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REFRESHINGLY DIFFERENT RECRUITMENT OPPORTUNITY - I am searching for a Busy talented Senior Recruiter who wants to run their own show-come run a small office in Auckland

You may know of someone who despite the economic climate this year has still done remarkably well in their recruitment career. This will be down to a number of things - their tenacity, drive and determination, their recruitment experience supplying perm and contract staff to businesses from SME's to corporates (5 yrs plus in the industry),business acumen, knowledge of the New Zealand market, corporate relationships, sales and marketing ability and the overall way they just take "ownerhip" and… Continue

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The Hidden Profit Available Inside Your Recruitment Company

I wasn't at the major Australian recruitment industry conference last month in Queensland (RCSA Conference), but from all accounts it was an excellent conference. I did follow the articles and blogs being posted from the conference and one in particular caught my eye.

It was Top consultants bill five times more: Study.

The article reported on the BSRP Asia research that concluded that the financial difference between the elite recruiter and the average was… Continue

Added by Ross Clennett on October 12, 2009 at 7:07pm — No Comments EXPO 2009 - November 2nd through 4th - Chicago, IL

Jeff Kaye, CEO of Kaye/Bassman International & Next Level Recruiting Training, will be speaking at the Online Recruitment Conference & Expo 2009, to be held at the Donald E Stephens Convention Center, in Chicago, on November 3 & 4, 2009. EXPO 2009 is widely regarded as the "must attend" online recruitment event of 2009. is the world's leading information resource for Human Resource professionals and recruiters using the Internet to recruit.… Continue

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More Than Just An Education

Here’s what I told the guy in the interview, “Over a 4 and a half year period I reported to no less than 36 different managers. Most often my obligations were split between 4 managers at a time and each of them had completely different objectives for me to meet at regular intervals. At any given time they’d have me working on either support documentation or reviewing past work product while assimilating new information that would be relevant to my performance reviews about every 6 weeks or so.… Continue

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TO SEE OR NOT TO SEE? Photo-inclusive resumes are the question

This woman’s eyes were so scary, they made me shudder. Her toothy rectangle of a smile was frozen under a clearly cosmetically enhanced nose which formed the T-square support for a pair of repulsively bulbous orbs. I think she must have been a---

Rest of Blog Post:

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The Biltmore Who's Who Scam Comments

The Biltmore Who's Who is apparantly a hard cover book that is a member directory providing biographies and contact information. A certificate of achievement acknowledges your membership.

Biltmore Who's Who would like to introduce you to Margaret E. Haines of Haines Production in Bud Lake , New Jersey.

Margaret is the founder and owner of Haines Production. She also writes music, teaches piano and a winner of the Golden Poet Award In 1987's World of Poetry Contest "Living… Continue

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Balancing Practicality with Passion

I had an interesting conversation today with one of my clients. Over the last seven years I have been witness to Marks' setbacks and successes, his layoffs and his promotions. I've met his wife, his kids, and he has met my sons. Our relationship is truly of "trusted advisor" nature.

This past Friday he was laid off from a software firm that had difficulty securing an additional line of credit. At best, the firm has another 6-8 weeks before they… Continue

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Try our new job posting site for FREE! VERY EFFECTIVE resume response!

SkillSearch is a fantastic value in a jobposting service/resume search engine. For a fraction of the cost of Careerbuilder, Monster or Dice you can have the same resume response to your postings. See for yourself today! Sign up today for a FREE TRIAL (3 job postings) and let SkillSearch start sending you qualified candidates on target! SkillSearch uses both PayPal and for secure transactions. Resumes searches are FREE! Your postings will show on such websites as: Business Week,… Continue

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S.a.a.S model for Talent Assessments

S.a.a.S (Software as a Service) is the evolution of the next generation web tools, which is catching the attention of everyone in the HR industry. With the promise of lower TCO (total cost of ownership) and a turnkey solution, giants such as MasterCard are shifting to HR-SaaS solution providers such as SuccessFactors for employee evaluation services.

