a life cycle for roles, similar as for a company.

The best roles are those with a great company and with a great boss. However, not all roles are created equal. In two of my roles I only stayed for one year, but started looking around after one month, as I… Continue

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Should Recruiters Be Accountable For Bad Hires

Remember college? Or maybe you can’t. You slept all day and partied all night. You had zero accountability except making good grades. Then you got a job, spouse, house and kids. And then, Boom! You’re responsible for a lot of things, pal. Like a mortgage, college and keeping your job.

Accountability, it’s the word of the day. And, it may be the Recruitment word of the year. Here is why.

Agencies are accountable for every hire they make, if the person bails or is… Continue

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Top 10 reasons to embrace social recruiting

Inspired by the New Zealand Prime Minister's (my Obama) 'Top 10 reasons to visit NZ' appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman (see video below), I've come up with my own 'Top 10 reasons to embrace social recruiting'. Please note that a team of script writers did not assist me to compile my list.

Top 10 reasons to embrace social recruiting:

10. The term ‘social’ makes it sound fun

9. The idea of building relationships… Continue

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Developer - Richmond

Position: Developer - Richmond

Job Description: Note: This position is in Richmond, VA

Analytics: Default Risk Metrics Specialist (Analysis)

Responsible for assisting in the day to day operations of servicing analytics and developing related activities. Assisting in developing servicing analytics related to our portfolio, and warehouse mortgage loans and consumer products. Assisting in development of scorecard models, portfolio customer performance models/product mix models… Continue

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Where is El Dave Bobblehead?

Attention: All Recruitfest09 Attendees: I need your help!

I am (or was?) the owner of the world's only Dave Mendoza Bobblehead. Now just why in the world would I have such a thing? And how did I get it? That's a long story so I'll not bore you with the details. This post is more important than that.


His trip started out as most everyone else heading to Toronto. In a van. Heading down Highway 402.…


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