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Two Web Mining Tools that Support Cloud Extraction

When it comes to web mining, we know web data extraction is a very important part. However for web data extraction, tools and cloud technology are two important roles. If you don’t have a right tool or the tool doesn’t support cloud extraction, you will not extract as much data as you want at better extraction speed. There are mainly two types of software tools for web data extraction. One is client software, and the other is browser…


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Which One Is The Best Web Hosting Company In Australia?

This is in fact one of the most difficult questions to answer. You see, when it comes to a country like Australia, web hosting is actually considered to be one of the most common things. Because of the fact that, Australia has such a fast Internet connection then, it is completely reasonable to assume that, more and more web hosting companies will actually set up camp in Australia.…


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Demand for Wearable Technology Skills Grows

Last week, I highlighted that Google Glass has been appearing in job ads as demand is increasing for candidates that can work on the technology or perform duties with the device. Google Glass…


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Google Glass Appearing in Job Ads

Google Glass's revolutionary technology has created a lot of buzz from supporters and opponents of the device. "Explorers," a term used for Glass users, tout its convenience, while opponents highlight its invasion of privacy and its impracticality. No matter what side of the fence your opinions are on,…


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Amazon Has the Most In-Demand Cloud Computing Service - Can it Keep the Lead?

After experiencing rising stock prices for the past 5 years, Amazon shares decreased 21% in 2014, according to …


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How Will Retail Beat Out Other Industries for E-Commerce Talent?

According to Business Insider, e-commerce is capturing a larger share of retail sales than ever before. Media, sporting, and hobby goods and electronics and appliances account for the largest percentage of online retail sales. BI expects these categories to experience steep increases in sales between 2014 and 2020. Is this…


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5 Best Recruitment Marketing Articles of the Week 5.11.13 to 5.17.13

Here is our weekly feature in which we share the top articles we enjoyed from the past week about recruitment marketing, social recruiting and anything else in the recruiting space. In this article, we’ll be talking about spy sourcing tips, Google’s hiring process, social recruiting, HR technology and eHarmony joining the recruiting fray.

Before we get to the articles, I have a quick reminder.  The Candidate Experience Awards…


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Social Media list of Lists!!

Social Media list of Lists!!

Main Categories: general (not specific to any brand, mission, type of person), specific (targets a specific group, such as flixster which is movie orientated), and misc (any site that does not fall under the first 2 categories). Of course each main category has many sub. Below are the social sites by sub category and of course there are more and more being brought on line every day.

Sub Categories:…


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Social Media Architecture/Framework!!!!!! Part 5

Social Media Architecture/Framework!!!!!! Part 5

This will be the 5th and final in the series of posts about Social media architecture.

In part one we went over the why, we talked about branding and about seeing what is being said out there about you. In part 2 we discussed the different sites. In part 3 we discussed tools and more. In part 4 we selected sites and tools.

Now it’s time to put it all together

First get your profiles…


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How I made Top Recruitment Agency Web Site in Ireland

Well actually ‘How’ I made CPL being the most visited recruitment agency web site in the country is not that exciting. The site has a really good SEO since my second job is SEO Consultant: and I managed to get a really good inbound links to it. So no wonder other agencies are using as a sample site when defining what do they need on their next web site. Recruitment trainers are showcasing the features of…


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Paid Analytics Applications

The first two blogposts in our ‘career website series’ focused on the seven basic components of a great career site, and how Google Analytics can help you widen your traffic funnel. In our final post of the series, we will look at how you can optimize your site performance even further by analyzing how individual visitors interact with your site.




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The Power of Your Recruiting Social Networks - Offline and Online

There is power in your direct network.  In fact, every individual, every person you may come in contact with is a potential business partner.  Don't get me wrong, you must tread carefully and watch your privacy and your very safety, but when one begins with the end in mind - career management, long term goals, financial considerations, filling new requisitions, and on and on and on, one must be aware how valuable a network trully is. 


The larger one's network the more apt…


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Less Dynamic More Productive....Social Media phrase I just read

When I saw this title BE LESS DYNAMIC AND MORE PRODUCTIVE Re: Social media on a co-workers (Jeff Balentine) Blog (, I jumped to read the news.  Social Media and all my Web 2.0 experience boils down to this phrase.  Be Less Dynamic and More Productive.  Why hadn't I thought of that? 


For all those who are getting started using social…


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Top Ten ways you know your recruitment marketing stinks!

Originally posted on the SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Blog.

In honor of Dave Letterman’s bit on The Late Show, I’ve put together a top 10 list of my own. Here are the 10…


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Association of Employment Professionals Summit is coming

Mark your calendars and register at

This is an incredible event, reasonably priced and a breadth of knowledge share. Come and learn from experts, experience with peers, and take away tools for future of employment.

Here is the information:

Click the above link for more detail on speakers & sessions and to register.

$85 Early-bird discount applies if pre-registered and pre-paid by… Continue

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Top 5 Reasons why I love Recruiting Metrics: Reason #2 Apples to Apples Comparisons

Originally posted on the SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Blog.

I won’t lie, I’m in love with Recruiting Metrics! I’m totally enamored with them! I love the way they look with a big “+” sign in front of them, I love the way they look on my computer dashboard and most importantly I love the knowledge they possess. Overall,…


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Aim to Manage, Not Control Social Recruiting

As the conversation shifts from whether or not to use Social Recruiting to how best to use these new tools; I think one of the foundational principles that companies need to embrace is an aim to manage, not control the interactions. I think there are some compelling reasons why this approach will ultimately make the efforts of companies seeking talent more successful.

Network Ownership

In a network, each member is at the center of their own personal and…


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Social is dead. Long live the value web.

Now that the debate has moved on, from iphone apps towards a wider embrace of mobile platforms & of mobile

as another, although important engagement channel, let’s look ahead for a moment to a

future that at first glance might seem contradictory but is ultimately

stable and sound. A future in which, to borrow a phrase of Natasha Saxberg, the… Continue

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Social Recruiting Will Not FAIL

In the past few weeks, the famous 1995 Newsweek article by Clifford Stoll entitled, “The Internet? Bah!” has again made an electronic loop around the Internet. In this popular article, Stoll discussed all the reasons why the Internet would FAIL to reach its overhyped potential. Many of the key examples used in the article have not only proven to be feasible online, but are thriving examples of the… Continue

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The Web Is More Social, Is Your Company?

We've all seen the stories about how social media, social networking, and social sharing are changing our lives. In fact, a recent TechCrunch article states that 44% of social sharing on the web happens on Facebook, followed by 29% on Twitter, 18% on Yahoo, and 9% on MySpace. Digging deeper, one begins to get an idea of just how social the web is becoming. According to…


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