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Deeper Diversity

Having just returned from a weekend with my wife in Miami, I find myself pondering the rich diversity of this coastal gem. Known as the cruise capital of the world, the contrasts of Miami range from art deco to skyscrapers, Cuban cuisine to seafood just plucked from the Atlantic, and techno dance clubs to the Florida Grand Opera. The multitudes of languages, people, food, architecture, and music show how deep diversity creates a dynamic and vibrant entity.

The depth of diversity in…


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Project Management (PM) staffing style!!

Project Management (PM) staffing style!!

So as some of you may figure out this is not my original post. My original post was something I originally wrote and posted on a now defunct site in the last 90s. It appears someone else used it in 2000 and of course I reposted it a few years ago and decided to repost it again. So when I found out all this I decided not to go down the rode of…


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What the smartest people in recruitment told me last week…

I was at the RCSA Conference in Fiji last week. As a speaker, but also as an attendee. And I took some notes, trying to capture the highlights. I share these with you today. Enjoy.

(I, of course, also said dozens of fascinating things, but today, I shine the light elsewhere). :)

Mike Walsh

  • Think New. Think Big.…

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WUI (Working Under the Influence)

Like a drunk on a bender, the driver in the truck ahead of me this morning was swerving as he buried his head in his smartphone. It was a classic case study in the dangers of distraction and why this is often compared to driving while intoxicated. In it’s own way, the allure of the words and pictures on those touchscreens have an intoxicating effect, drawing people in and diverting attention from navigating a ton of metal, plastic, and glass.

The roadways are not the only place where…


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The Avoidant Economy

Welcome to the Avoidant Economy, where cash is King and companies have made it their thrones as they sit on piles of it. Welcome to delayed decisions, fear of overhead, and the permanent change in the psyche of buyers as a result of the Great Recession. The Avoidant Economy is not going away, in fact, it’s getting broader and deeper as volatility, uncertainty, and fear continue to prompt leaders to pause before making decisions and choices. Even the upcoming election will do little to change…


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Selling the “Er”

Sell to the “er” and watch how people suddenly go from disinterest to engaged conversations that lead to sales. For example, if a prospect tells you…

…I’m happy, ask, “What would make you happier?”

…My current vendor is fast, ask, “How would you benefit if we could do it faster?

…I’m getting good service, ask, “What would make it gooder?”

Of course, there is no such word as “gooder,” so you’d say “better” instead! The point is that your prospect was not thinking…


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Lessons from Popeye

“I yam what I yam and that’s all that I yam,” said Popeye in every episode of the iconic comic strip of the same name. It appeared that Popeye had healthy self-esteem and a clear image of who he was and his place in the world.

So, who are you? If you said CEO, business owner, Sr. Vice President, of another title-oriented label, you’re missing the point. You are so much more than your title or even your role at home. More importantly, who you are is not a static state that remains…


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You never know where or when?

You never know where or when?

So I was on vacation celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary. We went to Las Vegas. While there I meant this person, from SF who was out of work interestingly enough. I was thinking, okay they are out of work but in Las Vegas. Not being by business I chose to just have a casual conversation. I had not told them what I do for a living. At some point the conversation went back to what they do for a living.

Turned out…


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HR Technology - Embracing the present and the future

Human Resources Oxford Dictionary definition plural nounthe personnel of a business or organisation, regarded as a significant asset in terms of skills and abilities

There is no doubting the essential role of HR within any business, large or small, however in this ever-changing digital age the increasing importance of technology within HR cannot be underestimated either. At every touch point in the recruitment and…


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The Awful and Awesome of Issac

This morning I awoke to learn that Tropical Storm Issac had knocked out power at home and the office. For a storm so feared by many and covered so thoroughly by the media, this result was a minor inconvenience. In fact, it gave my wife, Holly, and I the perfect excuse to walk to the restaurant in our neighborhood for breakfast, allowing us to enjoy some “bonus” time together. What a truly awesome thing to have no power!

Yes, Issac is a serious storm that’s having an impact on many…


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Does your client view you as a trusted advisor?

Are you pondering whether or not you are a trusted advisor to your client?  If so – then STOP pondering, the answer is likely “no”.  If you are viewed by your client as a trusted advisor, it's obvious and you don’t have to think about it.  It’s odd to me that in my 16 years in executive search (on both the agency side as well as on the inside within corporate America), I can count on one hand the number of clients that authentically view me as their search trusted…


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Rumor, and Innuendo can destroy a career!!

Rumor, and Innuendo can destroy a career!!


Yup, it is true, it does not matter how good the facts say you are, how good the stats say you are, all that matters is what the "in crowd" "the click" think. It can even be and out and out lie, but if that group of people who are on the "in" think it is true, or propagate it, you are done. Even if you are the top performer in the company.


It is scary to think that in…


Added by Dean Da Costa on August 21, 2012 at 3:30pm — 2 Comments

Why the Tech Industry Loves to Hire College Dropouts

It might be the most curious phenomenon in the recruiting world: why do tech companies make room in their employee selection process for college dropouts? Instead of trawling Ivy League schools for the next generation of programmers and developers, some of America’s most profitable tech companies aim much, much lower. But is that really what they’re doing?

To shed some light on the subject, we decided to ask several tech CEOs…


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Effective Sales Cultures

Scott explains that an effective sales organization needs a combination of sales and services to sustain horizontal and vertical growth. He provides details on the attributes an organization must have in place to achieve this.…


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Empowering Ourselves by making it about ME!!

Empowering Ourselves by making it about ME!!


Our society has gotten to accustomed to the blame game. We are used to everything being “someone else’s” fault. People blame others for their mistakes, and for bad things that happen to them. Blame is assigned to everyone from parents, to friends, and people in another country. It is always “they,” or “them,” or even “you!” That kind of thinking is disempowering. Using words like they and them is saying that…


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Effectively Packaging Your Service or Product

Scott discusses packaging for the end cap. This includes strategies like clearly conveying the value of the product or service, how you package, and the impact of your choices of words.



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Being Simply Effective

Scott provides three simple questions to assess if you are on the right path. These are: is this simple, is this sustainable, and what evidence do you have that it will work?…


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Something interesting happened!!

Something interesting happened!!


So to be honest I was not sure what I was going to write about this week. On Monday morning I was not going to write anything, but then I remembered an interesting chain of events that took place at work a few months ago, I thought you might find entertaining.


I had a potential candidate come to be by way of a recent hire. This person was very nice, great communication, smart; they…


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Using the right recruiting email to recruit


Using the right recruiting email to recruit. Customize the recruiting email each and every time!

The recruiting email!

There is the Direct Recruiting Email and A Networking…


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Eliminating Overwhelm

Scott shares the four “ates” to stop the feeling of overwhelm. These are: eliminate what is not an absolute necessity, delegate either internally or externally, automate, and integrate.



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