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The Q4 Sprint

When Olympians Usain Bolt and Sanya Richards-Ross each won gold in their events this past summer, they did so by literally running full out. Their minds and bodies remained fully engaged up to and even past the finish line. Imagine if they went about this differently, instead taking time towards the end of the race to acknowledge their supporters or wave to their fans. In such a…


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Leading With Child’s Eyes

Children view the world through eyes that see everything as fresh and new. Their sense of wonder captures their attention and captivates their spirit, allowing them to see the possibilities in all things. As a result, children view the world in terms of what they can do versus the “adult” perspective of limitations and constraints.

This week, see the world as though you had the eyes of a child. Look at your peers, employees, colleagues, and clients as though you are seeing them for…


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The Entrepreneur Gene

Back from his trip to Africa with his wife, Scott shares stories and insights on entrepreneurs in Tanzania and Zanzibar and what they can teach about this human trait.

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Nice Person Syndrome

A year ago, I wrote about NPS – Nice Person Syndrome, a “condition” most managers have that causes inconsistent accountability. To help you assess if you have NPS, answer the following questions:

1. Are staff not held consistently accountable in your firm?

2. Do you come up with justifiable reasons when expectations are not met?

3. Are reprimands or terminations…


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Shooting From the Hip

Gunslingers in the Wild West often lived another day by quickly grabbing their Colt 45′s to put an end to a threat with a bullet. Another type of gun slinging is happening daily across the globe as salespeople shoot from the hip in meetings with prospects and clients, relying on memory alone for the questions used to gather important information. This often leads to poor marksmanship as details are inevitably missed as they focus too much on what they are going to ask next versus hearing…


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Sales is No Longer a Numbers Game

For decades, people have treated sales as a numbers game, yet, this old-school mindset no longer fits current realities. In this podcast, Scott shares the Quality Quantitative Method, the current best practice for achieving high performance and better results.…


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Will the Real Buyer Please Stand Up?

Like a predator disguised as an ally, there are numerous people out there posing as buyers who will consume your time and energy, leaving you with zero ROI for your effort. Yet, salespeople keep going back to these same people, over and over again, engaging in the irrational belief that it will somehow be different, this time. Yes, procurement, vendor relations, HR, and other influencers and gatekeepers are part of the buying process and must be treated with respect. However, it is unethical…


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The Power of Expectations

Do expectations really make a difference? Robert Rosenthal, the first psychologist to systematically study this with teachers and children, found there were IQ gains in students in whom they expected this outcome. In addition, as noted on

“As Rosenthal did more research, he found that expectations effect teachers’ moment-to-moment interactions with the children they teach in a thousand almost invisible ways. Teachers give the students that they expect to succeed more time to…


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Seduced by Possibility

Like Medusa turning a man to stone, many salespeople become frozen in place when they think they are about to land the “big one.” Poor sales production can often be tied to the lure of that one big account or a prospect that looks like the sure thing. Scott provides sage advice on how to overcome this issue.…


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Avoiding the Victim Vortex

Even the most positive people can find themselves caught in a downward spiral of negativity. Scott shares how to quickly spot this issue and extricate yourself from these situations.…


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Forest Ranger Leadership

Scott shares the power of Forest Ranger Leadership and how it keeps you from having to constantly put out “fires.”

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Hiring managers and Social Media!!

Hiring managers and Social Media!!

So first this post is more geared toward corporate recruiting, but some could be applied toward any staffing.

So one of the big questions I get is what can hiring managers (HM) do to help staffing with regards to social media. The answer is simple, a lot.

It can start with ensuring the HMs has a complete LinkedIn profile and at the very least a twitter account. If at all possible a Blog, and accounts with…


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Your Social Recruiting Strategy For This Week Should Include…

Every Monday morning brings new opportunities, as well as some old problems. As you look at your week, mark off 1-2 hours to work on your long-term social recruiting strategy. This effort will help you construct  better inbound candidate lead generation. When a recruiter starts to think about "social recruiting", it is easy to become overwhelmed with determining when and where to start. Try to keep it simple, and take one step at a time.

The first thing to establish is time.…


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The “Non-Existent” Candidate

Back in the old days, as we hiked ten miles to work in the snow with no shoes, when you took a temp, contract, or direct hire order in the staffing and recruiting business you did everything in your power to fill it. Yet, today, I hear leaders complain that staff members often come to them saying they cannot find anyone for some orders. When these leaders take the time to dig in to the details, they often find that “could not find” means that no one could be found in the database, through…


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Deeper Diversity

Having just returned from a weekend with my wife in Miami, I find myself pondering the rich diversity of this coastal gem. Known as the cruise capital of the world, the contrasts of Miami range from art deco to skyscrapers, Cuban cuisine to seafood just plucked from the Atlantic, and techno dance clubs to the Florida Grand Opera. The multitudes of languages, people, food, architecture, and music show how deep diversity creates a dynamic and vibrant entity.

The depth of diversity in…


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Project Management (PM) staffing style!!

Project Management (PM) staffing style!!

So as some of you may figure out this is not my original post. My original post was something I originally wrote and posted on a now defunct site in the last 90s. It appears someone else used it in 2000 and of course I reposted it a few years ago and decided to repost it again. So when I found out all this I decided not to go down the rode of…


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What the smartest people in recruitment told me last week…

I was at the RCSA Conference in Fiji last week. As a speaker, but also as an attendee. And I took some notes, trying to capture the highlights. I share these with you today. Enjoy.

(I, of course, also said dozens of fascinating things, but today, I shine the light elsewhere). :)

Mike Walsh

  • Think New. Think Big.…

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WUI (Working Under the Influence)

Like a drunk on a bender, the driver in the truck ahead of me this morning was swerving as he buried his head in his smartphone. It was a classic case study in the dangers of distraction and why this is often compared to driving while intoxicated. In it’s own way, the allure of the words and pictures on those touchscreens have an intoxicating effect, drawing people in and diverting attention from navigating a ton of metal, plastic, and glass.

The roadways are not the only place where…


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The Avoidant Economy

Welcome to the Avoidant Economy, where cash is King and companies have made it their thrones as they sit on piles of it. Welcome to delayed decisions, fear of overhead, and the permanent change in the psyche of buyers as a result of the Great Recession. The Avoidant Economy is not going away, in fact, it’s getting broader and deeper as volatility, uncertainty, and fear continue to prompt leaders to pause before making decisions and choices. Even the upcoming election will do little to change…


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Selling the “Er”

Sell to the “er” and watch how people suddenly go from disinterest to engaged conversations that lead to sales. For example, if a prospect tells you…

…I’m happy, ask, “What would make you happier?”

…My current vendor is fast, ask, “How would you benefit if we could do it faster?

…I’m getting good service, ask, “What would make it gooder?”

Of course, there is no such word as “gooder,” so you’d say “better” instead! The point is that your prospect was not thinking…


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