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Cultivating Connectedness

This day is one in which you have the opportunity to till the garden of connections in your work and your life. Today you’ll have the opportunity to nurture existing relationships, and like plants, these need to be fed, nourished, and tended to with care to promote their long-term growth.

Some of your connections may have withered away. Those that cannot be restored have served their purpose and should be set aside, creating space for you to plant the seeds of new relationships.…


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Recruiters OR Career Consultants

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As agency recruiters we have to be polished, ready to go at all times and show value quickly. Being at the top of your game 100% of the time can be difficult especially with all the conflicts and interrupts that you deal with on a daily basis. In order for…

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Visual Stimulated Resumes (VSR), HMM well VizualizeMe!!

Visual Stimulated Resumes (VSR), HMM well VizualizeMe!!

Well it had to happen, we all know we are visual people we like to see things. We like to be excited by what we see. Let’s get real though a resume usually is not that exciting. It is usual fairly mundane and after reviewing 100s it can get old. So well now comes a site that takes your profile, your resume and makes it into more of a Visual Stimulated…


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Dinosaurs, neanderthals, and stubborn old fossils. You?

This one is for recruiters. Especially recruiters with a couple of years experience, who think they are good. In fact you may think you are pretty damn good!

Well, there is a huge threat facing you. And it’s not social media, or technology or the economy, or RPO, nor the rise of  in-house recruiters.

It’s you.

To be more specific, it’s your attitude. And to be even more precise, it’s your arrogance and complacency. I can’t tell you how many promising…


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It’s Not Over ‘Til It’s Over

Like him or hate, and there is certainly much of both, US Republican Presidential nominee Newt Gingrich proved that persistence pays after winning the South Carolina primary this past Saturday. Considered all but dead, his campaign now has new life as the contest moves to the state of Florida on January 31st.

Regardless of your feelings for the former Speaker of the House, you can learn from his tenacious example. When you sell you must see every no as getting you that much closer to…


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When is a consultant not a consultant?

When is a consultant not a consultant?


So I know allot of companies have changed the title of the staffing professionals to include the term “consultant”.  However the problem is their definition of consultant is incomplete. In most cases they are having the staffing professionals (SP) live up to the advice part of being a consultant but not the service part. They want their SPs not to solve the problem but instead advise and help…


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Keeping it real. Six tactics for hard-core recruiters in 2012

No doubt you have been overwhelmed with high-level forecasts from wise recruiting soothsayers about 2012 being the year of mobile recruiting, the critical importance of building talent communities, the rise of employer branding… and many other trends that, truthfully, you hardly understand and definitely have little control over.

These people are smart, and much of what they say is spot on. But a lot is total hogwash too, no more than a distraction, and certainly most of it, you…


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America Hires Virtual Job Fair Begins March 1, 2012

The America Hires Virtual Job Fair will take place Thursday, March 1, 2012 until Saturday, March 31, 2012. 

Participation is easy from any computer with internet access. This is an interactive event, there’s no…


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The Pillars of Staffing!!

The Pillars of Staffing represent the main four points of the staffing process. They are sourcing, recruiter screening, technical screening, and the face to face interview. Now in between the pillars are interconnecting webs which represent main communication points that occur during the cycle and at the beginning and end are the start and stop points or anchors. You can also think of this whole thing as a process bridge, were each anchor is like the beginning and end of a bridge which…


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The Real Reasons Why Corporate Recruiters Hate You

Agency and corporate recruiters have always had this love/hate relationship. It’s a sibling rivalry of sorts – in some cases each thinks the other doesn’t know what they’re doing. After 10+ years on the agency side, I have a great deal of admiration and respect for those that do it well. I also have a newfound respect for my corporate brothers and sisters as I enter my 7th month on the dark side. I still maintain that recruiters shouldn't be allowed to go internal until they've…


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3 Important Recruitment Technology Trends for 2012

With this week's #HRTechChat, we took an interesting look at HR Technology, gaps that exist in the marketplace and who drives product innovation.  The most interesting part of the conversation however was a look into technology trends that we are seeing and where we thought the most innovation would be occur.


While there were a lot of great ideas that were thrown out and mentioned,…


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What is a Talent Community?

Talent community is a word that means different things to different people.  In a recent addition of TChat radio, I was amazed at the diversity of opinion from the panelists.…


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The Present of Presence

As I pondered the death of a 19 year-old former classmate of my daughter this past weekend, I was reminded of just how fleeting time and life can be. While goals and aspirations are worthy endeavors, the most meaningful aspect of life is each and every present moment.

This week, your being fully present with every customer, colleague, and individual in your life is the highest level of service you can provide. As you give the present of presence, you’ll be rewarded as well as you hear…


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Facebook's Four Principals of Success

There are a lot of…


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Staffing and the Jerry Maguire syndrome!!

Staffing and the Jerry Maguire syndrome!!


“Help me to help you!” We have all heard it, that very very famous and perhaps even over used quote from the movie Jerry Maguire. But when it comes to the staffing world it should be one of the most important quotes we ever hear.


Too many times there is a less than great relationship between staffing and the hiring manager (HM). Too many times, there is not enough…


Added by Dean Da Costa on January 4, 2012 at 9:37pm — 7 Comments

Who should you follow!!

Who should you follow!!


So in reality you should not strive to be a follower but a leader. That said this post is about who out in the industry should you follow. By follow I mean on twitter, connected to on Linkedin, RSS feeds etc. People or companies that will provide you valuable information about staffing and recruiting. This list is not all encompassing, but hits allot of the biggies.


Now as I am sure I do not…


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Recreating the Wheel, Why?

Recreating the Wheel, Why?

How many staffing professionals, recruiters, and sourcers, create their own Boolean strings? Answer most of us. However how many copy those strings down and keep them in a file of some kind for use later? Answer not many. Why? Why do we feel the need to reinvent the wheel, recreate the search strings over and over again, when we can simply copy them to a spread sheet for use later. Moreover we can keep a tack of the results from a…


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Hung from the ceiling of the Guggenheim in New York City, virtually all of the work created by Maurizio Cattelan is offered in a new perspective to patrons of his work. Pieces can be viewed from different angles and compared in context with the full breadth of his creation. Cattelan agreed to display his art at the Guggenheim only if it were arranged in this provocative and unique manner.

To see your clients and their work in a new light, you too should insist on viewing things from a…


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Sometimes simple is best, less is more!!!!!

Sometimes simple is best, less is more!!!!!


Within HR, staffing and business in general, there is a huge push towards metrics, and process. Everyone wants to ensure they have a process, and it can be measured. These things are very important, however we need to ensure we look at them and incorporate them for the right reasons, and looking for the right things.


So let’s start with process, of course you need a process…


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Social Media list of Lists!!

Social Media list of Lists!!

Main Categories: general (not specific to any brand, mission, type of person), specific (targets a specific group, such as flixster which is movie orientated), and misc (any site that does not fall under the first 2 categories). Of course each main category has many sub. Below are the social sites by sub category and of course there are more and more being brought on line every day.

Sub Categories:…


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