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Presidential Debate Misses the Employment Point

The Presidential Debates are almost over. I wish they would talk more about how exciting and dynamic the new employee economy can be. I wish they would tell us what they are going to do to make sure we have an economy where individuals can thrive (as opposed to stale old structures). Sure there are jobs be created again in manufacturing - but that is just plugging holes. 

They will talk back and forth about a myriad of ideas. And certainly they will talk about jobs. They will talk…


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The Value Process

The simple directions promoting the value of rinse and repeat, as printed on shampoo bottles everywhere, increases the amount used and garners manufacturers of personal hygiene products billions of dollars. This is just one of many simple and sustainable marketing processes in use across the globe. From bartenders actively upselling premium drinks to Southwest Airlines’ low-cost, high-value Early Bird check-in fee, smart sellers of products and services leverage consumers’ hunger for added…


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Leaving your company? Exit stage left.

Preserving your brand when staff leave and preserving your personal reputation when you move to a new company should be both party’s main aim.

We work within media agency, digital agency, sales and research & insights and I would say brand preservation is a key pre-requisite in any sector regardless of the industry.  Some good old…


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Workday: The $4 Billion HR Company! By Vanessa Dennis!

It isn’t every day that a vendor in HR is called “an emerging force to be reckoned with” by a top market analyst. But that’s exactly what happened when Workday, a maker of web-based HR software, raised $637 million in its initial public offering last Friday.

Workday soared on its open in early trading Friday morning, opening at $48.05 per share. The company is now is valued at almost $4 billion, 39 times its revenue over the past 12 months. The…


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I Tweet Therefore I Hired

In a world where seemingly everyone has gotten involved in Social Media (still hate that term), is it odd when you run across someone who is not? I am not talking about someone in their 80s, but someone in today’s work-a-day world. Certainly there are many people who do not feel they have time, or who may feel that their personal involvement in social or professional networks adds little value to either their professional standing or their company’s performance. But isn't this a dying breed?…


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Why Candidates Who Have Worked In Hell Always Work Out! By Kris Dunn

Memory Triggered:  When a credible candidate has worked in an absolute hell-hole where no one likes them, their organization or what they represent, guess what?  They’re probably going to kick #$$ in your company, because your piddly little troubles and drama actually look appealing to them.   They’re battle tested. They’ve been in the depths of hell, and your company’s not hell – it’s just El Paso in the summer.

Background: I used to be a Regional VP…


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Mobile Recruiting: mSite vs. Native Apps, By Ed Newman

Over the last six months as I have fully immersed myself into the world of mobile recruiting one of the first things I learned about was the difference between an mSite and a native app. I have found that there is a lot of confusion out there on this subject as well as some strong opinions, so I thought it would be worthy of a discussion.

First the definitions:

mSite – Also known as a mobile web app, or mobile optimized web site. It is essentially a web site…


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The Call!!

The Call!!

(note this post is mainly geared towards corporate staffing professionals)

So often when calling a potential candidate, most recruiters go into their sales pitch about a position they are looking to fill, if the…


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Skills Path is the New Career Path

Stop worrying about a candidate’s career path. For certain types of positions it is all about Skill Path, not Career Path.

What is Skill Path? Skill Path is the development of an increasing set of capabilities and/or a deepening level of expertise: regardless of where you worked. How have you advanced as a software developer, a health care provider, a manager or leader? Are those skills relevant to the challenge your company faces? Skill Path, especially for specialized skill…


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Creating the Yet

Last week, I conducted a workshop at Staffing World in Las Vegas where we discussed how creating the “yet” is one of the most important jobs in sales. What does it mean to create the yet? First, you listen for the yet moments from prospective buyers, which often come in four common variations:

  • We have no needs.
  • We’re not buying.
  • We don’t work with firms like yours.
  • We’re not adding any other vendors.

When you hear this, you first need to…


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The unkindest cut of all…is it deserved?

Many times when talent acquisition leaders ask for assistance in coaching their recruiters, they say the awful “O” word—order taker.

They want help transitioning recruiters from order takers to business partners/trusted advisors, etc.…


Added by katherine moody on October 12, 2012 at 9:30am — 6 Comments

Tipping the Value Scale

Scott describes how you can enroll buyers in selling themselves on buying as they tip the value scale with their own words.

Click to…


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Video Series: The Simple Truth – You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Practical ideas that slash through the complexity of business and life from Scott Wintrip of the Wintrip Consulting Group


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Ask and You Shall Receive

By Carmen Lapham, Director of Recruiting and Operations, Q4B

Someone once asked me to give them some advice about the recruiting business and my thoughts on what it takes to be a successful recruiter.

Most of the answers that I gave were pretty straight forward, namely, you have to be…


Added by Carmen Lapham on October 11, 2012 at 2:30pm — 1 Comment

A great way to measure a good Staffing Professional!!!

Candidate and Client Satisfaction!!!- Well this is one of the most important issues for a recruiter/staffing professional. It is not just about filling positions. It is about having a good relationship with your client and ensuring you treat each…


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Guest Column: You Want to Look at What?

Paula Roy is StaffingU’s VP of Learning and Development and is the principal consultant at PMRoy Consulting.

No matter what role an individual plays in the job market, he or she has probably heard at least one odd request from a prospective employer for deeply personal information, purportedly for use in evaluating fitness for a job. Before anyone…


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The Best Marketing Ever

From websites to collateral material to social media, there are many opinions as to which one is the best marketing approach. It’s much, much simpler than that – just do great work. Yes, marketing vehicles, such as a great website, are powerful and important. Yet, they pale in comparison to the marketing impact of the work you do, how you do it, and the ROI for your customer. There is nothing like a great outcome that creates satisfaction, positive buzz, strong testimonials (for your website…


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You Can Say Anything to Anyone

You’ll be amazed at what Scott said in an interview and what he learned as a result about how we can communicate the most difficult information and news.

Click here to…


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