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6 Resume Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics announced in their March 2012 report that there are currently 5.3 million long-term unemployed people in the U.S. This figure is virtually unchanged from the previous month, meaning nearly 43% of the unemployed sector has been without a job for more than six months. That is a lot of competition when applying for a job.

To ensure that…


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How to ask questions to determine a candidates Integrity & Honesty!!

Recently I came across a series of postings form a staffing professional, about how to determine the honesty and integrity of candidate. I realized I had blogged about that some time ago and directed this person to that post. She emailed me liking what I wrote and asked me to repost it so it would be easier to find, so here it is. Realize that the questions below are all behaviorally based however if you use the BTOS method you can turn these 9 questions into many many more. If you ar enot…


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You’ve Got Nine Seconds

If you’re talking in more than nine second soundbites, you’re wasting your words, losing the attention of buyers, and positioning yourself as just another long-winded person trying to make your case. From soundbites on broadcast news to politicians delivering provocative statements to posts on Twitter, we’ve become a society that consumes information in smaller and smaller chunks. According to research at the University of California, the incredible shrinking soundbite has gone from 43…


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There's a Network for That...But Does There Need to Be?

Jamie Horton Work4 Labs Profile Work4 Labs Staff Writer

Jamie Horton

Community Management Intern at Work4 Labs, L.A. Native,…

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Overcoming Recruiting Challenges: How an Automated ATS Can Help

Staffing firms typically contact TargetRecruit with several specific goals and a list of high level requirements as they evaluate Applicant Tracking Systems. These requirements vary for every staffing company, in fact, no two staffing company’s requirements are exactly alike. The ultimate objective, however, is always the same:

“Increase our staffing company’s sophistication as an enterprise by automating workflows, business processes, and communications to increase placements…


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Curious About Talent Networks? Industry Expert Susan Strayer Helps Demystify Them For Us!

There has been a lot of buzz and confusion lately in the recruiting industry about Talent Networks vs. Talent Communities. Not only are people unsure how to distinguish between the two, but the task of building and nurturing a Talent Network seems insurmountable for most organizations. 

We're happy to bring you Susan Strayer, talent strategy expert and founder of Exaqueo, in a webcast to learn how to Build Your…


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Simple is Sustainable

Politicians in the United States continue to perpetuate highly complex policies that are anything but simple. Taxation, energy policy, and campaign finance reform are just few examples of how masterful Washington is in its propensity towards complexity in governing the country. While there is often talk of simplification, talk has not become results as policies have become more convoluted with each administration. The U.S. tax code alone has expanded to more than 72,000…


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Your Resume the Key to new Opportunities!!

So with the economy picking up, jobs being created I was asked to repost this old post, to help those looking. So here you go


Your Resume the Key to new Opportunities!!

Your resume, think of it as the key to opening doors to new possibilities and opportunities.  So given it is the key, you should probably learn how to write a great resume. First there are 3 main styles of resumes:

Chronological Resume: A chronological…


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“MOST”-Part 6!!! Getting the “MOST” out of yourself, Bringing it all Together!!

“MOST”-Part 6!!!

Getting the “MOST” out of yourself,

Bringing it all Together!!


So this is part #6, Bringing it all Together with the “MOST” technique.


Okay so let’s bring it all together.


If we learn how to multitask, then we can get more done in a shorty time frame, which will help with time management and planning and be helped…


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How Media Draws You In.

Working in the media industry, it is important that I remain aware of it's ever evolving landscape and the thing that stands out the most is the speed with which social media can make an impact. Whether it's something with a '#' before it or a much 'liked' Facebook status, we're all switched on, all plugged in, all paying attention.

A recent example of this is the latest iPhone app doing the rounds. My Facebook home page became littered with people referring to their new…


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MOST”-Part 5!!! Getting the “MOST” out of yourself, Time Management and Planning!!


“MOST”-Part 5!!!

Getting the “MOST” out of yourself,

Time Management and Planning!!


So this is part #5, pillar 4 on the “MOST” technique.


Pillar 4 Time Management and Planning, simply put you need to understand or learn how to manage your time effectively and have a plan.


Time management and Planning are together…


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Personal & Professional Social Media Presence

It is inevitable that in today’s society you will encounter some sort of interaction with social media. Whether you are an active user or a passive user, you will eventually have some sort of online presence. Maybe you are tagged in a YouTube video or a Facebook photo. Your name is almost guaranteed to be populated somewhere on the World Wide Web.

A lot of controversy has risen regarding employers who follow up on potential…


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“MOST”-Part 4!!! Getting the “MOST” out of yourself, Speed!!

“MOST”-Part 4!!!

Getting the “MOST” out of yourself,



So this is part #4, pillar 3 on the “MOST” technique.


Pillar 3 Speed, not just fast but warped speed fast, the ability to perform at warped speed is essential to the pillars.


So this is a biggy, speed can be god given, or gained over time and effort or both. For our purposes we…


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Sales Brings ‘Em In, Service Keeps ‘Em In

The high cost of client acquisition necessitates that the service side of your business do outstanding work not just in delivery, but in retaining and expanding accounts. When the service team takes the lead in keeping and growing current customers, sales is given the freedom to add more new business at brand new clients. Companies that do this grow faster as they retain their core customers while enjoying an influx of new business at new and existing accounts.

In almost every case…


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Recruiting 2.0 - The Potency of Video

As a hiring manager, how many times have you said the phrase “The resumes I am getting do not match what I’m looking for at all”? Well, now is the time to restructure your hiring process and see what you can do to improve your results. For starters:

1. The proof is in the details – Your job description is everything; it should be detailed, but not a novel. Make sure that important “must haves” are at the top to catch those quick readers in their tracks before they hit the “apply”…


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“MOST”-Part 3!!!

“MOST”-Part 3!!!

Getting the “MOST” out of yourself,



So this is part #3, pillar 2 on the “MOST” technique.



Pillar 2 Organization , you need to be organized to the point you do not waste time looking for information or trying to remember what search goes were etc.


Organization is a very important pillar to the…


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“MOST”-Part 2!!! Getting the “MOST” out of yourself, Multitasking!!

“MOST”-Part 2!!!

Getting the “MOST” out of yourself,



So this is part #2, pillar 1 on the “MOST” technique.


Pillar 1, Multitasking, the ability to do more than one thing at the same time. When most people hear the word multitask they think 2-3 things at once. However in my world it could mean as many as 15+ things at once or…


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Wimpy Outcomes

Wellington Wimpy, a character in the long-running comic strip Popeye, often spouted his famous catchphase, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” Tuesdays must not exist in Popeye’s world since Wimpy is never illustrated issuing any form of remuneration for the food he consumed. Instead, he is seen using the same tactic over and over again.

Some of your prospects are Wimpy-esque in their attempt to buy from you, issuing assurances of buying more or paying more in the…


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“MOST”-Part 1!!!

“MOST”-Part 1!!!

Getting the “MOST” out of yourself, the 4 pillars needed to get to the next level.


Often I am asked what are the secrets of my success. When I try to explain it, most people thought some of these secrets were not something you could learn, you either had it or not. To a point this is true, but also to a point you can learn them and as such can get better.


So here I will…


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Social Staffing Strategy: Do you have one?

It’s likely that you and your company will be interested in implementing a social staffing and collaboration strategy this year. Maybe you’ve done so already and kudos to you…you’re ahead of this ever changing curve.  It’s glaringly obvious how social media has changed the way that recruiters and staffing professionals do business.

Recruiting:  Here‘s how  a search assignment used to work:

Receive a search assignment. Next, scour your internal database for  qualified…


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