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Employability self-assessment

In my previous blog post I raised the issue of employability. Whether you are happy with your employer or you feel it’s high time for you to make a change in your career, I recommend you to evaluate and maintain it. Note that in tough economic times it’s crucial to adapt to them and stand out of the crowd.

In order to assess your employability you should proceed to… Continue

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Are you in a race today?

“It’s kinda like a race – but without cars and stuff.”

This is how my soon-to-be 9 year old son summed up what my day looks like today. I was grabbing my first cup of coffee (trying the Hawaiian Kona from Sam’s Club – first bag – it’s kind of mild…..) and he asked me what was happening.

He’s seen me in action enough to understand what I do. (He’s either going to follow in my footsteps or be an astronaut.)

When he… Continue

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The #1 Thing That Engages Employees

Can you succeed in "the great recession" without engaged employees? Maybe, but only if your competitors' employees aren't engaged either. Engaged employees' willingness to give their all is what unlocks the greatest potential for competitive advantage. It's their attitudes and actions that make the critical difference, especially to your customers. The small percentage of companies that consistently delivers an exceptional customer experience will create a wide gap with competitors-those whose… Continue

Added by Kathleen Quinn Votaw on January 6, 2010 at 9:37pm — 2 Comments

The Slow, Silent War on Talent

A lot of people don’t like their job

Shocking news from the Conference Board and MSNBC today folks! Americans are unhappy at work!

We can’t get no job satisfaction.

Even Americans who are lucky enough to have work in this economy are becoming more unhappy with their jobs, according to a new survey that found only 45 percent of Americans are satisfied with their… Continue

Added by Michael VanDervort on January 6, 2010 at 7:00pm — 1 Comment

My New Year's Resolution - A Ban on Ceramic Dalmatians

My New Year’s Resolution is quite simple. I will no longer be brainwashed by Pat Sajak.

In a less cryptic manner of speaking – I intend on imposing a ban on “Ceramic Dalmatians.” Wait. What?

For reasons unbeknownst to me, memories of my childhood are cluttered by the recollection of watching daytime… Continue

Added by Chris Hood on January 6, 2010 at 7:00pm — 3 Comments

Must Use Tools for 2KX

I've been working on my plan for 2010 and thinking about things like Training, Activity Levels, Goals, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Time Management, which Conferences to attend, etc... Like most of you I try to start off a new year year with all the best intentions and try to have a fast start.

Trying is one thing but results are another, so here is a list of a few things that have helped me and my team.

Video - With platforms like Youtube, tons of cameras… Continue

Added by Craig Silverman on January 6, 2010 at 5:30pm — 5 Comments

Jumping Ship in 2010

With the new found optimism for 2010 and a promising economic forecast, are you contemplating whether this is the right time for a career change? Is now the time to jump ship for a better opportunity?

Amidst restructuring and countless layoffs in 2009, employees were thankful to be working. Disengaged and unsatisfied, employees were more likely to suck it up if they felt taken advantage in their position. Employees had no choice but to pick up the slack, quite often taking on a… Continue

Added by Sandra Gallacher on January 6, 2010 at 3:30pm — 2 Comments

A Tidal Wave of Change

Welcome to my three part series on Social Networking and its impact on business, employees and recruiting.

The emergence of social networking sites such as Linkedin and Facebook have changed how people connect and communicate in a fundamental way. Throughout history broad social change has always found its way into how we conduct business. Each generation brings change, however it’s the bubble generations that bring the most change. The Boomers and the introduction of the personal… Continue

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Honesty is the best recruiting tool

We are all aware of what the hiring process is… position available, post position, interview hire. However, in my experience the most important part of the process is the most overlooked. In falls right between the position available and post position.

This valuable and often forgotten step is the assessment of why the position became available and an honest “meat & bones” assessment of your offering. Now what I mean by a “meat and bones” assessment of your offering is: how does… Continue

Added by Corey Harlock on January 6, 2010 at 11:18am — 2 Comments

Cost of Waiting

So often companies are slow to hire when a position is open. Many think that if a position is vacant for a period of time, the company is saving money. This could not be further from the truth! Take a look at the simplified formula* below to determine how much money your company saves by quickly filling positions.

