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Trusted Advisor Recruiter: Don’t Write Your Job Postings Alone

It's great we are talking about creating postings that go far beyond the typical job description. I'm sure you can do that without talking to your hiring manager, but getting them involved pays off in multiple ways.

Below are some questions that will pull out some good information from your hiring managers they might not share otherwise. 

It’s especially important to ask your hiring manager these questions to:

a)      Get this info in the hiring manager’s words because…


Added by katherine moody on August 16, 2012 at 8:59am — 4 Comments

5 Reasons Millennials Can't Find Jobs

In this economy, recent college grads are not the only people hopelessly searching for work. Many Gen Xers and Baby Boomers with years of experience under their belts find themselves out of work with the recent recession. The unemployment rate is still miserably high at 8.3% and the number of college graduates returning home is higher than ever, at about 50%. It may seem like a good plan…


Added by Joelle Schoenherr on August 16, 2012 at 9:00am — 15 Comments

A Lesson from Mckayla Maroney in Employer Branding & Social Recruiting

If you have been watching the Olympics as I have over the past month, you have more than likely heard about McKayla Maroney’s story.  But if not, here it is in a nutshell:


After winning a team gold with the US women’s gymnastics team, it was her time to shine in the individual events and her specialty, the vault (for which she was the world champion and overwhelming favorite.)  She had the greatest difficulty (and pressure) of all the competitors and with one mis-step she…


Added by Chris Brablc on August 16, 2012 at 10:38am — No Comments


Let’s talk about dating. Some of you are single, and some of you are married, but all of us have gone on a date at some point in our lives. I can remember several instances where I was anxious to get out of that dinner/date because it wasn’t a match and I knew early on in the evening. I know you can…


Added by Will Thomson on August 15, 2012 at 9:30am — 3 Comments

The Perfect Recruitment Culture

What is the best recruiter cultural environment?  Of course the answer is not simple because we all respond to different leadership and cultural environments.  Some are more personally motivated and do not need sales pressures – they know and do their job.  Others require a little push to help keep their focus and motivation high.  Neither is better or worse but there is a place where you turn a little push into a hotel environment and that becomes destructive. 

I was reading an…


Added by Darryl Moore on August 15, 2012 at 11:21am — 8 Comments

3 Awesome Examples of Job Descriptions

If your company is struggling to find new talent, is it possible that your job descriptions could be to blame? It’s a question worth asking, because your “now hiring” advertisements determine, in part, just who applies for your position. Craft your ads the right way and you’ll capture the attention of talented innovators.

Write a generic post, on the other hand, and you may as well head to the nearest street corner and shout, “Who wants a job!” If you’re…


Added by Eric Gaydos on August 15, 2012 at 4:20pm — 23 Comments

5 Challenges of Working from Home

For many employees, escaping the routine 9-5 and working from home is a common daydream. This option allows the individual to forgo the cubicle for the comforts of one’s own home, whether to start their own business or partake in freelance opportunities. A home-based job gives the individual the opportunity to become…


Added by Sara Fletcher on August 14, 2012 at 8:01pm — 5 Comments

What are the goals for your recruitment messaging?

Within a given recruitment marketing strategy, you will be crafting and sharing a number of recruitment messages and content that aim to provide value to your overall recruiting performance.  From your job ads, to your Career Site landing pages to your email campaigns, your organization will be interacting with candidates consistently through the messages you produce from a recruiting perspective.


And while job ads are the most talked about form of messaging that people talk…


Added by Chris Brablc on August 14, 2012 at 1:01pm — No Comments

What Offer Letters Are And Are Not

I posted this this week on my regular blog (www.viewfrommadisonave.blogspot.com) but thought it worth sharing with Recruiting Blog readers.

There are many misconceptions about offer letters.  However, before you read this post, please be aware that this is not intended to be legal advice. However, I want my readers and candidates to know what an offer letter is and is…


Added by Paul S. Gumbinner on August 14, 2012 at 4:01pm — 7 Comments

How to Get Companies to Give YOU Their Job Orders

In a fantasy world, when you approach a new company for job orders, they would say "Where have you been? We have been waiting for you!" and give you a couple of solid job orders to fill.

In the real world, you are one of several recruiters trying to get the same job orders from the same companies.  After meeting with "no less than 100 staffing agencies" over the past several years, Matt Lowney, EVP Talent & Operations for the Buntin Group, offers some tips to help recruiters…


Added by Debbie Fledderjohann on August 9, 2012 at 2:37pm — 8 Comments

Mending the Recruiter-Candidate Relationship

Recruiters say they are tired of being constantly pestered by unqualified candidates. Candidates are fed up with the lack of feedback from recruiters. There exists a problem on both sides, but rather than place blame, it is important for each side to try to understand the other’s situation. This mutual recognition could help lessen frustrations in the relationship.

