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Sales Brings ‘Em In, Service Keeps ‘Em In

The high cost of client acquisition necessitates that the service side of your business do outstanding work not just in delivery, but in retaining and expanding accounts. When the service team takes the lead in keeping and growing current customers, sales is given the freedom to add more new business at brand new clients. Companies that do this grow faster as they retain their core customers while enjoying an influx of new business at new and existing accounts.

In almost every case…


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Recruiting 2.0 - The Potency of Video

As a hiring manager, how many times have you said the phrase “The resumes I am getting do not match what I’m looking for at all”? Well, now is the time to restructure your hiring process and see what you can do to improve your results. For starters:

1. The proof is in the details – Your job description is everything; it should be detailed, but not a novel. Make sure that important “must haves” are at the top to catch those quick readers in their tracks before they hit the “apply”…


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“MOST”-Part 3!!!

“MOST”-Part 3!!!

Getting the “MOST” out of yourself,



So this is part #3, pillar 2 on the “MOST” technique.



Pillar 2 Organization , you need to be organized to the point you do not waste time looking for information or trying to remember what search goes were etc.


Organization is a very important pillar to the…


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“MOST”-Part 2!!! Getting the “MOST” out of yourself, Multitasking!!

“MOST”-Part 2!!!

Getting the “MOST” out of yourself,



So this is part #2, pillar 1 on the “MOST” technique.


Pillar 1, Multitasking, the ability to do more than one thing at the same time. When most people hear the word multitask they think 2-3 things at once. However in my world it could mean as many as 15+ things at once or…


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Wimpy Outcomes

Wellington Wimpy, a character in the long-running comic strip Popeye, often spouted his famous catchphase, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” Tuesdays must not exist in Popeye’s world since Wimpy is never illustrated issuing any form of remuneration for the food he consumed. Instead, he is seen using the same tactic over and over again.

Some of your prospects are Wimpy-esque in their attempt to buy from you, issuing assurances of buying more or paying more in the…


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“MOST”-Part 1!!!

“MOST”-Part 1!!!

Getting the “MOST” out of yourself, the 4 pillars needed to get to the next level.


Often I am asked what are the secrets of my success. When I try to explain it, most people thought some of these secrets were not something you could learn, you either had it or not. To a point this is true, but also to a point you can learn them and as such can get better.


So here I will…


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Social Staffing Strategy: Do you have one?

It’s likely that you and your company will be interested in implementing a social staffing and collaboration strategy this year. Maybe you’ve done so already and kudos to you…you’re ahead of this ever changing curve.  It’s glaringly obvious how social media has changed the way that recruiters and staffing professionals do business.

Recruiting:  Here‘s how  a search assignment used to work:

Receive a search assignment. Next, scour your internal database for  qualified…


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PPS, anything that goes wrong in Staffing comes down to PPS!

PPS, anything that goes wrong in Staffing comes down to PPS!

PPS stands for People, Processes and Systems. Basically the premise is if there is anything wrong within a staffing or for that matter any organization it comes down to either the People, the Process or the systems being used. 

For people we are not just talking recruiters, or sourcers. We are talking anyone who has anything to do with staffing, sourcing, hiring of people to the company. That means, the…


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Do You Confuse “Sourcing” with “Recruiting?”

“I recruit using Dice.” “I recruit using social media.”  “I recruit using LinkedIn.”  “What is the best job board to recruit Sales (or IT or Marketing or Finance, etc) candidates?”  These are all questions I have seen repeatedly in recruitment Yahoo! Groups or in LinkedIn Groups.


It appears that many companies confuse sourcing with recruiting, possibly since many sourcing tools try to sell themselves as recruiting tools.  While sourcing is certainly important, it is the third…


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5 Best Recruitment Marketing Articles of the Week 2.11.12 to 2.17.12

Here is our weekly feature in which we share the top articles we enjoyed from the past week about recruitment marketing, social recruiting and anything else in the recruiting space. In this article, we'll be talking about #Linsanity, employer branding, sourcing on social media, challenge in careers and employee shelf life.


