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Sourcecon Spring 2018 the recap Day 2 General Sessions!!

Sourcecon Spring 2018 day 2, General Sessions. There were 5 general session on Day 2.  


First up; Jessica Clark on Social Engineering. A lot of this is serious social engineering and influencing.  She speaks about Maslaw’s Hierarchy of needs which include starting at the top of the pyramid;…


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Sourcecon Spring 2018 the recap Day 1!!

Sourcecon Spring 2018 day 1 consisted of 2 presentations; Trust but Verify by Jim Schnyder and Brian Mork, and Tools for the Social Detective by me.

 In the first presentation Jim and Brian purpose the question who does it better a Sourcer or a Hacker. Now being both I found this interesting.…


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Here Are the Things You Need to Know While Updating CV!


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TLS Continuum Part 88: I am a human capital asset manager, but who am I managing?

I began as the personnel administrator. I was the organizational fireman. But times have changed and now I am the gatekeeper to the organizational talents, attributes and skills. With that responsibility comes the need for me to assist the organization with the retention of current human capital but also to plan for the future talent needs of the organization.

It is from that perspective that I ask…


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Avoid Job Interview Mistakes That Are Common

Building up the employer brand is a very tough task to do. It takes up a lot of hard work of the people to build up the brand, and maintaining that is essential as well. The interview is the first impression that the candidate has on the organisation, and it is very…


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Sourcecon Spring 2018 the recap preview!!

This will be the start of the Spring Sourcecon share back. Lots of great stuff. The share back will come in the form of 1 post per track and there are 6 tracks. I will be focusing on tips, tools and such. Now the theme was Social Engineering which means a lot of Social, OSINT, and hacking stuff. We…


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People Aggregating tools that give you more!!

As a norm People Aggregators simply aggregate information found on the web into one profile or place. However some do way more than just that, and in this post , we will tell you about a few.


Hiretual for example when you are on Github uses advanced AI to grade a persons code. On Linkedin it lets…


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Readers Digest guide to Email finding and People Aggregating tools!! (Guest writer Jeremy Da Costa)

Guest Writer Jeremy Da Costa

There are 2 categories of tools out there. Email finding and People Aggregating. The difference is Email finding only finds emails and usually work. People aggregators find jail, as well as profile data and social…


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Sourcecon Spring 2018!!

As most of you know Sourcecon Spring 2018 is coming in Las Vegas on Feb 26th to Feb 28th. The theme “The Name is SourceCon. SourceCon Royale”. I am involved in numerous events and such and hope to see everyone there. This years…


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TLS Continuum Part 87: Processes Gone Awry

First of all, let me extend my regrets for not keeping better in touch but I and my family have been fighting this bug that is flying around. Not the flu but close to it. It sucks to be under the weather.

This past week has been filled with more irony then I would want to have to experience but I did. It began with attending my local SHRM chapter meeting where the topic of the day was what to do in the case of an active shooter. During the presentation, my phone beeped with the…


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Ways by Which Recruiters Can Attract More Talent Through Social Media

Social Media has become the hub for the recruiters to hire people for the organizations. As people nowadays are addicted to the social media, there is no other best platform for attracting more talent. Recruiting is not an easy…


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Corporate Shakespeare: 10 Tips for Hiring a Creative Content Writer

Anybody can hire a copywriter. With so many freelance networks and job boards around, you can hire a person to write for you in less than an hour. However, what is the chances that the writer is really good? Well, they must be, because the median time people spend on articles is 15 seconds, according to Buffer. So, your writer should be good…


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Top 5 HR Conferences in 2018


I know you already attend a lot of conferences on the  HR resources previous year. This year too brings a lot of seminars on the same and going to better than ever before. Here I am going to list down the 5 top conferences will be going to happen this year on several topics…


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How to source on the lesser known sites!! Bloomberg

Bloomberg is a site that delivers business and market news, data and such. Not a lot of recruiters try to source there. The reason is simple they do not know how. Well to do this without worry you need go no further than into your bag of tricks and pull out an old tried and true tool, called…


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Startups Are Struggling to Hire Sales Leaders and Diverse Talent

When you are hiring for startup it is actually a very crucial task. Your ability to hire the best workforce can determine the success of the startup. But trust me it is not an easy task – good potential employees will be reluctant to join your organisation. There are…


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Sourcing Methodology Conclusion!!

Over the last several weeks we have covered all the parts of the “Sourcing Methodology”. We went over a boat load of tools, all of which can help you do your jobs. Tools such as; Owler, SEC, Bloomberg, Talismatic, Insightly, rethinlabs, paysa, LInkedin, Crowded for research. Hiretual, Bool, CSEs, Social…


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Differentiate Talented Employees from Others

Every candidate is different from one another, and have different talents altogether. But finding the unique talent out of the lot is something to look for. These employees are the ones who can bring a major change to the company, and they can bring it to the top. There are a few signs that the employer needs to look out for in an employee, that would differentiate them from the other. Those signs can be:

  • They Think About the…

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Sourcing Methodology Part 5 – Outreach!!

Sourcing Methodology Part 5 – Outreach!!

This is part 5 of the Methodology, Outreach. In part 4 we talked about Enhancement, now that we have that done, and of course uploaded our list to our ATS or CRM, it’s time to reach out.

So this has 2 parts;…


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HR Tools: The List of Best HR Software by Type

This ultimate list of best HR software by type offers an overview of various HR software available on the market. It will help you comprehend all the different…


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Sourcing Methodology Part 4 – Enhancement!!

This is part 4 of the Methodology, Enhancement. In part 3 we talked about Scraping, now that we have that done it’s time to Enhance the results.

For the purposes of this methodology Enhancement means finding more info, such as; emails, phone, social sites, etc.

Obviously, there are many…


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