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Interviewing is a 2 way street!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interviewing is a 2 way street!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Most staffing professionals, hiring managers, and others who do interviews seem to be under a misunderstanding as it relates to interviewing. They feel that they are doing the interviewing and that is all. They do not realize that the candidate is interviewing us as well.


When you are interviewing a candidate the candidate is taking mental notes of everything said,…


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Headhunting – An Appealing Job and Its Secrets

Having been in HR field as a senior advisor in foreign corporations for seven years and now in charge of Headhunting for a company providing HR solutions, I have been questioned about Headhunting. That’s the reason why I write this article to share an overview on Headhunting.

Who needs Headhunting?

On investing in Vietnam, besides the requirements for local labor sources, culture and legal…


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Headhunting Market in Vietnam, Potentials and Challenges

In the previous article, I wrote about Headhunting in Vietnam and what is unknown to many. In this article, I want to mention the real market of Headhunting in Vietnam with its advantages and difficulties.


An attractive market…


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Reporting, and matrices a hidden land mine!!

Reporting, and matrices a hidden land mine!!


I have done several postings on reporting and on matrices. In all of them I stress the importance of not using the stats alone to make decisions. The reason for that is because stats alone do not tell you the whole story. It is imperative you understand the WHY’s behind the numbers. If not you will fall into the hidden land mind that these reports and matrices create. You will make choices based on half…


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Dealing with FCRA

Employers and recruiters are aware that hiring an applicant with a criminal or civil background or who has falsified credentials may carry enormous legal thus a large economic loss.  To avoid this, employers and recruiters are relying on pre-employment background screening.  This makes sense because pre-employment background promotes a safe and more profitable workplace by protecting the employer form negligent hiring litigation, incidents of harassment or workplace…


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Deliver your message with!!!!

Deliver your message with!!!!


Along the lines of Hootsuite, PingFM, Twitterfeed and the like comes a new way to deliver your message, This tool is simple and easy to use. Once you get a free account it takes less than 1 minute to start delivering your feed to any of your social networks. It will also supply you some stats on your tweets, posts, followers, and more. You can plug in any analytics like Google, Omniture…


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Are you leveraging your ATS data or are you experiencing data overload?

Depending on the ATS you use, you most likely have a wealth of applicant data that you can use to make your recruiting strategy better.  The real questions, however, are what data is the most important and if this data is easily available and structured in a way for you to make quick and educated decisions on the state of your current recruiting initiatives.


The problem for most companies is that they have this data in several places and there's too much of it.  You have…


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Technical testing when and how to do it!!!

Technical testing when and how to do it!!!

Within the staffing community, Hiring teams (HT, (this consists of Hiring manager, and possible first and second level interviewers) and businesses themselves there has always been controversy over how do you determine the expertise level of a candidate. Interviews, technical testing, reference checks, and more are all tools that can be used. Some staffing professionals (SP), and companies…


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5 Best Recruitment Marketing Articles of the Week 7.1.11 to 7.8.11

Here is our weekly feature in which we share the top articles we enjoyed from the past week about recruitment marketing, social recruiting and anything else in the recruiting space. This week we'll be talking about metrics and accountability in HR, recruiting trends, being appropriately frustrated, HR Technology integration and employer branding.


Here are the articles our that interested us this week (in no particular…


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Blogging 101 for the HR Professional: Part II

In my last post, Blogging 101 for HR Professionals, I talked about why blogging in the HR world is a good idea. I promised a follow-up list describing how to get an HR blog started. Here it is.

7 Easy Steps for Starting and Maintaining an HR Blog

1. Get permission from the boss. Unless, like me, you are the boss. Then just do…


Added by Tim Giehll on July 7, 2011 at 10:16am — 1 Comment

Blogging 101 for the HR Professional: Part I

As you know, I spend a fair amount of time blogging about recruiting software and the talent management industry.  I’m always surprised by the small number of HR professionals who are also blogging.  It’s true, it does take time, but I’ve found that blogging is a great way to get more exposure for our company and products.


My intention in this post is to inspire other HR professional and recruiters to also consider blogging so with that, here are my 5 Reasons Why Blogging in…


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Silicon Valley, Center of Innovation, Center of Staffing Prowess, Center of Economic Recovery Hope

A few days ago I visited Belgatos Park in Los Gatos. Los Gatos literally means the cats. It is in this park where Mountain Lions, Deer, Bobcats, Boar, Hawks, Coyotes and a whole host of wildlife call home near the perennial Silicon Valley. It is interesting to return to nature, and view from a distance the downtown of the valley that has been at the forefront of so much change.

Wikipedia has this to say:…


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We’re Attending the SHRM Conference — Will You Be There?

The Society for Human Resource Management’s 63rd Annual Conference and Exhibition is being held from June 26-29, 2011, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. eEmpACT is very proud to be participating in this event, as we agree with SHRM that the next two years will be a turning point in the HR profession and a vital time for the recovery of our nation.

SHRM says that this year’s conference will feature the largest number of practitioners, strategic…


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Three Cheers to the "Other" Recruiting Heroes: HR Generalists!

Our team is working really hard this week to complete a couple of really big projects for some clients. Much of the work on those projects has to do with corporate recruitment processes and staffing organizational design. I was taking a break today from my work, and I reflected on something really…


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Boomer Shakespeare Retires as HR Exec

Some time ago, I mentioned to you all about my daughter who happens to study philosophy and literature in college. Since college is over for the summer, this series is also coming to an end.  We’ve discussed multiple different ways her world of arts and my world of business coincide and have even produced a blog series from those very discussions. Today is the final version to those that I have already shared with you and it will be the last in this expansive series. While I believe that…


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Unemployed need not apply..Really…Really!!

Unemployed need not apply..Really…Really!!


You read it right, there are actually companies out there who are putting up signs or including in

their job descriptions that the “unemployed need not apply”.


How pathetic, how disgusting, how wrong. The bad part is because the unemployed are not a

Protective class, there is nothing that can be done about it. Now of course if the company must



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What's Up With the CelebutaHRd Phenomenon?

The Spring HR and Recruiting/Staffing conference season is almost complete (we have the exciting SHRM Annual Conference still upcoming in at the end of June). I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed the 2011 conference season. Most of the sessions I attended at ERE Expo Spring 2011 and at the SHRM Talent &…


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Process makes perfect!!

Process makes perfect!!


As, with anything, that involves multiple people or entities having to work together, it goes much easier when everyone understands the hows and whys of working together. As a staffing professional, we must ensure we establish the process we will use to help our clients fill positions. A well established and agreed upon process makes it easier all around. Everyone knows what to expect from you and what is expected from them. Go so…


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Jumping up and down on the CEO’s desk screaming, “HR NEEDS A SEAT AT THE TABLE!” won’t get you there

I know, amazing.  Guilty as charged, right here too.


Let me back up…If your organization is tactical in nature and responsive to every fire the C-level throws at the HR department to fix, then that is precisely what you will get – every fire and nothing more.  If you are responsive, but also focused on autonomous mastery of the HR discipline, consistency of purpose, and include everyone in your organization in this transformation –  the C-level will come to you for that…


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Dear Recruiter, Are you connecting with your candidates?


Recruiting is a specialty art. It is not as simple as providing full life cycle support. The key elements of a successful recruiter include:




Project Management

Public Relations


Client Relationship Building




Yes, all of these skill sets are critical to an effective and…


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