From the Recruiter’s Perspective

“We work for clients, not candidates.”

When recruiters…


Added by Joelle Schoenherr on August 10, 2012 at 9:30am — 2 Comments

Do Recruiters View the Economy the Same as Other People?


Well, as soon as I blog about the fact that much continues to be written about this country's anemic economic recovery, I come across yet another such article.

A link to that article is below:…


Added by Matt Deutsch on August 10, 2012 at 2:00pm — 4 Comments

Candidates- Clients looking for work, or looking for cheap counselling...(My How Time Flys) edition

Really, the last time I dropped by was March.....How is that possible? Well whatever the reason was, I'm sure it was a good one. The company underwent a transition from Radical Events to Social HR. And I grew from a lowly "Sourcers Apprentice" to a "Real Social One"We have picked up some really brave people to work alongside us; I keep my appointments, talk alot…


Added by Daniel J Smith on August 10, 2012 at 9:00am — No Comments

Three Signs Your Job Order Sucks

A top rookie mistake is investing lots of time in a bad job order.  Does your office have an evaluation process to prevent you from this major time waster?

1) Is.There.Urgency?  If it's a "as soon as possible", or "we would always hire one of those", or "it's in the budget" are NOT urgency indicators.  If they can clearly articulate that there is serious trouble if this is not hired in the next 8 weeks, or client deliverables will NOT be met without this person, or we will NOT…


Added by Lauren Byrne on August 9, 2012 at 11:18am — 4 Comments

My Job Search and How It Has Helped Me In Recruiting

So, I left my last company recently and there were many reasons why. Poor management, poor decision making on deals, awful database for sourcing, no "A" orders on the board, and horrible orders to work on. It was an unexpected departure, but at the same time it was literally a blessing. I have never been happier leaving a job, and to be quite honest, I have come out of the whole thing on top. Bigger base salary, increase in responsibility, better commission plan, better management, older…


Added by Zachary Sines on August 9, 2012 at 9:15am — 4 Comments

1st is everything, 2nd is nothing.

“I am the greatest; I said that even before I knew I was.” These are the words of arguably the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali.  He gave everything to be the best at what he did.

With Gold, Silver and Bronze up for grabs in London, is it ok to strive for less than the best?  In my opinion it’s not.  That’s the opinion of someone who is not a world class athlete that has not earned the right to be part of the greatest show on earth.  I absolutely respect each competitor who…


Added by Lipton Fleming on August 8, 2012 at 6:12am — No Comments

Headhunters Need Evernote


Evernote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your everyday life using your computer, phone, tablet and the web. I personally have used Evernote for over 6 months. I use it as a Recruiters ongoing diary. Making your daily plan, tracking resumes, by clients and searches. Make notes on all my candidates, as I am talking to them. Completely searchable. All of your contacts at your fingertips. Web clipper is a great tool for clipping resumes on the fly…


Added by Dan Rice CPC on August 8, 2012 at 9:15am — 13 Comments

The Simple Things

My father is a dentist.  No one likes going to the dentist.  It usually costs a lot of money, and without a doubt, there are varying degrees of pain.  A toothache is awful and the thought of someone working on that tooth is like fingernails on a chalkboard.  Being unemployed is not fun.  It is not any…


Added by Will Thomson on January 30, 2013 at 9:30am — 10 Comments

What Candidates Really Think – A Cautionary Tale for Recruiters

We’ve all done it. Sent off that form letter email to a dozen or more “qualified” candidates. Maybe it’s an InMail, maybe you actually found someone’s personal email address. You’ve drafted what you think is a rather clever pitch and have shot it through cyberspace hoping a fabulous candidate will see the wisdom and value in writing you back. This guy did.

Ted Goas is a Web Developer who gets roughly one email a day from technical recruiters.…


Added by Amy Ala Miller on August 9, 2012 at 12:28pm — 29 Comments

Get Rid of JATS (Job Ads That Suck), Join the Movement!

By Dan Ridge, Senior Contributing Consultant, Q4B

I would like to think that our recruiting and management team at Q4B started something. A few months ago we decided to target a part of our recruiting process in an effort to improve the end results of the process. We noticed that this part of the process is a part of every recruiting organization’s process and that for years and years and years we have all been doing it the same way, with pretty much the same results.

The part…


Added by Daniel F Ridge on August 7, 2012 at 5:00pm — 29 Comments

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