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The Best Talent Is Just A Gesture Away: Recruitment Apps That Have Redefined Hiring

The recruitment industry has come a long way from being the very traditional, process-oriented and simple sourcing and hiring era to the digital recruitment powered by social media, application tracking systems, candidates’ digital profiles and recruitment apps. At an estimate, 99% of job aspirants search the Internet for career opportunities in various ways, be it job boards, social networking sites like LinkedIn or mobile apps. Resource and talent management have become more challenging as…


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Remember that your candidates are also influencers & referrers

I always find it interesting to have conversations with recruiters about candidates and their role in their business. Now of course, they are extremely important as without candidates you don’t have a business.

But one thing that is evident in my personal experiences is that what recruiters are saying and what they are doing are two different things.

One thing that you need to remember is that your candidate is also an influencer AND a potential referrer. I wrote recently about…


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You're a good recruitment agency. Right?

A recent perusal of the internet’s famed “front page” lead me to a conversation regarding things we don’t want to do but feel we have to do. It wasn’t very far down the page before someone mentioned having a LinkedIn account. It took all but two replies to that statement to set people off on how…


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Sourcecon Spring 2017!! Day 2 George Boole Track Sessions

The George Boole session of day 2 consisted of 3 presentations, however there was only one downloadable, so we will cover it. That was Winter is coming/HERE – Time for Competitive Intelligence by Jess Roberts.


So this starts with what is competitive Intel. He defines that as –…


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Innovative Ways Recruiters Are Using to Attract Top Talents

Well, gone are the days when only the cover letters and the resume of the candidates were the only source of knowledge that you can gather about your candidates. With the coming of the various digital platforms, tools and hiring software, recruiters have a number of ways to evaluate the potential and skills of the candidates.

Some special skills such as problem solving attitude, interpersonal abilities and job readiness is something that a recruiter today can better judge with the…


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Low Cost Recruitment Methods

So you’ve got a vacancy to fill but you’re on a tight budget? Look no further! We have compiled this handy little guide to help you discover the cheapest recruitment solution for you.


Your Options:

There are three main options when it…


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4 Creative Ways Hospitals are Recruiting & Retaining Nurses

We all have seen firsthand the challenges and struggles that the increasing nursing shortage is causing within hospitals across the nation. But, what can we do to at the hospital-level to recruit and retain more nurses? Here are a few of the more creative & successful solutions we have seen some of our…


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Find Success With A Recruiter By Asking Yourself 40 Questions

Several weeks ago, I posted the article "An Easy Checklist To Qualify Recruiters" …


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Recruiters Only: Read These 12 Books To GROW

“You know what your problem is? You read too many of those self improvement books.”

I didn’t feel anything that moment. I accepted her words and moved on.

I don’t process things people say in real time. Later when we were apart, I thought…


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Would you text a candidate? Here's why you should...

How often do you check your phone?

We're betting the answer lies around the 'a lot' / 'too much' mark. So why wouldn't you communicate with candidates via their mobile phones?

Studies show the open rate of a text message is a staggering 98%.* Increasingly, organisations are…


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Top Tips on How to Engage With a Tidal Wave of Applicants

Many organisations are acutely aware that the talent they bring in to their business is the key to their future success. This has led to a massive increase in marketing activity as recruitment professionals attempt to engage their talent pools. 

Just pop onto LinkedIn today and you are almost guaranteed to be…


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Resurgence in the “War for Talent!”

Is the phrase that was catapulted into our Talent Acquisition consciousness’s back in…


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Are you making these 5 digital mistakes that are costing your recruitment team money?

Digital marketing can be overwhelming for many recruiters and what happens is that you often take a shotgun approach, which results in wasting money and missing opportunities to leverage your digital visibility.

Digital offers so many opportunities and now is the time to change your analogue thinking to digital. The best place to start is with the basics however many businesses miss some of the most basic tactics that end up costing them lost opportunities. 

So here are 5…


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5 HR Tips Every Company Can Learn from Japanese Business

The Japanese industry is a major competitor, a customer, and a supplier to European and American companies. What American HR managers don't know is that there is…


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4 Company Culture Hacks To Boost Engagement in 2017

Company culture is viewed by Gen Xers and Baby Boomers as Ping Pong, free food, bean bag chairs and a bunch of lazy Millennials complaining about work. Well, hate to break it to you, but company culture is something much deeper to Millennials.

The Phrase company culture has been quite the buzzword in 2016 and tends to be a very elusive phrase. I would submit that company culture is actually very easy to describe. It consists of 3…


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How your recruiters can increase your brands digital visibility.

Your staff is one of your biggest untapped resources. Most of your recruitment team have some sort of digital footprint or presence on social media and other digital channels so doesn’t it make sense to tap into that and leverage it for the company and your staff’s personal development? It is like a sleeping giant, just waiting to be awoken.

Tips to activate your recruiters you need to have these ingredients as a minimum:

  • Create a brand Employee Engagement Program – it…

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3 ways technology is changing recruitment

We may not be ready to be interviewed by robots but popularity of recruitment software is rising among HR teams and Hiring Managers. With many recruitment processes now relying heavily on digital outlets, including social media, online advertising and email marketing, to attract new talent, it is important to reflect on the changes this new wave of recruiting has introduced.

Wider network

With recruitment going digital, companies are no longer reliant on ‘walk…


Added by Kerry Clifton on May 3, 2017 at 6:28am — 1 Comment

The Forgotten Time Between Candidate Experience and Employee Engagement

There are numerous articles and blogs written on candidate experience and countless more on employee engagement; there is a time frame between the two that often gets overlooked. Some would argue that it is just an extension of candidate experience, but that blog title is…


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Recruiting Has Come a Long Way in the Past 30 Years

This article was written by our CEO Joe Musacchio and published in Money Inc. Any recruiter will enjoy reading about the good ole days of the staffing industry and how the process used to be. Imagine recruiting before email, smartphones and social media...…


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Social media is no longer just used as a social tool. Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms are being utilized by job seekers looking for their next career move and is something that companies really need to integrate into their social media…


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