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Join Emergent at California HR Conference

The California HR Conference (Formerly PIHRA Annual Conference) will be held in Anaheim on August 26-28th. This event is California’s largest HR conference and promises to provide a great opportunity to gain HCRI credits, check out vendors and network with other veteran HR execs. If you are interested in attending but do not have tickets, we have free passes to the expo hall (but please let us know if you’d like one before the Thursday, the 15th deadline).



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How The Fiscal Cliff Bill Affects Payroll Tax Withholding and Employee Benefits

On January 1, Congress passed the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 and prevented the U.S. from going over the impending “fiscal cliff”.



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How to Implement a Successful Contingent Workforce Strategy

Implementing a successful contingent workforce strategy can be challenging, especially when there are many stakeholders involved. It is imperative for Human Resources to work with finance and procurement departments (if available and appropriate) to engage and involve stakeholders throughout the company in order…


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Why Pre-Employment Background Checks Are Essential For Temporary Workers

Ninety percent of American companies perform background checks for their full time employees, but many of them are not as diligent about performing background checks on their temporary workers as they should be. 



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Eighty Percent of Workforces Will Utilize Virtual Workers in Some Capacity By 2013

Sixty percent of organizations already have some sort of virtual workforce implemented today, however, with more companies recognizing the benefits of utilizing virtual workers, this number is set to increase to eighty percent by next year.…


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Top 7 U.S. Cities That Will See the Highest Pay Raises Next Year

Recent research by a leading HR firm revealed the U.S. locations that will see the largest increases in salary next year.


Workers in the following cities could look forward to a bigger bump in pay than other workers across the U.S. in 2013!


  1. Denver
  2. Austin
  3. Dallas/Fort Worth
  4. Detroit
  5. San Diego
  6. Houston
  7. Kansas City

Sadly, residents of San Francisco, Chicago and Minneapolis/St. Paul probably won’t be…


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33% of Mid Sized U.S. Companies have Incurred Federal Penalties For Non-Compliance

Thirty Three percent of mid-sized companies in the U.S. have incurred federal penalties for non-compliance with government regulations over the past year. Unfortunately, for the most part, the penalties do not seem to have occurred due to just one minor slip up - of the thirty-three percent that incurred…


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Top Ten Mistakes CA Employers Make (That Could Get Them Sued)

Classifying all workers as exempt, whether they are or not 

Although classifying all workers as exempt and paying them a salary would be easier for both the employer and (arguably) the employee, legally it’s not a good idea and can get companies involved in hefty lawsuits. Read…


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Calculating Turnover Costs: Companies with 10k workers spend $41.3 million on Employees That Don’t Stick Around

A company that employs around 10,000 workers can easily end up spending $41.3 million solely on employee turnover costs if they engage these workers as direct hire, internal employees. Companies waste a phenomenal amount of money on recruiting, statutory employer and training costs when these employees –…


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The Mobile Workforce: 70% of All Workers Now Have Some Degree Of Mobility With Their Jobs

70% of workers now have some level of mobility with their jobs, representing around 1 billion mobile workers worldwide. Three in Five workers polled by HireVue claim that they don’t need to be in the office to be productive and the research found that mobile workers now spend an average of 20% of…


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Temporary and Contract Employment Has Grown 22.4% So Far This Year

According to the ASA Staffing Index, since the beginning of 2012, temporary and contract employment has grown by 22.4% - up 4.4% in July 2012 from July 2011 alone.


Typically, staffing employment peaks between mid-November and mid-December each year, after which it dramatically declines for several weeks before turning upward in mid-January.


Emergent President Bill Inman, says “We expect the utilization of all kinds of temporary and project based contingent workers…


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Wage and Hour Traps: Paying Non-Exempt, Temporary Workers for All Hours Worked

When you provide non-exempt temporary workers to clients, you need to take extra care that you are paying them for each hour they work. It seems obvious, but these days it’s not as simple as just paying workers for the amount of time they spend on the company’s premises. As a staffing company or independent recruiter providing temporary workers to clients, it’s a good idea to discuss your company’s wage and hour practices with them and check that your client is aware (and abides by) your…


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Top Ten U.S. Temporary Help Jobs In Demand

In the latest jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, temporary jobs accounted for around 31% of all job growth last month. Here’s a list of the most commonly advertized temporary job titles across the U.S. Although office support, finance, customer service and healthcare figure most prominently in the list below, technical and engineering jobs also represented strong temporary job growth last month. 


  • 1.) Physical Therapist
  • 2.) Occupational…

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63% of Companies Don’t Have A Defined Contingent Workforce Strategy

In a recent webinar we did for, on “Cutting the Cost of the Contingent Workforce”, we asked our webinar attendees a few poll questions about their contingent workforce strategies and how they implement them.



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46% of Independent Contractors Are Found to be Misclassified - Take The IRS 20 Point Test & Protect Your Company

Ultimately, 46% of Independent Contractors reviewed by the IRS are determined to be misclassified and one in three companies fail a worker classification audit. The IRS claims to lose nearly $350 billion a year in unpaid taxes, with $39 billion attributed to underpayments or non-payments by independent workers.


Needless to say, the IRS is keen to clamp down on this loss of revenue – last year they hired 4,500 new agents to undertake audits. If your…


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Contingent Workforce Employment 6% Higher Than Last Year

U.S. staffing companies employed an average of 2.78 million temporary and contract workers per day during the first three months of 2012, according to recent data released by the American Staffing Association, based on its quarterly Employment and Sales Survey.


“Temporary, contract and project-based work provides excellent job opportunities for many kinds of workers across the U.S.” says Bill Inman, President of Emergent.


From January through March of this year,…


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How to Cut the Cost of Your Contingent Workforce




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