Step 1

Annual revenue generated by company

Number of revenue generating employees = Revenue per employee per year

Step 2

Revenue per employee per… Continue

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Should you pay to upgrade your membership?

Should you pay to upgrade your membership? There are a number of executive and professional organizations on the internet. I belong to a number of them and enjoy the benefits of membership. However, even some of the ones to which I am a member I have a problem with some aspects of their business model. I fundamentally do not want to pay for anything. At least not for some of the services offered such as “access” to job opportunities that are “hidden.” These sites “uncover” job opportunities for… Continue

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seeing the future of the job search business

i just saw a great science fiction movie about a guy who can see just two minutes into the future. it got me fired up again about looking five years into the future. because seeing the future, changes it.

here's what I see coming - what do you see changing in your future?

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I'm a Job Seeker, Hear Me Tweet

As I continue along in my job search for an IT Staffing Recruiter position, I'm becoming more and more keen on the benefits of using Twitter.

Sure, plenty of people use Twitter in less-than-optimal ways, sharing the minutia of their daily lives to anyone who will listen. But I'm not talking about that kind of tweeting. I'm talking about a genius yet easy-to-use tool that can and should enhance any job search if used correctly.

First and foremost, Twitter is about giving… Continue

Added by Victoria Schanen on January 5, 2010 at 9:44am — 4 Comments

“Fake” postings and your job board

It’s never a good idea to upset your customers. So why would a job board allow a so-called ‘fake’ job posting – a job listing that, in fact, does not currently exist?

1. Maybe the job board didn’t know it was fake. After all, dozens or even hundreds of jobs are posted at many sites each week – by employers, not the job board.

2. The ‘paying’ customer posted that ‘fake’ listing. Money speaks.

3. ‘Fake’ postings are almost impossible to screen.

For the sake of… Continue

Added by Jeff Dickey-Chasins on January 5, 2010 at 9:29am — 19 Comments

Anatomy of a Great Staffing Firm Website

I just love websites that are well designed. In my earlier days I worked as an Information Architect for companies like Digitas. And I've designed all the sites that fall under my company umbrella as the CEO of So I think I have a little credibility when it comes to recognizing good web design.

Recently one of my podcast service companies,… Continue

Added by Chris Russell on January 5, 2010 at 7:00am — 6 Comments

2010 Trend on Increased focus on whether credit reports and criminal records are discriminatory

2010 Trends in Screening–Trend One:

Employment Screening Resources (ESR), is releasing it “Third Annual Top Ten Trends in the Pre-Employment Background Screening ” for 2010. ESR had identified new trends that are starting to make a difference, as well as old trends that have evolved as the screening industry matures and as plaintiff’s attorneys, including class action lawyers, have started to focus on background checks. These… Continue

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Find Your Customers on Facebook

Marketing in its purest form is very simple... get the right message in front of the target audience and a successful campaign should be in the future. But with the recent changes and upgrades in the world of technology it's becoming more difficult for advertisers to ensure that their message is being heard. Ten years ago companies primarily marketed their services with television commercials, radio spots, and print ads in newspapers. The world of online advertising was little more than pop up… Continue

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Guest Complaints - Keys to Success

Effectively dealing with a customer complaint can be the difference between return business and lost business.

My family did quite a bit of travelling this holiday and it was not seamless to say the least. Now mistakes happen and when you are dealing with multi-layered services within one company I can understand how frustrating it can be to have to fix the problems created by other people or departments. However – at the end of the day the customer should not be made to pay for… Continue

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Why my resume rejected by Recruiters?

My resume has not been short listed for the job, “I am qualified for that job, and still recruiters reject my resume for interview”. This is the most common question for more than 75% job aspirants in the market. If a recruiter rejected your resume, it means he didn’t like your resume; maybe you are not qualified for the job. Recruiter wants to shortlist first resume, because it makes their work easy, they don’t want to source too many resumes for a particular position. Still they reject… Continue

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The social recruiting battlegrounds in 2010

Twitter battle

The last decade has, in my opinion, seen one of the biggest seed changes the recruitment industry has seen for many years. While I am referring to social media, I also combine that with the evolution (it took it's time but now has real momentum) that has been online recruitment.

The primary change is that we're…


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