The charm of low cost integration is fueling the fire of the SaaS revolution. Traditionally, on-premise applications have required additional… Continue

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Oregon Teaching Jobs are Scarce

Recent graduates available to fill Oregon teaching jobs are having trouble finding work

A new survey from The Oregonian found that about 2,400 prospective teachers who graduated from colleges in Oregon this year have yet to find work in the state. Overall, fewer than 600 new teacher graduates were hired in Oregon this fall, which is only one-fourth of… Continue

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Job Board Logic

I remember in 1992 when the "world wide web" (the term internet had not been invented yet) was touted as a game changer for recruiting. And it was true.....for a time. There was Monster, then Careerbuilder but two was not enough, the job board industry realized that they could carve up the universe into bite sized pieces and convince recruiting departments that they had to be part of this movement in order to get closer to the talent they seek.

And millionaires were… Continue

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How to take a closer look at your candidate

Take a real look

One of the reasons I appreciate our process of recruiting more and more is that it allows us to take a real look at the person who’s applied for the position.

In February, while working in a hiring campaign in Minneapolis, I also participated in an experience that changed my perspective on life. That doesn’t happen very often to us but this weekend was different. I was part of a group of eight who went into the Lino Lakes Correctional Facility (read… Continue

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Anyone have data on average turn around time for Physican placement ?

Anyone have data on average turn around time for Physican placement ?

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Unemployment and the Government: Which is worse?

Unemployment is a mounting issue that continue to steal the headlines of papers and blogs across the nation, and the world for that matter. Jobs being lost, outsourced or simply disappearing overnight are every day events. Plants shutting down, companies closing their doors, and the most financially stable name brands we grew up with calling it quits are on the tips of our tongue. So how do we address this? The free markets that we have come to understand are the driving forces of the western… Continue

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Yes, NOW is the BEST time to Recruit!

I was told once that the way to determine whether the glass if half full or half empty is to know whether your filling the glass or emptying it. If it started out empty, it’s easy to see the glass as half full; if it started out full, you’re likely to feel that it has become half-empty. Following that logic, I suggest that the glass of our economy is now half full.

“What I can tell you is that we are seeing signs of improvement. Layoffs, although we are still having them, seem to be… Continue

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Raleigh Recruiters #recruitcamp 09' Dig it!

#recruitcamp RDU is on. It wont be as killer as Recruitfest, but you don't need to travel either. So dig it.
Let me know if you would like to participate, maybe lead a session.

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How the Recession Will Change the Landscape of Professional Recruiting Services

You don't need a crystal ball to see that a cataclysmic shift is happening within the recruiting space. The recruiting services landscape already looks starkly different than it did before the economic meltdown and is continuing to morph dramatically.

The primary value that a recruiter used to offer was finding candidates for their clients and selling those candidates on their client's opportunities. Everything else was added value. Fast forward to today, now finding candidates and… Continue

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The economics of the talent shortage and what employers need to do NOW

Prior to the GFC we saw articles almost daily on the so-called talent shortage. Such clichéd headlines as “Winning the War for Talent” were commonplace. My own company, Mindset used them as did everyone else. These headlines and articles have subsided of late but the talent shortage is still there. It's like a wild beast hibernating; waiting for the thaw - which will be here sooner than most Australians think. In fact, many would argue that it’s waking now as the extra cold metaphorical winter… Continue

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interesting view on the difficulties of innovating in the recruiting Industry

From the reason closed it's doors.

"The online recruitment space has its own unique market dynamics that restrict innovation on the company side. From the outset, online recruitment spend is huge. Its a market with the right fundamentals from the outside looking in. Its a large market ($10B/year spend), with rich customers, and poor innovation. It sounds like an entrepreneur's dream. The truth is that there are barriers to adoption of newer technologies which come down… Continue

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Would you hire Gladys Kravitz?


Would you hire Gladys Kravitz?

Gladys Gravitz was the infamous “know-it-all” snoopy neighbor on Bewitched. If you are unfamiliar with her character, you can read more about her here.

I was channeling Gladys Gravitz the other day when I read this Job Posting:

“Seeking super smart person to join our wildly successful global team. Proven track record of brilliant thinking, complex… Continue

Added by Heather Gardner on October 8, 2009 at 6:00pm — 6 Comments

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