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Death and Your Instincts

Early this morning I awoke feeling anxious, my thoughts focused on people I’ve not seen in years. This made no sense, leaving me wondering if something had happened to them. Something did happen, just not to them.

My dear friend Ben, a brilliant and talented researcher for a major university has been battling cancer and seemed to be making significant progress, the chemo doing its job driving the cancer towards remission. In a lunch with him last week, he was talking about the…


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SOM- Staffing Organization Maturity!!

SOM- Staffing Organization Maturity!!


SOM- Staffing Organization Maturity, is simply put the maturity of a company or organization as it relates to HR and Staffing. This correlates to the process, procedures, systems, standing and programs used for Staffing and HR.


Example some companies are not ready for social media, some companies are not ready for remote workers, etc. Some still think of HR as a necessary evil…


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The True Meaning of Passion

(Reposted from Make HR Happen 6/15/2012)

I wrote an article last week where I mentioned that one of…


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The Call!!

The Call!!


So often when calling a potential candidate, most recruiters go into their sales pitch about a position they are looking to fill, if the person they are talking to seems interested, they might talk more about the position. If the candidate does not seems interested they quickly end the call to move onto the next. In most cases it is almost like they are reading a script and really do not care anything about the person…


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Automate or Lose

ManpowerGroup’s latest Employment Outlook Survey announced an increase in hiring confidence among U.S. employers, reporting a positive Net Employment Outlook.  The quarterly report measures employers’ intentions to increase or decrease the number of employees in their workforce during the next quarter. Great news for the staffing industry, implying an increased potential to develop new clients and an increase in placement activity.

Many companies migrate…


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Keeping a remote team a team!!

One of the biggest issue that staffing organizations and for that matter any organization faces, in the advent of remote workers, is how to keep and make a remote team a team.


 Well keeping a remote team a team, can easily be done if you are not only a great manager but a great leader.


A great leader will find a way to motivate, congratulate, educate and unify a team regardless of…


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Candidate Engagement: The winners, the losers, and the OMGPleaseChooseANewCareer

This post originally appeared on the Talent Technology blog:


Once upon a time, before I knew anything about the recruiting industry, I found myself laid-off and looking for work. And in the midst of that…


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Strings, Strings and more Strings!!

Strings, Strings and more Strings!!


So as most of you know I blogged about 25+ posts of search strings. However 1 thing has been made clear to me. Some people did not read the initial post.


What I posted were what is called uber strings. An uber string, like an uber resume, is a long string that encompasses most of all the possible permutations you could use to search for. This then allows you…


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5 Ways Recruiters Sabotage Their Own Careers


As the Recruiter’s Career Coach, I sometimes think that I have seen it all.  Then I get that next phone call from a Recruiter scrambling to find a new position.  As Recruitment Professionals we are the experts on everyone else’s career, but what happens to our own?

Here are just a few…


Added by Rebecca B. Sargeant on May 29, 2012 at 10:14am — 2 Comments

Eliminating the Buts

The only thing more important than the language you use are the actions you take with both contributing to the perceptions that others have of you. Recently, I watched a CEO speaking with a large group of employees talking as though he were a champion of his people, yet, his language betrayed him as he created an image that his words were merely false praise. A few examples of his comments included:

“We had a great first quarter, the best ever, but I know we can do even better than…


Added by Scott Wintrip on May 29, 2012 at 9:53am — 2 Comments

Every Company Has A Recruiting Strategy (some just don’t know it!)

“Plan your work.  Work your plan.”  I’ve seen those words attributed to the great Green Bay Packer Football (not futbol) Coach, Vince Lombardi.  Trainers have applied those words to all sorts of training exercises, generally in business.  Why are they universally understood?  The quote applies to all areas of our lives.  It especially applies to successful recruitment programs.


What is the basic premise of Behavioral Interviewing?  Once we find a way to be successful…


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Is Your Staffing Company E3 Certified?

Whether an employee of staffing company, a candidate working with a staffing company to find their next career, or a company that has hired the services of a staffing company,  one had better make certain that it is E3 Certified. What is an E3 Certification you ask?

The E stands for EMPOWERMENT. The 3 represents the EMPOWERMENT of the following 3 groups:



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10 Tips to Achieve a High Touch Candidate Experience

Improve your candidate experience during the hiring process with these 10 tips:…


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Interview Feedback

OKay we have read interviewing 101, we have read BTOS, and we have read conducting the interview. Now Feedback


Interview Feedback

Should we hire the candidate or not

At the end of your interview you should be able to say whether you think this candidate should be hired for this job or not. But do not just stop there, also state whether this candidate should be hired for another position you may be aware of. A key to remember is, that…


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The Dangers of Wearing the Wrong Hat

Every job requires the wearing of the proverbial multiple hats. Leaders don the headgear of coach, mentor, visionary, accountability agent, and strategist. Salespeople balance helmets for the roles of hunter, farmer, educator, and relationship builder. In customer service, they’re sporting the babushkas of facilitator, problem solver, mediator, and counselor.

While experienced individuals typically know which hats to wear when, it’s not unusual that people keep their favorite chapeau…


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Resume Advice Scott Thompson Should Have Followed….Tell The Truth

Thanks, Scott.

I ought to send Scott Thompson a thank-you note.  The former CEO of Yahoo recently stepped down (or perhaps was gently pushed) after it was revealed that he had been … let’s just say “less than accurate” about his academic credentials.  He claimed to hold a degree in computer…


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Conducting the Interview

During the interview your goal is to gather information so you can make a solid hiring recommendation. It is important to remember that candidates come from a variety of sources. Not all candidates want to interview with Your Company. In some cases, we have persuaded them to consider Your Company and come meet with you. Always read the mail from the staffing consultant on the morning of the interview to learn more about the circumstances of this candidate. Perhaps they are a referral, a…


Added by Dean Da Costa on May 15, 2012 at 4:53pm — 2 Comments

The BTOS Interviewing System

The BTOS Interviewing System

The premise behind the BTOS (Business, Targeted, Open Door, Sequential Interviewing system) is utilizing behavioral interviewing and Looklisology (see previous blog posting on Looklisology) and Probing questioning to combine and form a unique, highly flexible, and successful interviewing system. To start let's look at the definitions of each of the main parts of BTOS

Business Behavioral Interviewing(BBI)- Business…


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The War for Talent’s Secret Weapon: Technology recently posted a blog outlining four strategies to implement as we face the War for Talent. This War for Talent has been blogged about and tweeted about ad nauseum and will continue to gain hype as the days and weeks go by, that is for certain.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a very well written and easy to understand blog with several high level strategies to…


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Let’s Call “Diversity” a Different Word - “Blending”

A whole industry has been built around diversity.  Is that good or bad? 


Obviously when the Diversity industry was formed inside and outside of recruitment, it was critically needed.  Laws were written to make it illegal to discriminate against the protected classes of race, color, gender, religious beliefs, national origin, disability, genetic information, pregnancy or veteran status.  These laws need to stay in place because old habits are hard to break.  However,…


Added by Bill Humbert on May 6, 2012 at 11:00pm — 2 Comments

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