Here are the articles our that interested us this week (in no particular order),…


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The Need for Speed

Agonizing over decisions and the strive for perfection are like a bicyclist attempting to compete in a NASCAR race. You must be nimble in your decision making, decisive in your choices, swift in your actions, and persistent as you follow through to completion. Anything less ensures that your more agile competitors will always have the upper hand, leaving you choking on their exhaust.

For those thinking that you have to get everything “right” or “perfect”, you must remember that those…


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Mobile....What Happened Recruiting Technology?

In 2010 I wrote an article Recruiting Goes Mobile In 2010 predicting that with so many candidates on mobile, this is where we need to be.  I attended SourceCon last week and the topic much of the content was surrounding mobile sourcing.  It made me ask the question...Why are we behind always in recruiting technology?  Why are we not making it happen BEFORE the trend hits?  2 years ago I was…


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2012 and beyond, what is coming?

2012 and beyond, what is coming?


So what is going to be the new in thing in staffing? In my post some time ago titled “Staffing Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!!” I went over the direction staffing might take in the future and were staffing came from.


Now let see what the coming year has to offer.


Like Social Media was to 2011 , Mobile will be come in 2012. The ability of staffing professionals and…


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Embrace Social Media...?

Some consultants would tell me, “It’s about time you jumped on the bandwagon!” Others would say, “That is so 30 seconds ago – now we are talking mobile recruiting!” Other consultants would say, “Certainly you have begun offering the new…!”

It is interesting to have over 30 years of experience in any field. It gives you a certain perspective that less seasoned (okay, younger) professionals do not have. Over those years in recruitment, you learn about people and their behavior, simply…


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Powerful Screening Tool for HR and Recruiting

With hundreds of resumes to review on a daily basis, recruiters and hiring managers need an efficient, scalable solution for filtering and identifying the right candidates. Video interviewing empowers recruiters and HR professionals to engage qualified candidates faster, and improves collaboration with hiring managers.

Recently my business has been looking for a technology professional, who possess not only technical skills, but the ability to communicate well with others.  It sounds…


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QR the Bar code of Staffing, Recruiting, and HR!!

QR the Bar code of Staffing, Recruiting, and HR!!


QR code stand for Quick response code.  It is basically a bar code that can quickly allow smart phones or any mobile device that has the application to provide quick easy access to anything on the internet.


This is fast becoming the new thing to put on resumes, business cards etc.

What it does is to easily allow someone to download your contact info, and…


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Cultivating Connectedness

This day is one in which you have the opportunity to till the garden of connections in your work and your life. Today you’ll have the opportunity to nurture existing relationships, and like plants, these need to be fed, nourished, and tended to with care to promote their long-term growth.

Some of your connections may have withered away. Those that cannot be restored have served their purpose and should be set aside, creating space for you to plant the seeds of new relationships.…


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Recruiters OR Career Consultants

Check out my blog at



As agency recruiters we have to be polished, ready to go at all times and show value quickly. Being at the top of your game 100% of the time can be difficult especially with all the conflicts and interrupts that you deal with on a daily basis. In order for…

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Visual Stimulated Resumes (VSR), HMM well VizualizeMe!!

Visual Stimulated Resumes (VSR), HMM well VizualizeMe!!

Well it had to happen, we all know we are visual people we like to see things. We like to be excited by what we see. Let’s get real though a resume usually is not that exciting. It is usual fairly mundane and after reviewing 100s it can get old. So well now comes a site that takes your profile, your resume and makes it into more of a Visual Stimulated…


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Dinosaurs, neanderthals, and stubborn old fossils. You?

This one is for recruiters. Especially recruiters with a couple of years experience, who think they are good. In fact you may think you are pretty damn good!

Well, there is a huge threat facing you. And it’s not social media, or technology or the economy, or RPO, nor the rise of  in-house recruiters.

It’s you.

To be more specific, it’s your attitude. And to be even more precise, it’s your arrogance and complacency. I can’t tell you how many promising…


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