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How to Use Facebook Ads to Reach Passive Candidates

New technology is readily available to help recruiters do their jobs better but unfortunately, it is greatly underutilised as recruiters are either not aware of the options or they don't know how to use them effectively.

One of these is using Facebook Ads to Reach Passive Candidates.

Watch part 1 to find out why you need to use Facebook ads and learn this vital skill…


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What job advert buzzwords really mean

Hidden meanings. My goodness… they are a curse.

Especially if you’re like me – someone who just wants to know what’s going on, make a useful decision then move to the next thing.

Real meanings are hard enough. There are, for example, triangular warning signs beside hilly roads telling me to look out for falling boulders. I’m…


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7 Tips for HR Software Success

Technology has rapidly discovered a central place in the realm of HR. While only a couple of years prior, utilizing some sort of software to deal with HR assignments, for example, representative file management and scheduling was generally uncommon, now utilizing tech for these errands is the standard. It bodes well for most organizations to automate these sorts of errands and digitize the "printed material" expected of…


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Charitable Hearts in Business: How to Change The World, One Corporation at a Time

Charitable Hearts in Business: How to Change The World, One Corporation at a Time

I grew up fairly poor. My family could afford the necessities, but that was that – no extras. My mom sewed our clothes. We got one present at Christmas – that kind of stuff. Nothing terrible – we never struggled to eat – but there definitely weren’t any outings to the movies, fancy vacations, or ballet classes. I remember feeling self-conscious about it at times. Kids would be wearing the hottest…


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10 Ways to improve Candidate Experience

Improving candidate experience is a must if you want to win in a war for talent. The current job market is candidate driven, which means you don’t pick talent anymore. Talent picks you. That’s why it is absolutely necessary to start improving…


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Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Recruiting

Inbound and outbound recruiting strategies are two major recruiting methods used in Talent Acquisition. There has been a lot of buzz around these terms lately, but what do they really…


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Mental Health In The WorkPlace: The High Cost of Not Caring

When it comes to mental health in the workplace in the UK, the figures are far from positive. Poor mental health is costing the economy up to a staggering £99bn per year!  The direct cost to the employer is £42bn as a result of being present-but-not-functioning, absenteeism, and staff turnover.

Sadly there is still a huge stigma attached to …


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Three Research Tips for Recruiting Agencies

If you work at a recruiting agency, the following Boolean Strings would be useful for generating new business.

1) Find people who have recently started new jobs:…


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Is Micromanagement Losing You Top Talent?

Whenever we take on a new employee, we all aim to keep them for the long run and provide them with a bright future. We want to give employees the freedom to control how they work and the autonomy they deserve, especially for employees with many years of experience.

However, what happens if this autonomy starts to fade? Or worse yet, was…


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How to Recruit on Facebook?

One of the biggest trends in recruiting over the past few years has been the use of Facebook to attract and convert talent. This practice even got its own…


Added by Kristina Martic on April 12, 2018 at 2:30pm — 2 Comments

Ways to Avoid Gender Bias and Get an Equal Pay

It is 2018 at yet; women are still not paid equal to men for the same jobs. Do you find yourself stuck in such an issue? We have brought you things you can do to stand for demanding your equal rights.

Make sure your issue is valid

There is a chance you compared your pay to a male colleague and found out that you’re being paid way less than him. However,…


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How Good Intentions Lead to a Good Customer Experience

There’s that word again. Whatever you read on your way to professional development, the experience is invoked first. It names our current economy, defines our mutual goal, and heralds the change. In relation to employees, it’s just as crucial as when attached to a customer. The experience calls…


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Differentiating with Enhanced Job Postings

Standing Out

With so many job posts in the interwebs out there, how do you stand out among the crowd for the right job seekers? In experiencing a lack of quality candidates, you may resort to settling for the closest possible candidate you can find. However, Cassandra Allen of Fehr & Peers has experienced success with…


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Cracking The Code - How Recruiters Interpret Your Resume

Candidates spend countless hours worrying about their resumes. Second-guessing, improving and tweaking anything they can to improve their chances and impress recruiters/hiring managers. When recruiters are scanning resumes, they know exactly what they are looking for...and what they *aren't* looking for…


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7 Things Internships Teach You

The start of a career is the trickiest part. Once you get through the beginning stage, it gets more comfortable and much more enjoyable. One way to make your entry in the professional world a tad bit easier is by opting for internships. Want to know why? Keep reading!

New skills

There are specific skills you can learn on your own. However, how those skills…


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4 Email Tactics that Will Improve Your Candidate Response Rate

Alexandra Petrini, Director of Marketing at OneWire

Alexandra Petrini, Director of Marketing at OneWire

So you’ve been sourcing…


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Monster vs Indeed


Originally found here…


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Working With Difficult Hiring Managers: Key Strategies For Today’s Recruiter Part 2

In Part I of Working With Difficult Hiring Managers, Key Strategies for Today’s Recruiter,” I outlined the challenges recruiters face in supporting challenging and/or abrasive hiring authorities. I also highlighted the importance of regularly and proactively communicating with these individuals as a means of managing expectations and creating an overall communications…


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Working With Difficult Hiring Managers: Key Strategies For Today’s Recruiter Part 1

It’s just a matter of fact that . You know what I’m talking about; unlike their more mainstream peers, difficult hiring managers have a real propensity to adversely impact key facets of the talent acquisition process. Regrettably, as relates to candidate engagement and candidate interviews, these individuals have been blessed with a tremendous ability to regularly shoot themselves in the foot.

In this two-part Blog, I’m going to address several worthwhile strategies that…


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3 Helpful Ways Universities Can Improve Youth Employment

College is just a small step on the road to realising, utilising and fulfilling your potential. Some college experiences amount to taking lectures all day and attending club meetings. Unfortunately, that is not going to prepare you for the necessary money-making venture later on. Colleges sometimes don’t do their part as students are thrust into the practical world without any prior knowledge of the…


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