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Layoffs not Needed

I am not sure how many articles I have read over the past months talking about the greed of the CEO and executive leadership even amongst the constant layoffs that our nation is experiencing. In my reading of some of the other blogs, there was a discussion surrounding if there was a suitable alternative to layoffs. I gave some thoughts however did not have a real practical or example of a company that has implemented cost cutting in the face of layoffs to reverse the trend. One has… Continue

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Friendships in the Work Place

One of the better blogs I enjoy is the Chief Happiness Officer. If you have not read it, start. All of it does not apply however the approach to looking at the work place and other facets of our lives makes for an interesting read at the minimum. I find that for some people, especially those less likely to be labeled “social butterflys”, there is a good influx of information on how to make work life better overall.

A solid read most recently posted on the subject of making friends at… Continue

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Branding as a Personal Search tool

Online branding is becoming one of the critical components of the job search process. I find that as the increasing number of social media outlets come available - the pressure to become involved is rapidly increasing. The rage on Facebook, Twitter, the blogs, etc. There is a tremendous amount of information to digest and for the most the task is daunting.

Released today is a good look at the subject and how to harness the power to have better results. Me 2.0 was released last week… Continue

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New reality TV show about lay offs is in poor taste

Get real … New Fox show that has employees vote on which coworker to lay off a terrible idea

Whether you love them or hate them, most reality TV shows gives viewers a chance to escape from their own real world problems while they see life through the eyes of others.

A new reality show from the Fox network is about a topic that’s all-too real these days -- people losing their jobs.

In “Someone’s Gotta Go,” the cameras will roll as employees at real downsizing… Continue

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new splits twitter page #biotechsplits

follow #biotechsplits to network biotech/pharma recruiters. Post opportunities, etc.


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I have a good Phone Sourcer who is an even better Business Developer!

We do the digging for you!

I have a good Phone Sourcer who is an even better Business Developer! What's more, she likes doing it! As a result, we've formed a new unit of TechTrak called and she's available to do business development for you on an hourly basis. Give me a call to get her working on your projects.

Maureen Sharib

513 899… Continue

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Recruiters World Articles: Capturing the Curious

Recruiters World Special Reports

Let's face it, with the U.S. unemployment rate forecasted to reach 10%, everyone is tuned into the job market. Even hot sectors, like nursing and pharmacy, are not immune. Today, the most content candidate is curious — curious about opportunities, curious about compensation, curious about culture, perqs, and benefits. Traditionally, the "curious" learned about your company through passive methods: advertising, networking, training, tradeshows.… Continue

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What is this in reference to?

reference Nice work. You nailed your interviews and are moving to the exciting offer stage. The thing that sometimes causes agita amongst job seekers is that little step in betwixt the interviews and the offer: The reference check.

Today we will discuss how to approach the reference check. First thing: Always have your group of references ready and updated if you are in the job market. Make sure they know they… Continue

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Recruiting a Recruiter for Your Job Search

Many of us have many stories to tell about working with external recruiters during job searches. Some good, some not so good. It is no different than any other professional role--some folks you can collaborate well with and some present challenges. One of the key hurdles specific to recruiters is that you are working with them during a pivotal time in your personal life: your career transition points. That's what makes these experiences stand out more.

With this in mind, I'd…


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Easter, not Recruitment, Post

This is def. not a recruitment related post but since its a holiday... :-D

One more cuz I love the breed:…


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Random Musings

This recruitment community is so interesting - it has become part of my daily routine. I really enjoy reading the posts of various member. Up to this point I've not really been connected to a professional community - except for the professionals at BCBSM. But I'm really glad my sm research led me here.

The social media project is going well - I am learning a lot about the value-add and shortcomings of the mediums. You can't ignore social media - our world works in social media and my… Continue

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Indep. Consultant for small recruiting firm...should I get credit for the candidates that I recruited after my departure?

I recently left a recruiting company working as an independent consultant to pursue another opportunity in a different field. I recruited several quality candidates during my two month interim. I just found out that my neighbor got placed in a position and she approached me and thanked me for placing her. I didn't get any credit for it, although I was the one who recruited her. I just left the position last month (March). I worked there from January -March. My question I legally have… Continue

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Happy Easter

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Digging Into V 2.14 5 Recent Things

Digging Into V 2.14 5 Recent Things

I have fun at my job. Recently, I've been writing about some things that I think are particularly interesting. The sustained downturn is causing innovation in recruiting to explode. I've been looking closely at trends and examples.

I have a weird perspective on the 'future'. I think it's already here and we are in the process of trying to uncover it. The best descriptions of what's actually going on sound like science…


Added by John Sumser on April 12, 2009 at 12:00am — 2 Comments

To Recruiters' who need a Website and want to be ranked at the top of Google

To those of you who have decided to venture out on your own and have little money for marketing I have a solution for you.

Putting together a website that is attractive on a shoestring budget is next to impossible especially in today’s economy. Creating a website that tells your story and reaches a vast audience with your story is even more challenging. Though, referring potential clients and candidates to your website gives tremendous credibility, especially if you are a Technical… Continue

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Silicon Valley-Center of Innovation/Center of our Economic Recovery Hope

A few days ago I visited Belgatos Park in Los Gatos. Los Gatos literally means the cats. It is in this park where Mountain Lions, Deer, Bobcats, Boar, Hawks, Coyotes and a whole host of wildlife call home near the perennial Silicon Valley. It is interesting to return to nature, and view from a distance the downtown of the valley that has been at the forefront of so much change.

Wikipedia has this to say:… Continue

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The art of integrity

When I read this, I kept going back to Rayanne's threads; then it hit me why all the negative threads about ethics and recruiting have bothered me so.

One thing I have never done in any of the recruiting ethics threads is pontificate about my personal opinion - others have cornered the market here. Integrity is a personal issue not one that others should be castigating about given someone's point of… Continue

Added by Steve Levy on April 11, 2009 at 9:30am — 1 Comment

SalesProRecruitment launches in UK is a sales professionals' niche job board that has been launched in UK this week. Site is dedicated to recruitment in sales industry and targeted to the UK region.

Being built on SmartJobBoard version 2.1 the site provides many useful functions for sales… Continue

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The Siege.

One of my favorite movie scenes of all time is from Jerry Maguire. Rod Tidwell, Jerry’s client, is telling him about the Kwan. Basically it equates to everything. Rod says, “I want the Kwan.” And Jerry answers him with “I am out here for you. You don’t know what it’s like to be ME out here for YOU. It is an up-at-dawn, pride-swallowing siege that I will never fully tell you about, ok?” Jerry, you speak to me, man. This is my life – the life of an HR Director.

Employees want the Kwan,… Continue

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Social networking has stirred up quite a buzz in the past few years. By now, most people have checked out or at least heard of sites such as,, and These are a few of the most popular, and better yet, they are free to use!

These sites have benefitted the recruiting business immensely and can be extremely effective for sourcing and recruiting job candidates. Many companies are using sites like these to post open jobs and keep potential… Continue

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