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Understanding and maximizing diversity at work

In the business world, where managers are expected to find ways to improve productivity of a diverse set of employees, it is extremely important to find ways to identify the right FIT for each person in the organization based on their skills and values. Especially, in a global age where almost every large organization is spread worldwide, finding the perfect FIT by understanding the effect of local cultures on skills and values of every employee is critical.

Over these last 17+ years… Continue

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Leaders who SHARE and CARE

In a world filled with CEOs who pilfer their company's coffins for their personal interests, there are a few like Leonard Abess Jr., CEO of City National Bank of Florida whose recent action embodies the concept of ultimate leadership. When a Spanish bank bought into 83% of Leonard's bank recently, Leonard and his executives made a pile of dough like most executives do during a successful financial transaction. However, the similarities with most executives stop right there. Leonard shared over… Continue

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A+ with Attitude or A with the right attitude; what's your choice?

All of us have worked with colleagues who were brilliant (very high IQ) but have an attitude. They typically understand that they are much better than the rest of the population at work and behave as such. With their high strung attitude, they treat their team members with disrespect and nonchalance as the team members do not measure up to their intellectual capabilities. The team members, in turn, do not wish to interact with this person with an A+ intelligence. Does this highly intelligent… Continue

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Managing People; Not Indians or Americans

I was recently approached by an American organization who was looking for an entrepreneurial leader to head their Indian office as their Managing Director. After a few discussions, I was told that they were impressed with my background and capabilities as a leader with experience in managing people in the U.S. However, they would prefer someone with the experience of managing people in India. Here's what was exactly said "We are really looking for an individual that has built a team in India… Continue

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Seeking recruiters in middleware

Does anyone specialize in the Middleware area exclusively?

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Prepare your candidates, build your brand

After years as a HR consultant specializing in recruitment and training, i had an opportunity to work with 100's of staffing company clients. Over the years hiring candidates, testing, screening and creating documentation (RFP, RFIQ etc.), I noticed not much was being done when it came to better preparing candidates. Regardless of the reputation or size of the staffing company, i received many ill-prepared candidates come my way. Unfortunately the candidates did have the skills but could not… Continue

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Did it go well? I really don't know.

The other day, I noted that I had job search seminars coming up. Well, the first one (job searching techniques) is over, and I can say quite definitely, I have no idea how well it went.

The positives

1. I had enough material.

I know this shouldn't be a worry; there is a lot of information to cover in this area (and, certainly, I did not cover it all). Nonetheless, having not taken as much time as I would have liked preparing, I was a little concerned.

2. There… Continue

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Job Hunting Tips Now Available Online

We know many people are on the job search, so we thought it might be helpful to put together some tried and true tips on the job hunting process. Click here to check them out or visit:

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StaffSuite staffing software Free Webinar on Wednesday at 2 pm EDT

FInd out how some staffing firms are beating their numbers and getting ready for the turnaround. Improve your sales, recruiting and back office productivity 20 percent or more!

Click here for more information and to register!

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We are Hiring - 3 Staffing Pros Needed in Silicon Valley

We are looking for 2 Perm (Direct Hire, Working both sides of the desk) Recruiters and 1 Account Manager (Selling Contract Services) at Albin Engineering in Sunnyvale. We focus on Technology based client positions and are expanding the size of our team.

Visit These are all full-time, sales orientated postions, working with our team out of the company office in Santa Clara. Please feel free to spread the word to your recruiting… Continue

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Making an investment today to secure your talent pool for the future may be the wisest decision you will ever make. Kindly share your thoughts on this.

Companies are entering a new job market with a whole new set of challenges. Under the present circumstances, companies can’t rely on the heavy bonuses, high salaries, or other perks that have been the catalysts to attracting top performers. High-performing, highly talented individuals are now available in the market. Recruiters are being forced to retune expectations with their job seekers based on what the market will bear right now, which in the end, may very well result in hiring only the… Continue

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Have VP-level HR candidate

If anyone has a need for a strong VP/Sr. Dir of HR, I have a candidate with strong emloyee relations, union, finance, big box retailer, and mergers & acquisition experience as well as international experience.

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Announcing #TalentNet - Monthly Twitter Forum for the Recruiting Community

Here a network, there a network, everywhere a social network. Perhaps it's overkill, but we are all now a part of so many social communities online that sometimes it feels as if we are no longer growing closer together, but farther apart. This is especially true in the staffing and recruiting community. We recruiters, by definition, tend to overdo it in the area of networking.

Through Ning niche groups like…


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The Client Side - Where are they all going?

People are leaving the recruiting business. This really started in 2008 as business conditions got a little difficult and as conditions got worse the pace has quickened. This makes sense of course, as this can be a very challenging business in a downturn and by any account that I have heard, this is the most difficult downturn most if not all of us in the business have faced. It has been my feeling, based on conversations with recruiters, that many of the people leaving the business have the… Continue

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My friend Siobhan is having an AHA moment. Watch her amazing story.

My friend Siobhan is having an AHA moment. Watch her amazing story.

Her story.

My aha moment happened two and a half years ago, when I lost a baby through a miscarriage. I got really depressed, so I decided to stop everything and go to Africa to try to see if I could help other people. I ended up volunteering with this organization that did malaria prevention in… Continue

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Lather Rinse Repeat.... As Needed???

Can I just say I’ve never understood rinsing and repeating? It seems to me that if the product can’t get the job done the first time, rather than lathering, rinsing, and then doing it all over again – the ideal would be to buy a higher quality product. No?

One thing about the current state of things is that I’m noticing a lot of repeating the same behavior and hoping for a different outcome (Ie. Using $1 shampoo and hoping for flowing shiny hair). Clients are shunning… Continue

Added by Kelly Moeller on April 24, 2009 at 9:59am — 1 Comment just launched New Site! You'll wanna see this! just re-launched with a brand new site. We are now way more than just a Job Board Directory, we are a Social Network and Online Community!

Some of the great features include:

The Job Board Review Directory - A growing registry of all the Job Board on the internet. To be a part of the directory you simply need to… Continue

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Getting people to start using an Applicant Tracking System

I spent the last few months at a company called Credentify designing an applicant tracking system. It's simple applicant tracking system with built in screening tools (background checks and credential verification).

I've spent the last few weeks talking to business owners and hr managers trying to get them to start using some type of applicant tracking system. I thought it would be easy to get people to adapt this new technology, but a lot of… Continue

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